What is a Soul Purpose? How do you get a Soul Purpose?

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This specific ‘wording’ implies that your ‘soul’ has a purpose, which implies that you were made or created as an original soul with some specific function or purpose in mind. You could translate this and say that your energetic soul parents may have made an effort to endow you with certain ‘specifics’. For example
  • To have certain abilities or capabilities; greater intelligence, better memory, empathic abilities, increased sensitivity, psychic awareness . . .
  • To live by certain values or qualities; gentleness, ruthlessness, determination, patience, honesty . . .
  • To hold to certain alignments; to have you hold to particular beliefs or an ideology or ideals . . .
  • Attributes that would facilitate a particular soul role; to be a ruler or leader or commander for example.

As an energetic or soul creation is something that can involve up to a dozen or more soul parent ‘donors’ giving specific energetic soul body material then it is sometimes the case that the donor material is specifically selected to give the soul child offspring particular attributes and or abilities.

How Soul Parents Design a Soul Child that will have a Soul Purpose

In terms of the ‘soul’ (energetic bodied) population as a whole maybe 10% would select specific parents to pass on specific attributes to offspring. Some ‘soul’ cultures take the process of energetic material selection for a new offspring very seriously. Some soul cultures even select material for a new soul on the basis of what they need for the culture as a whole. Sometimes this selection is done to ensure the stability of the individual and hence the stability of the culture.

The use of energetic adaptations for a new soul

In some cases a new soul child is also fitted with what I call energetic adaptations and or subtle energy technologies which can again endow a soul with specific attributes, abilities, qualities, skills and or values. These can also be used to give a new soul a directive or purpose. The use of energetic adaptations and technologies in individual cases for a new soul is very rare and would account for less than 0.001% of the population.

Subjecting the new soul to ‘training’ circumstances

In even rarer cases a new energetic child would be subjected to specific events as part of an orientation or training program to facilitate the activation and extended use of particular abilities or skills at a very early age so that these skills become natural and a full part of the child’s attributes . . . this is even rarer.

Soul Purposes are to be blunt mostly your soul parents dreams passed onto yourself

So, a soul purpose is basically your soul parents ideas of what they want you to do or would like you to achieve or more likely what they would have liked to have done themselves. Having some life plan forced on you at birth is not the best start to be honest . . . . and to be quite honest as well meaning as these might be in terms of what you parents think . . . well kids often have different ideas particularly if they are being forced down some line or lines . . . .

Some of my clients have been endowed with soul purposes and I can say without equivocation that these have been the cause of their greatest stresses, suffering and heart ache. I can attest to this too because I was made with a soul purpose, except this was a little different . . . my soul purpose was this; to investigate and to find ways to;

  • “Find out what is happening to us / what is going on” . . . to find ways to find out
  • “If anything is influencing us that is operating outside of ourselves” . . . while the way to achieve this was left
  • “Completely open ended” . . .

A Soul Purpose Can VERY Restricted while also being Seriously Difficult to Carry Out . . .

Many of my clients have had very specific soul purpose tasks and often specific ways of achieving this built into them too, so there was little creativity to adapt as how to achieve the ‘purpose’ as the means to achieve their goal was too well defined.

Even though my soul purpose was left open. . . . it is still a pain in the back side to be ‘driven’ all the time down the same lines without to be honest MUCH CHOICE. On the one hand YeeeeeHaaaAH I’ve now achieved this and in doing this I’ve ‘NOW’ understood the motivation and I’ve located and re connected to my soul parents too.

Even with something set up to be open ended there were still limitations. For example my soul parents had not considered the requirements of me having to present what I’d found. They’d not thought ahead to actually trying to present what was found in an understandable form. So, I’ve had to make modifications which seem to be working quite well, even if I do say so myself (what do you think of what I’m writing here? Is it ‘catchy’? haha!!!) . . . . however as much as I have enjoyed finding out what is really going on, I really, REALLY want to do other things . . . have a life for a start . . . and so as soon as I have everything organized to sort everything out (hahaha) then this work will be taking an important BACK SEAT.

So, Soul Purposes . . . nice idea but no thanks . . . leave people to decide for themselves what they want to do in their soul life . . . .

AND, just to reinforce this I’ll be asking some of my clients to write about their soul purposes and the assorted hells they have lived through trying to achieve someone else’s dream . . . I hope they can write something here sometime . . .

The VAST Differences Between a Soul Life & the Past Lives of an Incarnated Human Exaplained . . .

As I’ve had people reading this page and bizarrely think that I’m taking about past lives (rather than ‘souls’) then I thought I’d better explain the background to my understandings in these areas.

I spent time over 5 years tracking difficult persistent feelings back to my childhood in an attempt to understand their origins, this helped me greatly to understand myself in the context of ‘this’ life’s past. About a year after my spiritual awakening experience I was trying to track back overwhelming feelings of anguish and despair that had little context in my current life, and even though I’d had plenty of practice doing this and even had weekly sessions with a healer / hypnotherapist to enhance my efforts to find the origins of these particular feelings (some session lasted 3 hours) I only ever got to a ‘symbolic’ dark cave in my childhood.

How to find out what your Soul Purpose is?

Working with someone else I broke through to the past life responsible for these feelings (written about elsewhere). This was the start of me getting access to past lives AND coincidentally as a result of my directly focused intention to engage with all of my unresolved past that were influencing my present I ended up exploring about 3,000 past life ‘events’ just in the first 6 months. A fair percentage of these I directly accessed to understand the problems.

As exploring these and more AND dealing with all issues using current ‘light’ and healing tools didn’t resolve my main issues then I kept pushing on, the next few years had me trawling back through other lives outside this human ‘earth’ space. So, I became very aware of myself in ‘none’ human forms on other worlds and in other spaces in my distant past.

To state that over this time I came to be able to wander round in both past human and other lives FULLY conscious of these would be an understatement as it would be to wrong to state that I’m not intimately aware of physical incarnations. However as these explorations had still not revealed the ‘source’ of my main current debilitating life issues (at that time) then I continued pushing on and got back to the time I was existing as a pure energy form. Tracking this forms time line brought me to a point where this form actually ‘plopped’ into existence out of nothing. Tracking my clients and those I was working with to this period had everyone becoming aware that ALL OF US came into existence like this (this is described in ‘spiritual’ literature which I did not find until much later).

However, during the same period I’d also became aware of and engaged with ‘myself’ as an energetic form in a ‘soul creation vessel’. Being intimately aware of physical existences and incarnations I can assure you that this was my original creation point.

How I became Aware of my Soul Parents & My ‘Creation’ as a Soul Child

I had four soul parents that had each contributed energetic material to combine to make my form. I spent a LOT OF TIME over a three month period absolutely locked onto exploring this initial event all the way through my gestation in this vessel and to my birth from this vessel and the time after this. This time was also spent tracking the times lines of each of my soul parents so that I understood their origins and their ‘attributes’, politics, what they did and more importantly the specific attributes, skills and abilities that they each passed to me.

Why Specific Soul Parent Soul Skills & Attributes Are Passed to a Soul Child

For example one had very encompassing abilities to engage with other realms and energy levels (hence the detail on this page as well as this entire web site) this parent also made and designed subtle energy implants (as I do in my energetic form at times) one was very empathic hence I can pick up what others are feeling even over the phone and even when described as third parties. I could write a book on these three months and what I learnt that was of this soul creation event but then losing that time to writing would have slowed down my explorations.

How I Became Aware of my Soul’s Purpose by Understanding my Soul Origins, Soul Abilities & Soul Skills

I then spent time every few weeks over the next 8 years (yes that is EIGHT years) tracking forward from that early starting time until I reached the present moment of that ‘energetic’ form of myself. That was 11 years ago. What I’ve been becoming aware of since then makes these earlier understandings pale into insignificance. Having tracked clients back to their own soul creation point I could write a separate book about different soul child creation variations too but once again what I’m uncovering now is much more important and interesting.

So, lets keep it simple here and say that I am ‘sort of’ a full ‘copy’ of the energetic form whose creation I describe above that was put into this ‘reality’ here. The ‘plopping’ point signifies ourselves as ‘copies’ of what I call our ‘original’ souls being placed into this ‘multiverse’.

So, far I’ve spent 30+ years exploring our reality here (which is artificial) the multiverse outside of our artificial confines and other realities too. I’m aware of the main aspects of my entire past history, I’ve also a very good picture of ‘OUR’ entire past history and a lot more.