How Discarding ‘Some’ HATED Attitude or Negative PART of Yourself Causes Soul Fragments

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I worked with a client whom had a lot of these types of soul fragments.

One soul form, subtle energy body part turned up for integration that held REALLY dreadful attitudes against very specific people.

I could really feel how he’d seriously hated these very negative attitudes and that HE’D REALLY given this particularly soul energy body part ‘hell’ because of this. When I mentioned this he thought about this for a while and then started laughing . . .

How ‘Seriously’ HATING some ‘Negative’ or ‘Life Disrupting’ part of yourself Can Result in LARGE Numbers of Disowned Soul Fragments

He recounted a time a few decades earlier when he was really pissed off with ‘himself’ displaying very ‘specific’ seriously bad attitudes toward others and in a fit of rage he’d stormed off into his bedroom where he said he actually felt himself as two parts AND being completely sick of the very ‘negative’ part he’d had enough of he’d actually confronted and addressed this part of himself specifically.

He described himself as shouting and ranting at this part of himself. He was gesticulating at it and in no uncertain terms he told it that he no longer wanted this part messing his life up, he told it that that he wanted it to go away . . . it was actually quite hilarious . . . and it was exactly how I’d felt he’d behaved with this lost soul energy body part.

This guy had a very strong will so you could almost feel him forcibly separating this part of his energy body out from himself and sending it well away from himself . . .

Distraught ‘Bodiless’ Heads Represented ‘Discarded’ Subtle Body Parts Holding Negative ‘Mental’ Attitudes

The same client had lots of specific ‘thinking’ things, specific attitudes and specific mental preoccupations (most common) that he did not like either and so during another equally amusing session dealing with these areas . . . . So, it wasn’t that much of a surprise then we found ourselves being presented with a lot of bodiless heads arranged on pedestals for us to tune into, investigate and then to recover . . .

The facial ‘expression’ of each head sort of summed up what that ‘attitude’ or preoccupying area was about. There were about 20 or so that we recovered (cleansed of subtle ‘shit’ causing the extreme negativity) and then re-integrated each back into himself during that session.

A Shattered and Fractured Subtle Energy Body is the result of ‘Discarded’ Many Parts of Yourself

This client had lived through some intensely stressful life phases and he ‘of all those I’ve worked on to help recover missing soul pieces’ had staggering numbers of these, probably more than a 100 angrily discarded subtle energy body parts. Interestingly, he himself actually felt that his energy field was fractured and shattered and yes when I checked this was certainly the case particularly around the head area (relating to the many ‘bodiless’ head parts fractured off, I’d imagine).

I’d say that it’s possible that people with such fractures have ripped or torn out parts of their energy field and hence it’s left fractured. We did some work on realigning and reintegrating the fractured, shattered areas after recovering and reintegrating lost parts in each session. In most cases it’s probably not going to be until you recover them all that you will have a chance to restructure the whole lot correctly . . .

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.


  1. Patrick
    November 30, 2015 @ 7:18 pm

    I absolutely have torn my energy body apart my whole life. I just can’t stop hating myself. Trying to change it is like trying to convince myself I love cold showers, or that Jesus died for our sins. It seems like a plain fact that I suck, and feel terrible.


    • Patrick
      November 30, 2015 @ 7:20 pm

      I did not choose that picture, that’s about how I feel though. Scary and shocking it is!


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