Living Space Clearing Disposes of Negative Soul Parts

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As some people use various balancing practices daily if not more often then there will be a steady accumulation of negativity mixed with soul fragments around their energy field.

At a certain point this build up of negativity becomes noticeable and or disturbing and either;

  • You yourself take steps to cleanse or clear this build up or . .
  • You go see some healer or therapist whom does this for you . .
  • Some automated subtle technology cleansing system ‘transparently’ does this for you

So these negative energies end up being ‘cleared’ which has them being moved further away from your immediate self and energy field.

Space Clearing Practices keep Negative Energetic build ups of Soul Fragments Minimized

Many end up just pushed further away while still being present in the local environment. In which case as more are dispersed and ‘pushed’ away then they gradually build up in what would be your house, office, car or anywhere else that you spend a significant amount of time . . .

Even After Carrying Out Space Clearings Soul Pieces can be Attracted back to yourself

Because the dispersed soul fragments within this negative subtle energy garbage hold your own energetic resonance or blue print then these parts of yourself will also at times have a tendency to be attracted back to your own energy body either;

  • Through an attraction of like energies resonating with each other or
  • Because you enter a phase of living through the same imbalances and negativity that soul fragments you already got rid of contain within themselves

You may end up having to yet again dispose of these local build ups else as these accumulate they end up negatively impacting yourself or others again.

Soul Fragments can be Attracted to you when your current Issues match theirs

The ‘reality’ of us living one lifetime after another means that ‘cleared’ collections of this negativity can even return in future lifetimes especially when you are living out the same issue and dealing with the same unwanted feelings, reactions and imbalances that in previous lives you ‘resolved’ by creating these negative energy collections. So, we might find ourselves repeatedly clearing the same energetic soul fragment crap until it gets secured behind barriers at a distance.

Negative Energetic Garbage Builds up in our Living Space Continuously

So, the bottom line is that each lifetime these negative accumulations are for the most part disposed of away from your living space and local environment on a more or less regular basis. So, there is a steady movement of this garbage further and further away. Efforts are always made to secure it so that it cannot return, the commonest solution is to ‘contain’ this garbage within an energetic bubble which is then placed outside of a very big containment bubble that is put around yourself. This ensures that these energies are kept at a great distance from yourself.

Most of a person’s soul fragments, still mixed with the original negativity can be found held within a sealed energetic bin bag thrown outside a barrier that is between 3 and 12 miles in diameter . . . with the person in the middle.

The Automated Negative Living Space Clearing Program

As mentioned previously many people as part of some spiritual or healing practice have sophisticated subtle energetic technologies that kick in as part of balancing practices to ‘do their thing’. Some of these however are much more thorough than others and so rather than just dispersing your negativity and energy field bits they package these and dispose of them automatically . . . basically your dispersed negativity and soul fragments are bin bagged and nicely disposed of as garbage usually at a great distance behind some strong barriers in accordance with a seemingly universally held policy of keeping everything that’s being done WRONGLY well out of sight and particularly out of everyone’s awareness too . . . hence most of you wont have even an inkling of such subtle energy technologies never mind that their use is common and very wide spread

Paradoxically those with the most ‘amazing’ spiritual grade A super dooper subtle energy implants that include balancing, cleansing, bin bagging, garbage disposal and auto energy body top ups wont have even the slightest warning signs that might bring this insanity to their attention . . . such is awareness at the extreme ‘spiritual’ end . . .