Limitation Realisations of Self Chosen Implants

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

Myself and my clients had a phase lasting for a few months where we specifically aligned to issues that were being contributed to by self chosen subtle energy implants.

Amazing Variety & Diversity in Implant Function & Influences

This give us a chance to identify and hence more deeply understand the VERY broad and diverse uses of these implant types. More importantly it allowed us to understand the life circumstances, personal problems and life issues that prompted people to choose to have them in the first place.

Design Limitations Often Cause Long Term Problems

The design of most self chosen implants we found to actually cause more limitations over time.

There is rarely if ever any intelligence built into these devices they all have limited one dimensional style functions AND have no means of adjustment. Read this previous page on; Energetic Implant Design, Creation & Modification HERE to understand this more).

Managed Shrinking Life Choices & Life Avoidances

Also, as you read the following pages and actually think about what is presented then it might sink in that many of these implants are actually;

  • Keeping you in a contained or limited space as a means to prevent you from being upset or hurt when trying to live or achieve something you want (like having a relationship).
  • Are forcing or facilitating you to adapt or adjust as a means to ‘manage’ or avoid being confronted (yet again) by some upsetting or hurtful circumstances or events (Embarrassment or powerless because of failing at something once again) .
  • They are often actually contributing or are responsible for you experiencing and being KEPT in ever shrinking life circumstances and choices.
  • They can be supporting you to achieve success in ‘some’ life areas (for your business for example) as a means to distract you from other ‘not good’ life areas.

As, the work I’m doing ACTUALLY resolves what is really responsible for these issues in the first place then we often cannot justify to continue having a bolt on prosthetic aid facilitating you to limp on.

In this respect in the case of every single implant we identified on the following pages we ALWAYS ended up getting rid of each of these. NOT once did we end up keeping one or even of adapting any because in resolving PROPERLY what was responsible for them being chosen and used in the first place then their continued use became completely unnecessary. EXCEPT in the case of myself I’ve temporarily kept some ‘energetic attacks’ detection and prompting implants because quite simply I’m still regularly attacked often by useless spiritual hierarchy beings whom don’t like the detail I’m presenting here. They want people being kept in the dark.

Which Implants are Positive & Which are Negative?

I would advise that you read the following pages and take careful note of these common self chosen implant types while ALSO keeping in mind what I’ve written above.

In this respect it might ALSO sink in that it’s very difficult to make a realistic ‘Negative’ or ‘Positive’ assessment of implants never mind an assessment that supports the stupid dark forces and so called Divine light separation which is simply ludicrous.

This selection of described implants on the following pages is cut down from about double this number that we found that I took the time to identify and understand.

In all you can expect these to turn out to be a very limited selection as there will probably be hundreds of this type.