How Some Etheric Implants Will Support you to Lead Others

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

Leadership, facilitator, business or manager type implants, to help these people not care for example or to be strong forceful, unfeeling, tough and direct. I’ve worked with a few business and leader types and found some very interesting but not too surprising subtle energetic implants helpfully helping them down certain lines . . . .

How Some Etheric Implants Help you to do what you want

Help me make connections with people; have them like me, engage with me and make them amenable or open to doing what I want. Make them believe me and agree with me and to do what I want.

How Some Etheric Implants Align you to your head while disengaging your feelings

I don’t want to be dragged down, distracted by or dictated to by my emotions or feelings or of having to care. So, keep me aligned me to my mind, thoughts and thinking while disengaging me from my feelings and conscience. Also, prevent me from being overly disturbed by my feelings AND don’t bother me with limiting feelings such as guilt, shame or of feeling responsible either . . .

How Some Etheric Implants Help you Have Doubts, Suspicions and to confront Contradictions

Help me to doubt and be suspicious and to critically appraise information and people. Highlight or point out ANY lies, contradictions or inconsistencies in ANY information or presentation. Help me to confront these or use these to my advantage.

How Some Etheric Implants Help to Make and keep alert, sharp, effective

Make and keep me alert, sharp, effective, efficient, dynamic, on the ball.

Group Networking & Facilitation

Directly forge interconnections and networks between people in meetings, try and ensure everyone is working together and are aligned to what we all want. Have me act as a nexus or centre to organize and facilitate during meetings.

How Some Etheric Implants Solve Problems when you are sleeping

Analyse and come up with solutions while I am sleeping to unresolved problems that I’ve encountered during the day. Feed me answers and solutions as either dreams or as insights or realizations when I wake in the morning.