Incarnation Administrators Negative Implant Improprieties

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

Being incarnated into a physical body requires that you have to be fitted with extensive subtle energetic interfacing to allow you to fully and completely engage with the physical body and hence physical reality. This is quite a MAJOR undertaking and while this is going on it’s dead easy to sneak in any number of implants at the same time.

How many habited physical worlds are there ‘outside’ of this ‘Earth Space’? Any ideas?

Well, there are about 80,000 and the majority of these have organised and administered incarnations and this being the case there are plenty of opportunities for you to accumulate many different implants that not only relate to that worlds ideology, truths or beliefs BUT also some that are even worse with respect to the long term effects they have on those that are given these.

I’m using this page and those that follow in this section to give you some horrifying and entirely negative and real life examples as experienced by some of my female clients.

‘Extra’ Etheric Implants Sneaked in BY a Worlds Administrators . . .

In some cases some worlds just don’t get enough people volunteering to live out some particularly ‘interesting’ life options. For example sometimes there are just not enough women whom want to volunteer be the prostitutes for some shiny new ‘you can do anything here’ world.

When this is the case a worlds authority or administration (which will often be male) might just slip in a ‘made into a prostitute’ implant set just to help their world inhabitants have a more ’rounded’ experience (cough, cough) . . .


If you read the previous page then you’ll also understand that leaving these implants in after someone’s incarnation time on a world finishes is ALSO common practice too and this coupled with the practice of erasing peoples memories for an incarnation can mean they keep living the effects of a past implant continuously without being aware that some of their behaviour and attitudes are both out of character AND the result of an implant.

The ‘Made into a Prostitute’ . . . Negative Implant

Of course you might think that this is just a ‘made up’ example . . . but it’s actually not.

Three quarters of my female clients had implants that would lets say encourage them to be WAY more sexual than they would have chosen to be without this type of implant, never mind that some were a little confused of finding themselves being sexual with people they didn’t really like, were not attracted to or even people they would not otherwise be seen dead with . . . that’s a clue isn’t it that something is not quite right . . . unfortunately this type of implant is not rare . . .

Other Past Life Implant Examples that you wont easily forgot about . . .

Many of my female clients had other sexual behaviour ‘managing’ Implants which to be honest turned out to be even worse then the ‘prostitute’ one. As in;

  • Sacred Whore & Sex Goddess Implant
  • The REALLY ‘Personal’ Personal Assistant Implant
  • Made into a High Class Companion
  • The Stepford Devoted Perfect Housewife Option
  • Sex Slave

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