How & Why, Specific People are Spiritually Gifted ‘Difficult’ Traumatizing Life Events

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"Akashic Records; what they are, their origins, accessing and reading them. Understanding 'Life between lives' and future life records. Akashic record history & corruption particularly to support Spiritual Missions, keep hidden Spiritual Hierarchy efforts to erode our subtle abilities, deliberately gift traumatizing earth lives to cause suffering and isolation for some as well as other spiritual atrocities. Plus the extensive listed advantages of learning to access past lives directly."

Because you are living a life that accurately represents a script then the defining events, including conflicts and traumas are part of that script too. In other words because we are each living out the same events all the time then our lives are repetitive, almost like repeat programs on the TV.

Tracing the Distant Times that my soul Script Represents

I spent 8 years tracing my entire past history of the distant past lives that actually define the script that I play out here which I describe in greater detail on the bottom of this page HERE. I could strongly relate to these ‘original’ lives as they were the blueprint for the script that defines my earth lives.

So, understand that I’ve spent enormous amounts of time directly engaging with lots of my earth based past lives and beyond. I’ve also been doing the same with regards my clients. This has had me becoming aware of the ‘script’ of my clients and particularly their script’s main events too.

As we are particularly focusing on resolving limiting, difficult and or traumatic issues then we build up more information about these very quickly.

In understanding the script and how events of the script play out in our human earth lives here then it became obvious that some life events that had serious and debilitating consequences to myself and some clients just didn’t fit the script, not by any stretch of the imagination.

The Spiritual Hierarchy Gifted Traumas, Conflicts and other Difficult life Events

It was also interesting to note that these particular ‘completely out of context’ script events were severely traumatizing and they were traumatizing in two ways;

  1. They were traumatizing as in very TRAUMATIC.
  2. They were made more traumatizing because they were NOT what we expected with regards our life plan. We’d NOT been briefed on the event that caused the trauma as this event was not discussed nor even mentioned.

We’ve also noted that even just of the few times that we’ve become aware of those types of ‘set up, out of script context’ traumatic life events about half the time they have involved others whom had also been unknowingly set up. In all cases the event was managed to end up making us very much against each other from that point on in that life.

The Between Lives Spiritual ‘Sleight of Hand Possibilities’ of your Next Life Choices . . .

I understand now why there is little information about the in-between lives times because in exploring these ‘out of context to the script events’ I actually found that we’d been set up by Spiritual Hierarchy ‘next life’ advisers whom had actually specifically given us roles and had engineered ourselves to be involved in ‘out of context’ events that would cause us severe trauma while also often trying to turn friends, associates and researchers against each other.

In other words certain people are being gifted with severely traumatizing life events that they have been set up to have that are not part of their script or defined earth experience but have been deliberately engineered to compromise themselves AND their relationship to others too.

Deviations from the script will certainly compromise this Earth Plan’s goals

During the between life times you spend time reviewing the life you just had AND spend time being advised about and planning your next earth life. To validate the ‘earth plan’ each life has to accurately represent the ‘script’ or sections of it accurately to ‘honour’ what this entire space is about which actually requires that we be given as accurate presentations of OURSELVES so that we have the opportunity to understand ourselves and change.

In other words in some cases the Spiritual Hierarchy is actually risking what this entire space is about to change people’s life plans in attempts to cause specific people severe and damaging traumas as well as trying to turn specific people against each other.

Once again this is another example of yet another different angle that has the Spiritual Hierarchy make huge and incredibly stupid efforts to make competent, determined and aware types traumatized and shut down as well as of trying to turn such people against each other.

One would imagine that this is yet another contribution to why we’ve been through three entire and complete cycles of this plan to NEVER EVER have it even look as if it’s going to work.

I’ll have ‘THAT’ spiritual life event from ‘Hell’ thank you . . .

So, for you reading this have you ever been set up by the Spiritual Hierarchy to go through some hellish life event?

Have you?

Would you like some idea of what they’ve done to myself and some of my clients? So, you can get an idea of what they might have subjected you yourself to in some previous life?

You would?

. . . . that’s FANTASTIC!!

Here we go then . . . here are some examples of what some considered spiritual beings can gift you with . . .

  • Here’s a good one; being set up in the honoured position of high priest in charge of the human sacrifices which has you cutting out the victims hearts using a ‘sacred’ glass knife on the top of some Mayan pyramid no less . . . would that be your idea of a gift from some so called spiritual masters?
  • Or maybe this one would be your cup of tea? Being stalked and menaced for a day or so and then left for dead in a pond when the stalker tries to drown you (This happened in this life so it’s not even a past life traumatising memory, it’s an in your face this life Spiritual Hierarchy gifted trauma).
  • How about this one? Being kidnapped while travelling, strangely enough by professional KIDNAPPERS and held for days not knowing if you’ll make it out alive (This is another ‘this life’ example). Shall I pencil you in for this one?

So, which would you like to pre-book for your next life then?

Because, unfortunately it’s now not as unlikely as you’d think because you’ve made the dreadful mistake of coming here and you’re actually reading some of what they were desperately trying to make sure we didn’t EVER find out about or reveal that prompted them to gift us with these divine ‘lives from hell’ in the first place. All to try and put us off directly investigating beyond the physical or of then revealing what we found . . . it didn’t work very well though . . . did it?

The problem now is that because the Spiritual Hierarchy lot are completely fear ridden and paranoid then it’s very likely that they’ll have been monitoring everyone reading this page and so there’s a good chance that your subtle energetic etheric blueprint will have already been put on the;


MMMmmm . . . GOSH . . . that’s a bit unfortunate . . . EH!!!! . . . how good are you at withstanding severely traumatizing life events?

Are you at all handy with a sacred glass knife?

Never mind, on the plus side you’re probably finding out just about now if you’ve still got some of those pesky fear issues most of you keep trying to convince yourselves that you’ve completely dealt with peeking through?

On the plussity plus PLUS side because you ARE here and you ARE reading this then there is a ‘reasonable’ chance that you yourself are one of those terrifying investigating, curious, more deeply wanting to understand, ‘scaring the living daylights out of the Spiritual Hierarchy’ types AND are actually therefore more likely to have already been gifted with at least one of these amazingly horrific life events. In which case it might be worth you forgoing any impulses to either run away or hide under the bed and make an effort to read ALL the scary pages here and gift yourself with some deeper understandings which might just help you better join the dots in terms of your own contradictory or ‘out of context’, difficult or traumatizing life experiences . . .

For any ‘non investigating, non curious, not interested in wanting to understand anything more deeply’ types that have ‘stray kitten like’ inadvertently wandered into the scary ‘way off the edge’ spiritual mine field zone then I’d have to advise you to just do what you’re supposed to do now and run off and not ever even think about any of this.

At least that’s what the Spiritual Hierarchy will be trying to make sure you do.

If you don’t fancy doing that then maybe read the next page because it’s slightly more relaxing . . . just slightly mind you . . . although I’d still not recommend it for any ‘stray kitten’ types . . .

For details of the origins and history of the Akashic records including how from a certain point the content of these records started to be edited and sanitized particularly for example to try and make sure that no one would ever find out that they’d been gifted an ‘out of context’ life event from hell by the Spiritual Hierarchy themselves then read the next page . . .