Search for REAL Origins of Negative Issue Causes?

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"The Sabotages & Blocks that arise when FULLY Orientating Toward & Seriously Investigating the Deeper, Subtle & Past Origins of Difficult, Negative & Traumatic Life & Personal Issues . . . "

About 6 months after my spiritual awakening experience I was guided to have some Reiki attunements and Reiki’s associated ‘healer’ training guidance. For a full 18 months from this time I averaged 6 hours a day of determined, focused and active self healing (not passive meditation or channelling a bit of energy).

So, for a quarter of each day for a year and a half this was what I was doing, and during this every 20 minutes or so I’d ask for stronger energies that would work to deeper levels and resolve my issues faster; ALL THE TIME . . .

Because . . .

I WANTED to Address & Resolve
some SERIOUSLY debilitating Life Issues

Intensive Self Healing to Address Negative Issues

This was NOT a bit of vaguely directed self healing fitted in after everything else. This was everything else fitted in round intensive and directed self healing.

I want you to REALLY understand that this was NOT an undirected or vague call of;

  • ‘help me to feel better’ or. . .
  • ‘do whatever it takes to get me out of this mess’ or . . .
  • ‘do whatever you think is right’

As my understandings increased during the phase (read more about my subtle energies explorations during this phase HERE) then I adapted what I was asking for until I was orientating toward and stating the following;

I WANT to FULLY understand
the REAL causes of EACH of my Life Issues

This intention with regards issues was exhaustively stated and invoked with respect to the issues I was wanting addressed and to have the means to deal with these FULLY. Basically the directive or my intention should have ME becoming FULLY aware of and FULLY understanding in the deepest sense possible what was absolutely RESPONSIBLE for each issue I had arising and presenting itself.

So, about 2 years after this intensive beginning a small group of 5 of us start to meet every week with the intention to dig and to expose the origins (whatever they are) of each of our issues with the intention to find the means to resolve these. This group even in these early years is not working close to the edge or on the edge – no we’re way out in uncharted waters doing whatever it takes to find the real origins of our issues and figure out how to sort our shit out.

So, rather try and ‘unconsciously’ rebalance ourselves or cleanse our chakras or realign our energy system or whatever. What we are doing is actually orientating toward, thinking about, discussing and investigating our NEGATIVE personal and life issues and directing our efforts to find what is actually responsible for these. So, dealing with past lives by the dozen most weeks is normal for this group, dealing with none human lives is a regular occurrence as is dealing directly with so called ‘higher’ level aspects. On the other hand . . . . .

Confusion as ‘Light’ beings continually block healing sessions

What is a recurring and worrying puzzle to ourselves is that after meeting for almost a year we find that every 4th week we have to dedicate the entire evening to clear everything actually acting to stop us because so much has built up acting to do this that our movement is at serious risk of grinding to a halt.

Now what is really bizarre is that none of these beings and ‘groups’ applying the brakes are of the negative, demonic or dark persuasion (we have had plenty of experience of these types) no the groups and beings messing with us would be considered positive and good or as some of you would say they were groups aligned to the ‘LIGHT’.

We are continually mystified by this, we are very aware of what is acting against us but it completely short circuits all of our beliefs, assumptions and expectations. We just don’t understand why anything like this should be happening. There is nothing that we are doing that should not be fully supported by ANY and ALL beings aligned to resolving issues, clearing negativity, recovering yourselves. The other thing that is not right is that none of these beings EVER communicate to us, none offer any explanations of their behaviour we are always left in the dark. None of this makes sense to us – the only thing we can do is keep clearing this interference and keep ourselves moving . . .

No one has found the Origins of Negative Issues?

When we are well into this attack phase a small group of beings turn up during one of these evenings and as they seem curious, open and interested rather than belligerent then we invite them to come into our space and we start ‘chatting’.

They ask what we are doing so we explain “we’re digging to find the real origins of our issues” now they all sort of look at each other out the corners of their eyes.

Like “oh yeah” . . . and then we are told;

“Hey that’s very interesting – no one’s ever managed to do that . . . “

. . . ” do you mind if we look in on your progress every so often?”.

No one has managed to look for the Origins of Negative Issues!!!


Well, now it’s our turn to give each other side long glances;

“Why on earth would they say this?”

This not only has us REALLY puzzled but quite unsettled too. And the unsettled bit comes because it is implied in how they convey this that;


In fact to be quite honest I had this sinking feeling of dread in my stomach because if those supposedly leading us are blocking us from deeply exploring our unresolved and debilitating issues then WHAT DOES THAT LEAVE YOU WITH?

Well, it leaves you with NOTHING . . .

AND; why would they do this? You see it’s sort of implied with all of these healing systems and therapies and so on that all the research is ALREADY DONE. That our tools do a great job and . . . well we just don’t think about it really.


As far as we are concerned what we are doing in our little group surely can only be a more intense and dedicated push in alignment with what the overall spiritual process must be working to. But then why are we getting all this opposition from light beings and groups AND why are these beings saying that no one has EVER managed to FIND THE ORIGIN OF ISSUES or WORSE that no one is even allowed to TRY AND DO THIS?

You can perhaps appreciate that we are ALL feeling quite lost at this point as to what this all meant as well as to be quite honest a little frightened (speaking for myself). I mean WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

Holding to your alignment no matter what?

I can quite imagine that others finding themselves in the same position would automatically assume that they just must be doing something wrong or that they don’t know enough to understand properly. On the other hand how can a dedicated focus to fully and deeply understand the absolute causes of debilitating negative issues and the means to fully resolve these be in ANYWAY out of alignment with ANY beings supposedly aligned to helping with ‘negative’ issues never mind claiming to want people to evolve as part of some spiritual process happening here?

As we know what our deepest intentions are then we cannot for the life of us understand why we aren’t in fact attracting legions of so called light and divine beings all falling over themselves to offer help to a group so focused spiritually?

So, these are our first BIG clues that things might not be as we either assume OR are being told. But we have no idea what is going on . . .

All we can do is just keep on going . . . . .