Accumulating OTHER’S Soul Fragment, Subtle Body ‘Pollution’ in your OWN Energy Body

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Some people are actually and bizarrely taking in Dispersed Soul Fragments that have been lost from the energy body of others into their own energy field. For various reasons EVERY LAST PERSON in existence is gradually taking in more and more soul pieces that originate from other’s energy fields into their own.

It goes without saying that in a population jamming itself into an entirely stupid and unaware ‘rational head space’ that few would even entertain this idea never mind to consider actually attempting to get rid of these . . .

Please NOTE; As you can accumulate parts of others energy fields within your own AND others can accumulate bit’s of your energy field within theirs then rather than write two pages saying the same but in reverse I’m just writing one here . . .

Caring or Wanting to Help Other’s Increases Chances of Energetic Exchange

People whom are VERY caring OR overly caring, are orientated to help or are actively helping other’s seem to be accumulating soul fragments within themselves faster than average. Which means that this more often happens with healers, therapists, practitioners, carers as well as nurses, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise would it to tell you that there are many more women with this happening than men too.

You are more likely to have this happening to yourself for the following reasons.

1. Drained, Depleted; Overly Caring particularly to anyone Close to Yourself

The more engaged you are with some other or other’s particularly if you are emotionally attached or involved particularly wanting them to be relieved of some suffering or emotional disturbance and PARTICULARLY if there is some attitude within yourself to TAKE this person’s suffering onto yourself . . . because if this person by whatever means is actually dispersing soul fragments relating to what they are experiencing then there is a good chance that you will draw them to yourself . . .

So, for example if you are caring toward your relationship partner whom is finding it difficult to deal with some life problems, emotional crisis or trauma and your attention is focused on your partner through this while wanting to relieve them of what they are experiencing then . . . this is how some people are ending up with bits of other’s energy fields within themselves. In some instances it could be said that some people not only give too much of themselves BUT that this is happening literally. If you are doing the above AND for example performing cleansing rituals on their behalf then this is going to increase the chances . . .

In being overly caring toward another you may lose material to the other as described below and become tired, drained or feel depleted.

2. Tired, Drained; Another being overly Caring or helping Toward Yourself

If someone is caring toward you, REALLY wanting to help you and or is focused on helping you and you are ‘pulling’ their help from them then you can be taking their energy and even parts of their energy field leaving them feeling depleted and tired and you feeling better.

3. Having someone GIVING parts of themselves to Yourself

Strong feelings toward you can have these coming your way

When someone else has dispersed soul fragments containing strong feelings or reactions or attitudes focused on yourself (examples on previous page) then there is a good chance that these soul fragments will head toward yourself AND in some cases they can become part of your energy field. Say for example some one REALLY loves you BUT you do not acknowledge this or want this. They then end up NOT wanting these love feelings and may cleanse these debilitating or preoccupying feelings that are oriented toward you from themselves . . . they might later on end up hating you too because you didn’t respond if or when they clear these ‘hate’ feeling then these might end up making their way to you too.

Other’s wanting you to have something you are missing and wanting

If you are unhappy about something of yourself specifically with regards attributes that you are missing that some close to you has then this person may through their love for yourself end up giving you ‘this’ attribute from themselves. So, if you are impatient and particularly toward someone whom loves you then their ‘love’ or care toward yourself might have them wanting to pass to you from themselves their ‘patience’ and be so WILLED about this that they actually do give this too you. The same could be the case with ‘love’ or ‘consideration’ for example. The more engaged to, are focused on or STRONG willed about ‘helping’ you someone is particularly with regards things you are missing that they have then this can in some cases result in you receiving energy body material from this other to give you what you want . . .

4. Like resonating with LIKE; it’s nice to be WANTED

If you are in some distressed state and are let’s say lost in fear or anger or disappointment or ??? while feeling justified or ‘accepting’ of what you are in then you can attract bits of people’s energy bodies that CONTAIN the same that originate from other’s whom were at some point in the same emotions BUT no longer wanted them, hated them or wanted to NO LONGER FEEL THEM . . . in such instances these estranged and unwanted energies will be drawn to you because you are experiencing the same AND are accepting of these feelings.

5. Subtle Energy Technologies to Process other’s Negativity and Healing Issues

Of all the means that you may accumulate other’s subtle energetic body material within your own energetic body, the last mentioned here is way, WAY ahead of the rest. These types of technologies account for more than 90% of all energetic material contaminating ourselves that originate from other’s.

The next page describes how this is happening in detail.

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.

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