Keeping ‘Secure’ or Hiding Soul or Subtle Body Energetic Material

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From the previous page you’ll understand that we have estranged soul pieces or fragments because WE DON’T WANT them.

The majority of the times people get rid of some ‘energetic’ part of themselves they do this without thinking about what happens to this part afterwards.

However depending on the circumstances some people are doing things to keep these removed parts of themselves both secured and hidden.

The Different Conditions under which Soul or Subtle Body Material is Hidden

I’ve noticed that this is done in two very different circumstances;

  • Sometimes a client has worried, frightened or preoccupied that some ‘other’ or others might either steal some ‘attribute, quality and even memories and information’ from them or take actions to negate what they have and so again they have ‘removed’ this from themselves AND done things to keep these secured and hidden where they can be recovered at some future time if this is possible.
  • In some cases clients have had something so severe and debilitating that when they have got rid of this then they make sure that this part of themselves is kept as secure as possible AND often hidden too.

Wanting to Keep Memories & other Attributes Hidden and Safe

One client’s childhood was very difficult with strong conflicts in her family environment. Because of what was going on she wanted to get rid of memories of these difficult times while keeping them safe. Also, she had a very strong or powerful imagination as well as creative and manifesting abilities which she at some point did not want either.

  • There is an audio example HERE (the first audio on that page) of me working with this client to recover some of these parts of herself within a ‘magical’ realm, she hid imagination, fantasy and creativity in this space.
  • The second example on the same page has the same client recovering memories and awareness held within a ‘monk’ form again in a magical space. She had talked earlier about losing memories as a child AND this was connected to spending a lot of time talking to a monk that she was friendly with at her school. The third audio on the same page is of another session to recover again more memories held within what turned out to be another ‘self created’ energetic space.

Hiding Parts of yourself in Animal forms

One of my clients kept describing and relating to her pets in ways that were a bit ‘odd’. She would state for example that sometimes her dog’s were more intelligent in some respects than herself and one dog obviously ‘knew’ certain things and was much more perceptive than she was too. There were lots of these types of references. This client had experienced many times within many lives in a VERY STUCK space with no means to leave, such as being locked up or trapped. As she always had no choice over leaving and so had to put up with being locked up or trapped then various ‘attributes’ of herself would either be taking her down traumatizing lines OR were turning out to NOT be useful to herself. For example being intelligent is waste of time and can even become a problem IF YOU CANNOT USE THIS to solve your problems. So, NOT having this attribute and NOT thinking or intelligently assessing your situation YET AGAIN when there was no solution makes sense.

It turned out that during these ‘locked up’ times this client always had pets AND that she had often put energy parts of herself that she felt were not useful in her stuck circumstances into her pets both to extend her pets abilities AND to keep these parts of herself safe.

As part of dealing with her times in these stuck circumstances we had to reconnect to all of her current and past ‘pets’ to recover some of the material she had given to them. As in many cases she had actually wanted the animals to have these attributes we had to find the means to duplicate what was in the animals to return all of these parts to make herself complete.

Securing & Containing Extreme Compulsions or Desires

In previous lives one client had experienced massive sexual activations and had felt compelled to be sexual in ways that they did not like AT ALL. They felt as if they were being driven in ways that they had no choice AND in this case they felt that this compulsion was some how being controlled or directed by others. These sexual compulsions were so overpowering that when this client DID get rid of their sexual energies and attributes, they had locked them up AND made sure they were well hidden AND made vows to NEVER EVER recover them. They made sure of the following;

  • That these parts of themselves WOULD not come back to haunt them.
  • That they THEMSELVES would not ever find or be able to recover them.
  • That others whom wanted to control them sexually OR use their sexual energies WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FIND these parts either

The end result is that for the most part this client had lost their ‘sexuality’, they felt very distant and disengaged from this aspect of themselves.

Recovering Seriously Hidden Soul Fragment Material

To resolve this properly required expertise to deal with all the different factors as an integrated whole;

  • Exploring and understanding a clients VERY specific circumstances.
  • Means to identify and deal with any vows or similar and to break these.
  • Effective means to find the clients own WELL hidden energetic material.
  • Means to open the barriers securing these and to identify and clear everything done to prevent recovery.
  • . . . AND finally in specific circumstances to deal with any others involved in the original circumstances.

The last example above had ‘demon’ types turning up that it turned out had done things to amplify the clients sexuality AND to engage with others that they’d rather avoid (thank you very much). These arrived when they’d got these energies reintegrated.

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.

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