Subtle Energy & Entity Attack Detecting Implants

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

I mention elsewhere that one of the issues I was working to understand and resolve were my sleeping problems.

From my mid teens I actually felt as if I did not sleep, it was as though I was on ‘alert’ all the time. In my 20’s when I meditated regularly this greatly helped ‘normalise’ my sleep. BUT it was not till over a decade later that I started to understand some of what was responsible for this.

Constant Entity & Energetic ‘Light’ Attacks

In Brazil where myself and my partner were being constantly energetically attacked which is described in another series of pages HERE I found myself on constant alert AND once again entered a phase that was the same as I’d had in my teens of not actually sleeping but of ‘resting’ while being on background alert.

We were living on the land (details HERE) where we had built our own house (details HERE). During this attack phase I actually seriously felt myself aware enough that I felt I’d be able to ‘feel’ someone stepping onto our land in the night particularly if they meant us harm.

Energetic Awareness Enhancing Devices and Implants

In exploring this heightened sensitivity I became aware of having subtle energy implants that monitored and scanned for evidence of subtle energy and entity type attacks. It was while studying these particular implants that my understandings of implants in general expanded greatly.

As I mention elsewhere HERE all lightworkers have an implant that is designed to severely degrade if not kill their ability to freely detect most implants. Despite this I did get FULL access and great details of all of these implant types because they were installed in the energy field the ‘larger’ form of myself that I am a projection of into this earth space here.

So, in scanning the energy body of this form that exists out side of this earth space I could get finer details of these particular implants.

Entity Attack Scanning & Detecting Implants

The simplest most basic type actually looked like a small satellite TV receiving dish that picked up different energetic signals and prompted me when it did. I ended up junking this one and three others.

The last two were made of much more finer subtle energetic material and I did full and detailed scans of these to figure out their design and workings. It was while doing was that I found that as my ‘energetic’ form I actually design and make subtle energetic technologies and implants.

Read the next page for more detail on this, including exactly how they kept me awake and the need to redesign them to stop this happening . . .