Made into a Willing Female or Male Sex Slave Implant

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Speaking of problems you can have incarnating on different worlds. One female client chose to incarnate on a particular world to enjoy having a particular experience.

Diverted from the agreed Incarnation to a Sex Slave World

Unfortunately as part of the incarnation preparation process she was diverted off from her world of choice and adapted and ‘born’ into a completely different world. Here she was trained as a sex slave to be of service to men . . . this is a perceptive and VERY loving person having the ‘loving’ attribute corrupted and distorted.

It took probably a year if not more to clear all of the sexual trauma of being treated with disrespect and violated in other lives. There were also spells and other types of energetic crap supporting the sex slave circumstances and behaviour BUT beneath all of this was an extensive and integrated collection of more than a dozen subtle energy implants.

Wha are the Sex Slave Implants Behavioural Effects?

As this was the ‘first’ crazy female debilitating implant set I found and these were doing quite a few things AND to target these we need to identify what they are doing then I spent quite a bit of time getting very comprehensive details of the many behavioural areas that these implants managed.

Like all implants these provide biases and try and force behaviours, some women that are strong willed or have held to stances against these areas or just SOME of these areas particularly before being debilitated (as well as afterwards) will be more successful standing against them or at least some of them. In some cases the implants managing some of their ‘sex slave’ behaviour will have been counteracted by yet more subtle energy implants (which goes some way to confirm how hard these are to detect).

The Extent of Sexual & Sexual Attraction & Personal Behaviour ‘Management’ Possibilities

To help you become aware of the breadth that some subtle implants can be responsible for when acting on someone then I’ve put together a comprehensive list below detailing SOME of the a sex slave role, behaviour and mentality that was being ‘created’ and ‘maintained’ by these implants.

EVERYTHING on this list was how this client; felt, behaved, reacted, intuited, thought . . . .


. . . and of course just like you reading this she THOUGHT that ‘how she was’;

was ‘actually how she ‘REALLY’ was . . . .

. . . and . . .


So, be warned NOTHING of this list below was HER, not one thing. It was ALL subtle energy crap including some very sophisticated implants MAKING her be like this . . . . that have now been completely cleared (until we find more).

The last and most recent time a man disrespected her she HIT HIM, much to his astonishment. Previously she used to describe herself as a door mat for men?

So go through this list and see what you can relate to for YOURSELF because the below is what the subtle ‘implants’ were MAKING her into . . .

Female Sex Slave Implant Behaviour, Temperament and Attitude Changes Modifications

Meaning, Dependence and Devotion to men

  • Make or keep me tied to or dependent on men OR on being with a man
  • Make me feel or think that I cannot survive without a man’s protection or presence
  • Make me feel in any way I am not safe without a man’s love, attention or presence
  • Make me feel or think that to be supported by, attached or affiliated to a man is my rightful place
  • Make me feel or think that only in service to a man do I have a meaningful life

Don’t see the flaws but DO see the good things

  • That acts to make me blind to my partners serious character, flaws, abuse, disrespect, manipulations or contradictions
  • Make me always see my partners potential, beauty, worthy characteristics, goodness, love but not the shit
  • Make me trust, be naive, not question, be innocent, hang on every word
  • Make and keep me loving, generous, forgiving under any circumstances toward my partner
  • Stop me from looking closely at the relationship from looking at the problems

Docile, Compliant and None Complaining

  • Make me passive, docile, compliant, weak or submissive when dealing with my partner
  • Stop me becoming belligerent, angry, frustrated, picky or irritated toward my partner
  • Stop me from provoking, criticising, confronting or speaking out against my partner
  • Make me feel that I have done something wrong, will be criticised or told off when relating myself to a man

Forgo my own needs while focusing on my partners

  • Stop me from feeling, thinking about or becoming aware of my own needs in a relationship
  • Prevent me from making my own needs known to my partner
  • Make me feel afraid of spending money or getting resources for my own needs

Listen to men, accept their Advice & Decisions

  • Keep me dependent on men to resolve problems or make decisions for me
  • Make it difficult for to make decisions without asking a man for advice
  • Make me need or force me to listen to or take notice of a man for advice and help
  • Prevent me from contradicting or questioning or arguing against what any man would say or tell me
  • Have me believe that what men say, explain or advise is always correct and should always be acted upon

It’s a man’s world and I cannot navigate it

  • Make me feel powerless and incapable in the world of men (mechanical, electronic or finances)
  • Make me feel scared of the things I don’t know anything about
  • Make me feel or think that I will not cope with or survive life on my own or without a man
  • Make me feel or think that I am incapable of doing things in my life without the help or confirmation of a man
  • Make me feel that I cannot trust myself that I cannot do things on my own
  • Make me feel or think that making a lot of money is the privilege of men and that I cannot succeed in these areas of life

Keep Limited and Contained, prevent Independence

  • Make me freeze up or blank out when in situations where I want something from men
  • Make me afraid, nervous or fear when in the presence of or dealing with men
  • Paralyse my thinking or my decision making when I am afraid
  • Make me feel insecure or scared about making decisions or doing things on my own
  • Make me feel or think that there will be dire consequences to acting in anyway at all against any man or what any man has told me or what any man advises me

Maintain the Managed Status Quo

  • Prevent me from thinking about or exploring the above areas; keep them hidden
  • Stop me finding what I have hidden from myself or have contracted others to hide

Engaging with and Resolving Past Life Sexual Issues Examples

The following links are to my healing examples web site and are examples of what this particularly client went through and experienced as part of resolving her past life originated sexual issues:

  1. Clearing anger and rage from past sexual violations?
  2. Release from past life sexual violations
  3. Clearing painful sexual trauma & unexpressed emotions
  4. Releasing trauma of forced oral sex in many past lives?

Other examples of identifying and clearing ‘subtle’ shit making people addicted to porn or being MADE TO BE sexually attracted are below:

So, not only do you have ‘subtle’ implants defining peoples overall sexual behaviour there is also subtle shit defining peoples sexual attractions AND making them addicted to porn too.

The Inappropriate Sexual Attractions & Personal ‘Invisibility’ Subtle Implant Possibilities

What happens if you find yourself having ‘inappropriate’ attractions where you experience others that you are definitely NOT interested in being continually attracted to yourself? Well, this happening can become so annoying that in previous lives you end up trying everything you can to block and negate these annoyances.

However, despite this seeming like a good idea at the time, doing this over a few more lifetimes can result in you feeling and actually being sexually disengaged and switched off as described on this page here.

If you have these types of ‘attraction’ problems or worse attract boring, negative, nasty or belligerent people then this can have you making a huge effort in ‘subtle’ terms to try and make people seriously uninterested in yourself AND to ignore you. Doing this over a few lifetimes can then have you finding yourself ‘gifted’ with being ‘observable’ invisible to others. This can be the case even when you are in PLAIN SIGHT standing right in front of them as described on this page (Being ignored, invisible or not acknowledged by others) which you can read here.

Even more bizarre is what happens when you try and actually more accurately explain how this ‘invisibility’ trick is achieved in subtle ‘shit’ terms. I describe this over a few pages starting starting from this page here.

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.


  1. Herbert
    August 13, 2014 @ 10:39 pm

    That explains a lot, probably explains being oversexed at an age of something alike 5!! Seems like when I reach some kind of more of my consciousness and start being in a better condition, there comes phases of being dragged back in that crap, all the while some other implant or old belief system of guilt fires up, really fun, makes me furious to know it could be subte techs and implants facilitating that! Or else it is just me being like that…


  2. Iris
    November 11, 2014 @ 8:47 am

    I have been single since birth, and I am technically a virgin in the sense of never having any physical sex with anyone yet. However, it was only last year that I became more aware of the sex slave and prostitute implants that debilitate my online and offline interactions with men.

    I used to be too trusting towards a certain guy I met online because of extreme infatuation and because of perceiving him as being better than me. I appeared very needy in his presence, often requiring his advice to deal with my own problems. I readily listened to him without thinking critically about anything he said to me.

    The few times I noticed any of his flaws, I had difficulty pointing them out to him because I didn’t know what to say. Or I was made to turn a blind eye on them. Also, I had difficulty acknowledging any negative emotions that triggered whenever I interacted with him.

    When he began to engage in sex talk with me last year, I disregarded my feelings of being afraid and violated and allowed him to be perversely sexual in my presence. I thought I was pushing my sexual boundaries when in reality I actually played out the role of a prostitute who was used to fulfill his sexual needs.

    Being a naturally helpful person, I thought that giving in to his suggestion of having online video sex with him would help him vent out his sexual frustrations towards his partner. Instead, we stopped communicating on a genuinely heartfelt level after the sex, so I felt as if he dumped me once he no longer needed me as a sex object. In retrospect, I gave in because I was afraid of how he’d react towards me if I declined the sex.

    The worst part about the sexual experience was that the guy was someone I respected as a highly aware friend. (I’ve never met him in person, but we had talked online lots of times for a couple of years before this sex took place.) Like me, he had sex slave implants managing his behavior so he would have difficulty controlling his sexual persona. The online sex took place while we were attempting to deal with what was managing us sexually.

    As if this incident were not enough, I ended up playing the role of seductress towards another guy on a video chat a few weeks later. I unwittingly displayed behavior that looked as if I were enticing him to be sexual towards me. Before I knew it, I had online sex with him without meaning to, repeating pretty much the same negative behaviors and patterns that played out in my previous sexual encounter.


    Besides the story above, I feel my sex slave implants manage my behavior in ways that debilitate me. I tend to have an aspect that makes me want to deliberately talk about sexual topics to sexually immature men or confide my sexual issues to them, as if I were relying on them to help me out in these areas. And I had those issues where some men in my offline life would not listen to me when I confide my non-sexual problems or express my views to them.

    I have those uncontrollable sexual impulses and fantasies that still surface when thinking or writing about past-life sexual trauma. Also, I used to have the tendency to masturbate to cope with loneliness over not having a partner because I had been avoiding relationships as long as I remember.

    I can relate to the “inappropriate” sexual attractions mentioned in this article. Sometimes a few random guys wolf-whistle me while running with shorts or walking on the street. No guy has ever showed any attraction towards me except maybe one or two, probably because my fashion sense is so-so or because I have invisible energies that make men feel that I don’t want to date them. Lately I have found out a high school classmate used to have a crush on me, but I remain skeptical of his story even if he weren’t joking.

    Assuming what I’ve written passes your standards, I accept responsibility for having this example posted on your site.


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