Light Beings, Spiritual Groups Negative Dark Attacks

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"The Sabotages & Blocks that arise when FULLY Orientating Toward & Seriously Investigating the Deeper, Subtle & Past Origins of Difficult, Negative & Traumatic Life & Personal Issues . . . "

A year after we had the confrontation with the spiritual hierarchy I eventually managed to leave the UK to go live with my partner in Brazil.

We had been kept apart for 2 years with all sorts of difficulties and again it took a while to come to terms with the fact that it was Spiritual Hierarchy aligned beings and groups doing this which had me hugely pissed off at that time.

Once in Brazil these attacks worsened.

Constant Negative Attacks by Light Beings & Spiritual Groups

Every effort was made to disrupt two very multidimensionally aware never mind investigative people from working together whose spiritually OBSCENE intention was;


There were times for example when my then partner (whose future sense was fantastic) would warn me about energies trying to cause us to have a car accident. We did have a car accident which saw someone drive into the back of us with fortunately only minor damage to our vehicle and none to ourselves. However the owner of the other car earned the name ‘Mother of Satan’ as even though the accident was entirely her fault she did her level best to try and force us to pay for the damage to her own car. Which if you are people of high values and integrity whom abhor injustice and whom wont EVER be cajoled or blackmailed to do anything wrong then what do you do?

What do you do if you hold to good values AND are HONEST?

Well, we stood our ground as we ALWAYS did to a point where this woman’s daughter actually rang up and threatened to have us murdered (a relatively easy thing to arrange in Brazil).

It wasn’t until later that I realized that ALL that the Spiritual Hierarchy and ‘Light’ groups had directed against us was actually responsible for this attempt to have us RETIRED as a result of their desperately efforts to try and stop us from finding the REAL causes of our issues . . .


It’s quite horrific isn’t it, it gives you that cold feeling in the pit of your stomach;

At least it should . . .

. . . because that’s what these things happening used to do to me? Especially when you once considered some of the Spiritual Hierarchy beings to be your best mates while also considering that they were the only ones whom you felt really knew what was going on and were doing the ‘right’ thing and NOW here they are trying to have you murdered . . . . . it sort of shatters your whole view of reality . . . . . shatters EVERYTHING you felt you could trust?

Can you REALLY imagine what that REALLY feels like? Well, I know EXACTLY what it feels like because I lived through these types of feelings REGULARLY during this phase. BEING BETRAYED AND HOUNDED BY THOSE I ONCE HELD IN HIGH ESTEEM.

The Darkened LIGHT ‘Spiritual’ Status Quo is Aggressively Maintained

With part of its aim to provide;

  • The best means to stop GOOD people from asking questions or of even THINKING . . .
  • The best means to stop AWARE & Sensitive people from discovering ALL that is being kept hidden . . .
  • The best means to stop people whom CARE and whom want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE from disturbing the status quo . . .

PEOPLE like YOURSELF reading this perhaps . . .

The Spiritual Hierarchy is ‘managing’ the entire population of this ‘earth’ space never mind beyond by using subtle energy means. They want no one whom is subtle energy aware to find out about this, they want no one to deeply investigate or research subtle energies or so called ‘spiritual spaces, they want no one to question why some people with dreadful issues DON’T respond to the ‘tools’ they GIVE US TO USE. They want everyone to accept, to not question never mind to not contradict them and to absolutely NOT confront them. They want everyone to TRUST them, to accept without question the channelled industrial grade bull shit that they use to ‘manage’ ourselves, YOURSELVES.