Therapy, Spiritual & Healing ‘Balancing’ Practices that Cause Soul Fragments?

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You will appreciate from what I already describe of soul fragment ‘collections’ that they are not very ‘visible’ because;
  • They are very small in size like grains of salt.
  • They are often mixed in with ‘real’ negative energies

What will surprise you even more is what actually contributes to creating dispersed energy body fragments in the first place as this too is another shocking reminder that our so called solutions are not what they seem.

Trying to Identify REAL Causes of Negative Issues reveals lots

My work with clients is about getting to the REAL origins of all life issues. I am a life issue and negativity archaeologist; investigating and exploring and opening up and examining ALL issues.

I and my clients dive right into the deepest and most negative of issues to find what was actually and really responsible for them originating in the first place.

Identifying Healing and Therapies Practices used to address issues in the past

Often as part of this we focus on a specific issue and in line with someone doing in depth investigations we also focus on what ‘solutions’ the client used to help them with this issue not only in THIS lifetime BUT in all lifetimes so I can identify what effect these solutions actually had on this issue AND the client. It’s taken some time but we now know quite a few things that are responsible for the creation of bits of dispersed energetic/soul body. I’ll make it clear that I’ve only included in the following list what we know for certain that is responsible for creating these energetic fragments because we found this to be the case when we explored these areas with clients.

Practices to Balance or Clear Negativity that CREATE Soul Fragments are;

Yes, there are many approaches I’ve not investigated because I don’t have a client that used these.

So, here is a list of what we have so far identified as being responsible for creating minute ‘dispersed’ energy parts of yourself.

  • Mantras, toning, sound work and sound healing particularly when directly focused on specific problems.
  • Smudging, saging, the use of ‘incense’ sticks we’ve found to be responsible for creating dispersed soul fragments when used on an individual.
  • Many forms of meditation (if not all forms to be quite honest).
  • Mind ‘machines’ as used to relax, rebalance, to take into clarity.
  • Therapeutic, subliminal or subtle ‘energy’ based music and many healing & relaxation cd’s work in this way.
  • Radionics. One client used this type of technology in other lives and this practice seems to be related to soul fragments.
  • Healing systems that ‘cleanse’ can be responsible for these too.
  • Acupuncture; we have reclaimed soul fragments created by acupuncture although it is possible that as this client had ‘Chinese’ past lives and connections then other ‘chi’ based clearing may have been done at the same time.

We identified each of the above when we focused directly on a particular therapy, system or approach used by a client to determine how it was facilitating them to find that lots of soul fragment collections would appear which all unsurprisingly HELD the effects; negativity, attitudes, pain, reactions, trauma, emotions and so on that was the reason they were using an approach or therapy or system in the first place. For example; in the case of meditating clients they were specifically meditating to ‘clear’ or ‘cope’ with certain ‘specific’ negative effects; mind loops or mind junk or preoccupation or unsettled moods and so on. The soul fragment collections we recovered CONTAINED these effects.

It’s likely that ALL of these types of practices do the same

It’s VERY likely that most / many balancing and negativity addressing techniques and practices work in this way, so rather than do what I’ve noticed most do which is to assume that your particular flavour or brand of balancing or negativity clearing practice ‘obviously’ won’t be responsible for these it would be VERY useful to DO THE OPPOSITE . . . because

It’s actually VERY unlikely to be the case quite simply because EVERY practice to restore balance or address negativity EVER used by a client so far has ALWAYS turned out to be responsible for creating these tiny, almost impossible to detect dispersed soul fragments.

Automated Subtle Energy Technologies to address Imbalances & Negativity

In fact in writing this and checking in a larger sense it seems as if most if not all of us actually have (yet more) subtle energetic Implants built into our energy field that work with us when we use some balancing practice OR a negativity clearing technique that do the work for us . . . hence the amazing orientation and encouragement within therapies, healing systems and spiritual approaches that are about ensuring that you don’t question HOW results are achieved never mind having you absolutely orientated to avoid investigating never mind thinking toward anything NEGATIVE of yourself what so ever. The ever so popular Law of Attraction basically states that you can ignore your problems, nasty or unwanted feelings, difficult life circumstances and sort them out by orientating everything of yourself AWAY FROM THESE to WHAT you want. You are not only encouraged BUT you are TOLD to NOT think about anything negative. Unfortunately THINKING is a prerequisite to understanding and quite a lot of serious thinking is required before you start spotting the fantasy assumptions never mind the worrying contradictions. What ALL of this ‘positive’ orientation means is that lifetime upon lifetime you have less and less ‘realistic’ perspective on the so called negative, less and less ability to explore or evaluate so called negative or traumatic things, less and less ability to become aware of never mind engage with ‘negative’ contradictions to what you are doing AND an ABSOLUTE AVERSION particularly in subtle energy terms to DEEPLY INVESTIGATE ANYTHING NEGATIVE whilst being absolutely addicted to ANYTHING that deals with surface symptoms and effects EASILY.

If you want to find out what is REALLY responsible for any ‘shit’ then you have to dive into it and stomp around in it, pick it to pieces and trace what was responsible WAY BACK to it’s ultimate origins . . . and here you all are assuming that someone has already DONE THIS!

The ‘REAL’ hidden use of ‘Subtle Energies’ . . .

. . . lets see how well you can THINK! . . . what do YOU think you yourself would do as a number 1 PRIORITY if you could use subtle energies on a REALLY large scale to MANAGE the entire population particularly to prevent them becoming aware of the accumulating subtle energy disasters through dealing improperly with negative issues? Any Ideas? . . . I’ll tell you what I’d do as a PRIORITY . . .

I’d make sure that ALL COMPETENT INVESTIGATORS would NOT be seen DEAD investigating subtle domains, the so called ‘spiritual’ never mind subtle energies . . . I’d even have them arguing against ANY investigation of this type as being a waste of time . . . I’d even have them trying to stop or discredit anyone trying to do this . . . and particularly I’d have ANY research that seemed to ‘support’ subtle energies ignored . . . I’d make sure no REALLY competent investigators ever REALLY teamed up with ANYONE with exceptional awarenesses to ensure that no one ever took a REALLY REALLY good look at what was going on behind the ‘physical’ backdrop and props . . .

. . . . seems to be working AMAZINGLY well if you ask me . . . because we have the best researchers . . . as ‘scientists’ STILL for the most part having FITS at the mere mention of ‘REAL’ subtle energies, while also having them have an amazing IRRATIONAL AVERSION to even considering the possibility of ANYTHING existing outside of ‘observational physicality’ even though you’ve simply loads of honest and genuine people that have been entering and documenting these domains for . . . let’s see . . . . that would be 1000’s of years no less . . . AND no one is even suspicious about these stances?

I’d also ‘as a priority’ make sure that anyone with ANY decent subtle awareness’s wont become aware of what I’m doing either. I’d encourage them to use practices that erode their abilities and make them less able to find out what is going on (Read about this HERE). I’d instigate a massive on going media campaign via channelling’s (from the subtle domains, because the so called ‘spiritually’ aware seem to believe anything that’s channelled) to have all of these people orientated well away from looking in the right direction, particularly anything negative, I’d make sure they never even DARE question their methods . . . I’d even tell them to trust those passing this information, just to guarantee they’d run away screaming at anything that contradicted what I’m saying . . . ANYTHING to make sure they don’t find out what is really going on . . .

. . . don’t tell me . . . that even though there is all this talk in certain circles about how well the physical ‘media’ is well managed here . . . you’d forgotten about the ‘As above, So below’ match up? . . . and mistakenly thought that channelled ‘media’ would somehow be excluded from attempts to ‘manage’ your thinking? . . . gosh . . . that’s a bit unfortunate . . . isn’t it?

So, it is a FACT that subtle energies are being used on a large industrial scale by some in a desperate attempt to keep you unaware of exactly how BAD things actually ARE from a subtle energy and so called spiritual point if view . . . the MORE aware you ARE in subtle energy terms or the MORE you are inquisitive or have abilities to RESEARCH well then the MORE you are targeted to ensure you NEVER even get close to anything I write about here . . . that’s how bad it REALLY is . . .

Anyone want to REALLY wake up . . . ?