Managed High Class Companion Behaviour

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Another client was a bit mystified at finding herself often being preferentially picked up in weird circumstances by well known people (rich, famous, positioned) whom she was often then (more than) intimate with at the drop of a hat.

Available as an ‘easy going’ High Class Companion

She was also a bit confused that during these times she was often given or took ‘recreational’ drugs OR even if she wasn’t she felt as if she had been drugged.

This particular implant actually made you compliant and very ‘easy going’ which we found was what was making her feel as if she was drugged even if there were no ‘physical’ drugs offered, present or used.

The Encounters & Attractions are Very Well Managed

We also found that this implant would directly communicate directly with an implant that these ‘well known’ types also had installed within their own energy body.

From this communication they would be impulsed and in a sense be made to be attracted to my client whom would be made to be attracted and to become involved with and to go with them and with just about whatever they wanted.

She was virtually always given some nice and expensive gift as part of this ‘managed’ ritual AND this implant ALSO made her feel very happy and content with the gift AND the encounter too. As some of these encounters were definitely not very good then this consistent ‘happy’ reaction was one of many things that had me suspicious about this.

She would get expensive meals & nice gifts

Another suspicious ‘facet’ of these encounters was that they never gave her money (even though she was very short of money at that time these encounters were happening) the ‘ritual’ was to give a gift and often an expensive meal.

It took me a long time to eventually actually think of looking for implants with regards this client. It probably took about a year in total to clear the energetic effects of the drugged feelings for example and of releasing her from the engrained habit of going along with these types of encounter.

The same client also had the Stepford wife implant described on the next page too.