Mistaking a Discarded Large Lost Soul Form Part for a VERY ‘Negative’ Entity

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Toward the end of my six month phase of dealing with loads of entities in a very organized and scheduled way (read of this HERE).

One of these ‘entities’ not only had me quite confused but it was a BA*T**D to deal with.

My First Large Part Conscious Soul Fragment Encounter is Frightening & Confusing

It arrived directly into my energy body early one Friday morning. I can still remember this because it held so much negativity and intensity that I reacted to this invasion automatically such that my whole body (lying in bed in a horizontal position) jumped about two feet vertically off the bed, I couldn’t see how this was physically possible but that’s what happened.

A Severe ‘Bad Ass’ Entity Problem that is ‘REALLY’ a discarded Subtle Body Part

I’d never had an ‘entity’ so invasive, that had so much direct access to myself or that contained so much negativity (including a lot of fear, panic, agitation and worry). Usually at that time I’d be able to figure out and deal with ‘bad ass’ entities in a few days at most . . . .

I always dealt with each entity individually, I’d explore our past connections, I’d access and ‘view’ what had been happening between us in past lives, I’d make every effort to find out exactly what had been going on that was responsible for ANY bad feeling between us. Then I’d take a line to deal with the entity with regards our story. Which could mean for example that I myself might need to REALLY say sorry about something . . . and really mean it.

So, I would ALWAYS deal face to face with each entity that turned up and resolve what was between us until there was nothing holding us to our past attitudes with each other and we’d have an amicable and fully resolved parting.

I could not find any past connections or experience relating to this ‘entity’

Eh!!! I could not find anything connecting me to this entity, for some reason we seemed to have no past life connections . . . that was a puzzle.

One of the ways I’d found that greatly helped to resolve ‘difficult’ attachments was to clear all negativity and reactions that both myself and the entity had to each other while systematically breaking all cords and ties binding us to each other too. I even had a display in my head giving me statistics of the progress of this and having done this with dozens of other ‘bad ass’ entities before meeting this one I knew that when the negativity and energetic bonds between us got down below 3% (on my internal monitor) then I knew that the entity would be ready to leave soon and this always happened. This ‘entity’ started out way, WAY up on my ‘bad ass’ entity negativity / etheric ties display monitor somewhere around 35% (I’d never had any that bad).

This attachment actually made me feel so physically ill that I had to take that Friday off work. I spent most of that day and the next clearing the negativity until by the Sunday I’d got it down close to the magical 3% . . . a few days later I was very confused because I’d managed to clear everything down to 0.2% and still this entity was giving no sign of leaving . . . MMMmm . . .

Might this be a Soul Form or a Discarded Subtle Energy Part of Myself?

It did eventually dawn on me around this time that perhaps this was a part of myself . . . and I determined that it was.

It was still VERY scary to make the decision to INTEGRATE this energy into myself . . . which is what I did.

Feeling & Living this ‘Parts’ Fear, Panic and Terror Had Caused me to Discard and Disown this Part

I’d been in a huge amount of disturbing feelings of fear, terror and panic that had peaked about two years previously. While even in this ‘hell’ I some how managed to stay pretty settled about the extremes I was in (I worked full time while in this). So, in a previous life time living through the same type of fear, terror and panic hell, I was becoming more and more disturbed, agitated and worried ABOUT being in this. It was at this a point where I wanted to get rid of these aspects of myself because they were unbalancing me and taking me too close to an edge I thought I might fall over. So, this energy was the parts of myself then that I DID NOT WANT because it was HOLDING more of these attitudes including worry and preoccupation . . . you see I was disturbed and frightened with how easily this entity invaded me and I was worried and preoccupied about getting rid of it AND in fear and panic at times over not being able to figure out what was going on . . . these were ‘mostly’ the feelings held in this energy form that I’d mistaken for an entity.

So, in doing all the clearings of the feelings and negativity it held which were the original feelings and responses that I’d seriously disliked then I could easily integrate this estranged and unwanted part of myself because it now no longer held what I’d not wanted . . .

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.

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