Problems Presenting Deeper Subtle Spiritual & Healing Insights & Experiences

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"How Spiritual, Healing & Therapy Modalities Contribute to False, Fake & Inauthentic Selves. How Persistent Healing Failure can lead to Deeper Investigations & Understandings of Subtle Healing Realities & Issue Causes. Did 'Subtle Wars & Conflicts' Lead to more 'Sophisticated' Healing Solutions?"

It’s interesting the reactions that what I present on this web site provokes . . .

For example I came across a forum link in my site stats;

Which has a link to my websites page HERE where I make a point about the Reiki energy healing source being artificial.

Problems Presenting Deeper Spiritual & Healing Understandings, Experiences & Insights

This forum page and the next two give some interesting perspectives with regards peoples reactions to the material I present here:

For example ‘Neil Templar’ writes:

“Each link it presented led to another page on the same site. Lots of apparent facts, backed up by nothing but more apparent facts, all going round in circles, leading back inwards to the same source, which had nothing but theoretical ideas to present… Just like a paranoid delusion will back itself up with imagined facts, and find ways of convincing itself of it’s validity, without referencing any real or observed facts.”

So even though I’m presenting completely different things to everyone else and even though I make this clear on my front page and more so on the scary intro page I’m still expected to have links to others pages to presumably support what I’m stating. Entirely illogical and irrational to be honest. What this ‘actually’ indicates is that ‘Neil Templar’ doesn’t expect anything ‘new’? That what is already presented within the current ‘established and common’ subtle, spiritual and healing knowledge boundaries is wholly, true and correct such that anything that doesn’t ‘easily’ fit into what is already commonly recognized should be treated with derision?

“Without referencing any real or observed facts”

Here I am presenting ‘subtle’ none physical reality explorations and apparently this person is so compromised in their thinking that they still expect someone to present what they find in these areas as ‘observed facts’. This is not only bizarre as a criticism of what I’m presenting here it’s hilarious.

I had thought I’d gone out of my way to make sure that people understood that I’m presenting my direct ‘experiences’ of exploring subtle realities in attempts to resolve some persistent debilitating issues. As a scientist by ‘original’ profession (as described HERE) whom had subtle awareness’s and abilities while working as a scientist I’m quite aware of the physical observable ‘facts’ versus ‘experience’ never mind ‘subtle’ experience conundrum.

Yes, I’m presenting information about finding extensive very well hidden subtle influences messing with everyone while strangely we have someone from an astral exploring ‘subtle’ realms website implying that ‘therefore’ I’m paranoid and delusional as opposed to perhaps being able, subtly perceptive and skilled as a researcher investigator never mind being entirely dedicated in terms of trying to understand and resolve what was responsible for my own and my clients debilitating issues . . .

I do make it very clear on lots of pages here that I’m presenting what I have found in ‘subtle’ terms while trying to resolve some debilitating personal issues that didn’t get resolved by following the ‘established and common’ knowledge base and spiritual, therapy and healing approaches while also working with others that had the same problems. In other words myself and most of my clients suffered extensively from ‘established and common’, spiritual, therapy and healing failures. In this respect my 20 clients and myself together have probably well over 200 ‘established and common’ modalities that we tried that didn’t work to resolve the issues we wanted resolved.

Here is a limited list of failed approaches (not presenting all variations) used by myself and just three other clients;

“5 Element Acupuncture, 5 rhythms dancing, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Alexander technique, An Enlightenment Path, Angel healing, Angelic essences, Animal essences, Aromatherapy, Astrology, Ayurveda, Bach flower remedies, Bio-energy, Bogi stones for balancing, Breath Work, Buddhism, Catholicism. Chakra cleansing and energy body rebalancing, Chanting, Chi Kung, Christian prayers, Colour therapy, Counselling, Crystal therapy, Crystals for healing, re-balancing amplifying, DNA recoding and emotional clearing with Jeleila Starr of the Nibiruan Council, Dance therapy, Dowsing, EMDR, Eft, Electro crystal therapy, Em-power disc, Enneagram, Exploring Temple Life, Faith healing, Feng Shui, Graphology, Hinduism, Homoeopathy, Hypnosis videos, Hypnotherapy, I-ching Guidance, Iyengar Yoga, Kinesiology, Law of Attraction, Light & Sound Meditation, Magnified Healing, Mandalas, Massage, Meditation, Meditation Retreats, Mind machines, Modern Medicine, Native-American Spirituality, Neurolinguistic Programming, Pendulum work, Personality testing, Polarity therapy, Positive affirmations, Power of Positive Thinking and Others; Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, Shakti Gawain, Florence Scovel-Shinn, Primal Therapy, Psycho Morphology, Psycho-Sciences, Psycho-synthesis, Psychology, Psychotherapy (Traditional), Re-birthing, Reflexology, Reiki Healing (of many different variations), Relaxation tapes, Sacred Space Work, Sedona Method, Selfica sferoself, Several/many different meditation techniques, Shamanism, Shiatsu, Sound Healing Techniques, Space Clearing Techniques, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Readings, Spiritualism, Subliminal Tapes, Tai Qi, Tai chi, Tarot cards, Tft, Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana Meditation, Visualisation Meditations, Visualisation techniques, Void Meditation, Working with Mantras, Yoga”

These three clients have 10+ examples between them of resolving issues that didn’t respond to the ‘established and common’ approaches presented on this web site HERE after working with someone that others apparently consider paranoid and delusional rather than ‘lets say’ competent, skilled and knowledgeable.

In other words, a real ‘fact’ is that extensive use of many ‘established and common’ healing, therapy and spiritual lines and everything else didn’t make more than a dent in my own or my clients debilitating issues. Hence as a researching type ‘handicapped’ by a wide range of unresolved personal issues (as openly presented HERE) this prompted me to make a big effort to make deeper explorations strangely enough beyond what didn’t work for myself and my clients. I’ve even published a book and have a web site HERE with an e-book version passing on what I learnt and developed from engaging with the more ‘established and common’ subtle, spiritual and new age beliefs and tools that didn’t get me very far in ‘resolving’ issue terms but which did encourage me to deepen and broaden my subtle explorations. The outcome of which eventually led me to present my ‘work in progress’ on this very website which again I’ve been very careful to stress is just a very small and limited sub set of what I’ve so far found. This is the case because I’d already deduced that as virtually everyone with any interest in these areas will already be enamoured by the ‘established and common’ and will therefore have serious trouble taking in the ‘basics’ of what I’m presenting (in my terms) then there really isn’t much point in me wasting my time trying to present deeper information that is actually hugely complicated and which would make what I am already presenting here seem ‘normal’.

Is that clear enough?

I’ve no argument with anyone that’s had issues and they’ve worked with ‘something’ and they now don’t have those issues. Fantastic. On the other hand you’ve then no incentive to get off your arse and deeply explore and investigate WHY none worked for either yourself or those working with you.

Repeated ‘failures’ as I describe on an earlier page here is a great ‘get off your arse’ booster both in terms of:

1) Having you step back from the assumptions you are operating to (so called ‘higher’ beings ‘know’ what they are doing, that they will do no harm or have no hidden agendas, ‘source’ is natural, each healing success is always achieved by engaging with the issues origins and has dealt with all that contributed to it and so on . . . ).

2) While also: if you are really keen on resolving your issues then extensive failures particularly if you are a researching, investigating type with half decent subtle senses then you might try and;

  • Directly explore how the ‘established and common’ approaches actually work in subtle energetic terms to get their results they do to understand why they FAILED to work with yourself and your clients while also having you attempting to . . .
  • Find what is responsible for or contributing to your own chronic issues independently.

Been there and done that and am still doing it . . .

Which strangely enough is why this web site at least attempts to explain in detail how many of the ‘established and common’ healing approaches get their results and some of the long term physical and subtly ‘observable’ effects that can result from the use of those solutions. It’s also why this web site has many pages linked to other pages here so that GENUINE enquirers whom have not completely handicapped themselves by mistaking favourite ‘established and common’ explanations and understandings for being anything other than beliefs, ideas or ASSUMPTIONS then don’t have to waste their time jumping around pages here randomly when they’d be much more interested in being immediately directed to related material.

Seriously ‘Neil Templar’, it’s actually embarrassing having to explain in ‘postman pat’ terms something this obvious. I’ve a web site HERE which specifically exists to give people an idea of my range of subtle experiences and encounters including audio’s of dealing with various subtle ‘things’ directly. I’ve another web site HERE giving my own and my clients examples of dealing with various healing ‘issues’. Did you do your home work and read what was presented on these web sites before writing your comments? I think not. On checking on the web I cannot find much that you are openly presenting of your own experiences. What is presented is pitifully narrow. In this respect ‘Neil Templar’ your comments about what I write on this web site here are quite insulting.

Then we have ‘Korpo’ with:

“My brand thereof is fine, everybody else is just clueless.”

Sadly, there is no way round that one . . . if you’ve been unable to resolve debilitating personal issues by using over 40 ‘established and common’ therapy, healing and spiritual approaches and practices for TWO decades to then start exploring the ‘subtle’, openly and directly in dedicated attempts to try and find out ‘why not’. If you’d done this to then find LOTS that flies in the face of the ‘established and common’ then I dare say that in presenting what you’ve found that no one else seems to have a clue about then ‘logically’ that would make those completely ‘enamoured’ by the ‘established and common’ brands . . .

Clueless . . .

On the other hand in my terms and with respect to the experience and understandings I now have, I myself appreciate how ‘clueless’ I actually was in the past particularly during the decades I spent seriously investigating and working with a great deal of the ‘established and common’ (including science).

It’s also interesting that ‘Korpo’ uses the term ‘brand’.

I’d have to agree that this is the perfect term to use for a product and package that for the most part stays ‘static’. Each spiritual, healing and therapy ‘brand’ has a particular approach, a particular set of tools and a collection of understandings and explanations. Some of our SHT ‘brands’ haven’t changed for 100’s maybe 1000’s of years. At the present time it appears as if we have an explosion of diverse brands however this isn’t actually true. What you do have is an explosion in the outer packaging of brands. In the case of Reiki variations for example as I’ve already tried to point out they all pretty much tap into the same manufactured subtle source but apparently some people are just way too uncomfortable even thinking about this as a possibility.

So, here comes another upsetting revelation relating to brands. On my clients web site (just for fun) we installed some software that allowed us to present a time-line of ‘what we are and have been doing’. This might sound a bit strange to anyone thinking in terms of ‘brands’ but this time-line stretches back for a couple of decades. Most of the entries are of the last 7 years AND when we don’t forget to update it we often find that on average our continuously changing approach is upset by some deeper or larger understandings that then sees our current tool set being added to or discarded (to be never used again) on average about every 6 weeks. Even worse the ‘explanations’ that we are working to and the entire tool range changes COMPLETELY on average once every 9 months (as mentioned above: a couple of times this has happened virtually overnight). In other words our ‘temporary’ brand regularly becomes redundant as our ‘temporary’ understandings of reality and what is responsible for and or contributing to issues improves / changes which then sees us develop new or different means to deal with these and also new means to deal more effectively with what we already know about ALL THE TIME.

In other words each ‘brand’ basically has it’s own ‘Paint By Numbers’ approach and tool set that comes with ‘Postman Pat’ style explanations about reality and how it’s approach and it’s tools work. Virtually no one thinks about these, no one questions the tools, no one seriously looks at how they work or checks to see if the explanations are true (or EVEN why it’s difficult to do this). If a brand fails the failures are explained in such a way that serious investigations of how the brand ‘really’ works or why it failed are not even thought about. If anyone does try and think about them then often guides rush in or channelled information is used to give an explanation to keep you happy and to ENSURE you don’t make a big effort to try and find things out for yourself. Even more bizarre is that people working in this fashion often think of themselves as being ’empowered’.

Perhaps ‘Korpo’ if you’d personally worked with 40 to 50 different ‘established and common’ branded approaches and they’d failed to deliver THEN you yourself might have incentive to make a big effort to look at what is really going on independently. In which case I dare say you’d be gifted with being much less clueless than you are now . . .

So, I don’t have a ‘brand’ I have a research set up that continuously looks for what is contributing to ‘remaining’ negative issues at their origins.

A ‘Subtle Research’ example: At one point about 6 years ago I started identifying many different current life presentations, behaviours, attitudes, thinking patterns and emotion sets that strongly indicated that very specific ‘negative’ past life events and incidents were associated with specific hidden issues. I eventually figured out that I could put together a questionnaire that would reveal these hidden, buried ‘not particularly conscious’ past events and issues. Constructing this questionnaire was part of my own training in terms of engaging with my own and my clients past lives for issues while facilitating me to seriously join the dots in terms of how our hidden past often relates to current life issues. This questionnaire was quite comprehensive as it eventually held 800 questions, it was a monster. At the point where I had learnt all that I could from this and had even started writing software to automatically analyse the results we had a breakthrough in our non branded approach that made filling it in irrelevant and from that point on it was never used (except for fun). So, let me make it clear ‘Clueless’ is probably being overly GENEROUS.

I’ve also made it clear on a few pages here that I;

Personally . . .


YES – I’d much rather it was way different to what I’ve been finding.

However the priorities of resolving some debilitating issues overcame the inconvenience of living with a ‘nicer, more comforting but incorrect’ view of spiritual, healing and subtle realities that were gifting me with keeping them.

Since going ‘well off’ the established and common spiritual and subtle healing map I’ve now resolved all the debilitating issues I was originally trying to sort out by finding ways to properly deal with what I found that were contributing to them. Unfortunately as my ‘understandings’ of what are ‘debilitating issues’ have broadened as a result of the dogged line I’ve been taking then I’m still working to understand the causes of some issues that previously I didn’t even realize were issues . . . such is life beyond the shallow end . . .

Then we have ‘CFTraveler’ bizarrely thinking I’ve an agenda of trying to dissuade people from doing any energy healing!!!

“I got the distinct impression that the goal was to try to dissuade any type of energy healing”

Then you probably missed that I’ve made it very clear throughout this site that as far as I am concerned ALL spiritual, therapy and healing modalities get results and many get very good results.

Presenting extensive detailed information of how the ‘established and common’ actually work (incorrectly) to get the results they do is to:

  • Obviously (again does this even have to be explained?) encourage people to QUESTION their own assumptions and to INVESTIGATE more deeply themselves how subtle solutions actually work (even though I appreciate how difficult this is, because I’ve already done this myself and have actually also explained in an earlier series starting HERE why it is very difficult).
  • More importantly to encourage the so called ‘higher’ beings whom are responsible for promoting and maintaining dubious healing solutions whom want these ‘facts’ kept quiet (obviously) to react to what I write here and expose their involvement (as described below). Works very well actually even if I do say so myself (I’m pretty sure I’ll get a few more whom wont be able to resist reacting to this page . . . ).

Are you ACTUALLY taking notice of what I present here? Seriously this IS how I’m finding it to be and it’s seriously HORRIFYING. In this respect being quite horrified by what I’m finding and as a person of ‘integrity’ and despite it being difficult I actually think I should at least attempt to give others the opportunity to become aware of what is actually going on in deeper terms.

You think someone finding what I’m finding on the scale I’m presenting and with the depth of knowledge I’ve got that I’d do something as stupid as try and advise everyone to stop using all spiritual, therapy and healing approaches particularly when they are what is recommend by the spiritual hierarchy – the ‘people’ in charge here?

Do you think that’s even remotely realistic?

I’d tell you what I’d do if I was someone with an enormous scale of understanding AND had developed the means to resolve shit issues way better than the SH recommended ones . . .

Just ‘theoretically’ speaking of course . . . but here is what I’d do . . .

It’s pretty common knowledge that we are NOW in the 4th cycle end times and it’s the 4th cycle because IT’S NOT WORKED THE PREVIOUS THREE TIMES. The SH this time have put an enormous amount of effort into doing the same things more strongly and more broadly in a desperate attempt to make sure they’ve enough people standing up in the final moments holding the ‘right’ energy to make the spiritual fly wheel kick in and have us all going through a massive change . . . as I’m sure they’d be as sceptical as you are about what I’m presenting then I’d imagine if some of our representatives approached them say 5/6 years ago and offered to help them DO WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO BETTER they’d have to make a big effort to not visibly smirk WHILE then taking us up on our offer with the sole purpose of calling our bluff (that’s what you’d do wouldn’t you?).

If you then (‘theoretically’ speaking of course) actually DID work to help them on a moderately large scale they might themselves become moderately surprised (an understatement I’m sure) to find that we’d boosted things down their line so much that the risk of us then discontinuing this help might just give us an even bigger negotiating edge . . . just ‘theoretically’ of course. Then if you had out manoeuvred them to that degree then you might renegotiate to maintain this boost but on the condition that if after going through the end of cycle meat grinder this 4th time and ‘shock horror’ it still doesn’t work then afterwards they will replace ALL spiritual, therapy and healing modalities in use here in this earth space with versions of what we have developed that actually work to deal with negative issues correctly.

Don’t you think that would be a much more realistic approach?

To have all spiritual, therapy and healing approaches changed by those already in charge? It would be much more relaxing wouldn’t it? I mean as generally speaking no one asks deep questions anyway it’s seriously unlikely they’ll question another ‘healing’ approach booster upgrade.

What do you think?

It’s a pity we didn’t think of doing this 5/6 years ago . . . isn’t it? (or was it 7 years ago we didn’t think of this? I cannot remember now)

Isn’t it obvious that ‘if’ someone is actually presenting information way off the ‘established and common’ subtle and healing edge then you might have to read more than a few pages before the larger picture being conveyed starts to sink in. Specifically with what I present here you might even have to read them ALL (I’ve taken great pains to mention this) before you catch on to the scale and depth of the presentation. Of course you might also fail to appreciate that when a set of information is radically different to what you already accept as being true or correct it can take some ‘openness’ and quite a bit of effort to go against the built in bias desperately trying to keep yourself aligned to what you are already ‘familiar’ with, consider true or believe in.

As I describe HERE even with 5 years of repeated experiences beyond the ‘established and common’ I STILL wasn’t being allowed to have it really SINK IN what I ALREADY knew from these experiences. So, it’s unlikely that there is anyone else on the entire planet that is more aware than myself of how seriously difficult it can be to come to terms with your own experiences never mind of just reading about OTHERS experiences that don’t fit in with your own.

In this respect trying to take in things that are very different to what you’ve already accepted or considered true or correct can be very, VERY difficult. It’s amazing that in giving multiple and extensive in depth examples and links to my own ‘off the edge’ personal experiences to provide additional context with regards what I am presenting here that this is taken by the pitifully ‘closed and small minded’ as a sign of delusion rather as a sign of someone trying to make a BIG effort to give as comprehensive and in-depth picture as possible of a seriously DIFFICULT ‘off the established and common edge’ data set. By this stupendously stupid logic if I’d just put up 3 or 4 pages briefly trying to convey what I am then you’d be happy?

I’d seriously doubt it.

I actually state HERE why I write the way I do on this website (i.e. the so called ‘agenda’ of the site). So, sorry there is no ‘hidden’ mysterious agenda. It’s all about trying to further increase my uncomfortable but deeper understandings which might improve our chances of resolving even more issues while giving others the opportunity to perhaps understand more deeply what has been happening to themselves that hasn’t fitted in with or been explained by the ‘established and common’. Which judging by the occasional ‘thank you’ e-mails I get is definitely the case.

A possibly ‘Religious’ agenda ‘CFTraveler’? Seriously are you crazy? Does any of this site seem to be ‘religiously’ orientated in even a remote way?

Here is my attitude. I worked in science for 16 years I’ve engaged with that enough to ‘earn’ pulling science apart and or taking the piss out of it if I want to (it’s not worth the bother though). With respect to ‘established and common’ spiritual, healing and therapy lines I have 20 years experience, investigating, exploring and using these before moving on. ‘Religion’ if you take the time to read much here I don’t touch these areas. My entire experience of religion is one day of Sunday school when I was 5. I went, I wasn’t very impressed with the one ‘God’ stuff, I mentioned this to my mum and I never went again. In my terms I’ve no right to speak of something in any ‘broad’ way that I’ve no direct, long term and serious involvement in.

As above so below, as below so above is used strangely enough because THIS IS HOW I’M FINDING IT TO BE.

Something else for astral dynamics people to think about.

We are each living in a simulation here within this earth space. Your life is an abridged and in some ways a sanitised version of a life that’s already happened elsewhere. This earth space presents everyone as if they are ALL living a physical life in a physical body irrespective of the original living circumstances being simulated. In this respect I’ve personally browsed the astral dynamics web site at times because many of you commenting there are actually living a life here that is actually of someone LIVING IN THE SUBTLE REALITY and NOT a physical one. As a result your descriptions of the ‘astral’ world and what some of you encounter just ‘in life’ have actually helped me better understand some general aspects of the subtle reality living environment. It’s a pity in this respect that I can gain more from your own presentations that you yourselves can and it’s even more of a pity that you cannot even start to do the reverse.

For those that DO spend time seriously reading these pages to find that what is presented makes sense from your own experiences then let us know why below.

If you can relate to what I write here then leave a comment below . . .


  1. Cow
    October 14, 2012 @ 9:19 pm

    Dear White Morpheus,
    Having been a very avid reader of your site from mid-spring of this year, I always dedicated a couple hours of my time daily simply to reading and perusing every last page you have. The very first page “Black Light spiritual agenda” hit me on the head like an express train, and ever since I felt like “Alice, Tumbling down the rabbit hole”. More importantly, I have tried as hard as possible to make practical use of all the knowledge you have imparted unto the ocean of humanity (Forgive me if your teams consider me to be too “bossy” or “stern” during meditation sessions)… only to be met with the flurry of hellish sabotages and diversion described elaborately in your pages. I feel certain in my conviction that I will devote myself to doing this until the death of my soul, regardless how much shit I have to wade through in this life and beyond.
    Why am I so determined? Since the beginning of my current life, I always felt that “splinter in my brain” that sensation that “something is not right with the world”, that agitating feeling of me not belonging here, or anywhere. It was this feeling that brought me to you.second..and a man who holds the same general views on corruption, freewill, management, and how the entire world if f**ked up, first. This man, like you, looks past established boundaries, beliefs (What he would call Bee-LIE-fs). Like you, he feels a sense of separation from the rest of the “herd”. Like you, he is determined to do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING required to manifest his reality of transcending the ideals of the rabble, even at the cost of his life.
    I fear that you will simply censor the name and site link if I were to dare share it on here, but you already know him from an email sent to you months ago (His name rhymes with yours, ironically). This man, though he is notoriously harsh, brutal, and an overall crude (but very funny) jerk ass who deems it proper to “beat” others into thinking, acting, and seeing like himself. This man I have met years ago on youtube, having watched a few of his frightening viral videos (which were hot-beds for hate comments and denial from thousands of nay-sayers.) His twisted and taboo philosophy was frightening and angering at first… but I eventually accepted it and assimilated it into my mind, becoming an “honorable disciple” of this very intelligent man, assiduously reading and participating in his little web site for the next couple of years.

    Though I deemed this man to be very endearing and noble for his efforts of divulging the secrets he has learned, the major problem about him was that he discussed almost nothing about spirituality, magic, metaphysics, or “the beyond”, assuming that it was all lies and spin established to dupe and enslave ANYONE who were stupid enough to believe them (and he had a very strong distaste for any “slaves” in his circle). I, on the other hand, was openly curious about higher realities, so I did my own private research over multiple spiritual websites, trying hard to find any veracity in the things written. Alas, I ended up ignoring all of it since no esoteric, spiritual, or “Magical” website provided any information that was even slightly congruent to the teachings of my “master”. I was cocksure that someway, somehow, the things he talks about MUST also apply to the higher, subtler levels. If it is “Lambs and Wolves” below, it must be the same above. This was about 4 years ago… I eventually ceased conversing with this modern day genius and began to give up the idea of finding a spiritual group or circle that holds any form of semblance of this man’s teachings, and began practicing the mainstream “light” groups and practices, hoping to “be a good lamb”, whilst the “Wolf” in me withered away with each passing day. Eventually my memories of this man and his profound and “evil” philosophy was almost fully nil… until that day I decided to do that google search that, unbeknownst to me, would lead to you and this big Red Pill of a website.

    Right before I went to bed that night, I was given the largest case of Deja Vu in my entire life.
    What do you know…
    That guy ” IS RIGHT AFTER ALL!!!

    To this day I feel indebted to this individual for I beelieve that if it were not for him, I would have NEVER understood anything revealed here… Hell, I may have never even came across this site in the first place.
    Excluding his ignorance of subtle realities, there is only one other incongruence that renders him disparate to you, otherwise you two are COMPLETELY similar… like clones.



    • kimberly
      November 26, 2012 @ 1:02 am

      I followed exactly the same man to this site. I have been living this for my entire life. Its time for a change and it is time for justice. I have survived atrocities that would bring your most hardened sociopath to their knees. It is great that we are finally speaking openly about who is causing the suffering in this world and how. I also think it is tine to do something about it. I have been reading this website in every spare moment for about a week now and that is after reading the other website you mentioned for the past 3.


      • Cow
        November 28, 2012 @ 8:08 pm

        Well what a surprise. I thought I was the only person that ventured away from Black Morpheus to the White one. It feels quite peculiar to find other former fans of this man over here. Tell me, did we meet in person?

        The big question is, however, would you DARE permit me to share your website to this man, or even his entire circle? Would you be alright with sharing such information with your Long Lost, Dark twin brother? I have a feeling that inviting him over would bring about a whole new level of experiences like never before, though that could just be the result of subtle management on my side. The only reason I ask this is because the chance that I am intentionally being manipulated to do this, so to cause a disaster to occur.


  2. kimberly
    November 29, 2012 @ 1:39 am

    No we have not met in person because I live in a box or a prison of sorts. There is nobody here but me and a bunch of dead people. And the other prisoners but they here but not here. Forget about this man who is not even a man. He is a trespasser. He is a though process from an unseen source. There are more important things to focus on. I get the analogy but there is no Morpheus nor a need for one. Just because you follow somebody doesn’t mean they are leading you. I follow people just to see what they are up to and see if they have anything that belongs to me. I follow them to find the things they have secreted away and don’t want anybody to see. If you want to ‘meet’ then leave something for me to find in this prison I live in and then we can talk about it. In the meantime think about what Clive is teaching here. This is the time to confront those who have made us like this. It is times to hold them accountable so we can move on.


  3. Jan
    August 3, 2015 @ 2:49 am

    Hi Clive,

    Thank you for sharing all of your research with the world.

    I studied astrology for years and a couple years ago began to feel disillusioned, because the system feels homogenized to me. I found myself over-identifying with my astrological chart, which I feel resulted in stunting my own growth.

    How can the entire world population be categorized into 12 Astrology signs? Same goes for enneagram, MBTI, numerology, etc. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    My sincere apologies if you’ve already covered this, as I’m still reading the vast information on your site. Please go easy on me. 🙂

    Again, thank you for all of your efforts and for helping me to question and observe my thoughts more-than-ever.

    May you walk in beauty.



    • Clive
      August 5, 2015 @ 9:07 am

      Hi Jan, well, if you think in physical AND subtle terms then you can actually link up the motion of the planets to synchronize the planets with the ‘planned out’ current incarnated physical life timeline!! So, there are ‘astrology’ systems applied to quite a few ‘real’ physical worlds. Unfortunately as we are in a simulation AND all worlds and a ‘representative proportion’ of all world populations are being simulated here then we have what can only be described as a ‘God AWFUL’ MESS.

      For example, you might have noticed that ‘some’ astrology systems here are ‘EXPECTING’ there to be MORE planets than we actually have AND some are actually ‘EXPECTING’ less . . . this is because all original worlds implementing the astrology / planets / linked to incarnated life are now being played out on just one single world and some of the original worlds had more planets in their solar system and others less than we have simulated here. This more or less ‘EXPECTED’ planets in astrology systems is yet more evidence that we are in a simulation.

      One the ‘Visual’ page (The Multiverse: Physical, Subtle & Super Fine Subtle ‘Basic’ Macro Structure Defined) I mention the drone strata ‘shit’. This ‘shit’ is pre-defining EVERYTHING including astrology systems (it supplies pre-defined astrology designs), numerology, enneagram and others as part of the drone efforts to manipulate, confuse and STUPIDLY simplify things for ourselves.


  4. Jan
    August 12, 2015 @ 9:53 pm

    HI Clive – Thanks for your response. I’m pretty flabbergasted by all of the information on your site. I guess my own reaction to this website is being ‘managed’ too. I feel like throwing everything metaphysically related into the garbage at this point.

    God AWFUL MESS indeed. Yes, I heard about the recent discovery of the new planet and I know Pluto was “demoted” a while ago. Drone strata shit pre-defining everything? Simply unreal.

    Grasping all of this is taking a Herculean effort on my part, but I’m trying to push through. It’s like wading through murky muck just typing this email.

    On a lighter note, I am very grateful to your Subtle Team for their healing, as I’m definitely noticing BIG changes. I keep thanking them. I have had clairvoyance training, but I’m doubting the training at this point. I will try using your techniques, instead of the processes I learned to get myself into a receptive state.

    Thank you so much for everything!!!!!


    • Clive
      August 13, 2015 @ 10:43 am

      Yea, as subtle beings (the subtle people we are simulating (most being subjected to the physical con)) we’ve been around for about 60-70 million years and the drone ‘shit’ has managed ourselves and our entire ‘development, beliefs, understandings’ over that time. The ‘downfall’ of all of this and everything else ‘is in progress’ . . . haha


      • Jan
        August 20, 2015 @ 3:35 am

        I’m so relieved the downfall is in progress Clive.

        I’m guessing it’s in progress, because despite the drone management and subtle “spirit guide” minders, folks like me are finding your site in search of answers anyway.

        I will NOT be deterred from trying to understand your research! I really look forward to your future postings. Thanks again!


  5. Kim D.
    October 5, 2015 @ 12:57 am

    By the time I’ve finished reading any of your works, and I’ve read many, I’m overwhelmed by your truth as it’s a lot for me to process. However, I feel compelled to at least tell you that I appreciate your diligence and profound wisdom.
    Thank you!


    • Clive
      October 5, 2015 @ 9:04 am

      Thanks for letting me know Kim . . . I get way more people telling me the opposite, that: I’m ‘crazy’ / am completely wrong / have fallen / been taken over by ‘dark’ forces . . . likely written by people that just read one or two pages here rather than the amount required to see the ‘progression’ while also giving them the opportunity to join some dots . . .


  6. Barbara Watrous
    March 14, 2017 @ 9:01 am

    I have been working on my issues for 35 years now; in past life and in dialogue with various parts of myself. I had learned to hear (channel?) and work with what I have believed was the “higher levels” of myself and I experienced a lot of healing. However, I have never been able to resolve the issue of subsisting at near poverty level most of my life. And recently, however, I had a massive and very debilitating illness hit and for 3 years, I have never been able to find out the cause of it. After nearly going off the deep end mentally, I began a very slow healing process but had given up on all the techniques I used to use as they didn’t work at all when this illness hit. Just last night, I ‘looked up’ and said, Okay, I intend to find out the real cause of this illness and also why I have never been able to heal this poverty !! And this evening, I found your web site. It is such a relief to me to find that things I had begun to suspect (that there was something profoundly wrong somewhere in my life/conscousness) have been clarified by someone as being valid and real. I didn’t have the information you have at all though, as I was “taught” and had bought the beliefs of being on a “spiritual path.” I have been reading along with what you have written and find that, for me, it fits fine with what I feel about what has happened — namely, that it was something I hadn’t been informed about and was going to come from an entirely new perspective. Thank you so much for everything you have done for yourself and then passed along here so others could benefit from it. Far from thinking you are crazy, I am profoundly grateful to you.


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