Emotional Energetic Body Etheric Implant Differences

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We are incarnated here into what is considered a physical reality.

Energetic Beings Incarnated into a Physical Body and Reality

So, we are an energetic being whose ‘natural’ environment is ‘energetic or subtle’ in nature being incarnated into a physical body. For us to function well in a physical body requires that we are able to completely engage with the physical body AND more importantly have all of our senses aligned to the physical.

As most of you will appreciate this is done rather well because many here are bizarrely convinced that they actually ‘are’ physical beings living on a physical reality.

Our natural subtle energetic environment is completely separate from and is independent from the physical environment. So, you have to understand that it took a very long time from us becoming aware of ‘physical’ reality to starting to explore it to finding means to engage with it to engineering VERY good means to fully engage with it. It took a VERY long time to develop the subtle energetic expertise to be able to do this.

Subtle Energetic Interfacing Engages us with the Physical

So, we are energetic beings able to FULLY engage with a physical body through being fitted with extensive subtle energetic interfacing. This allows us to have a seamless physical experience. The outer layers of this interfacing you can think of as being the layers of an energetic diving suit that allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the ocean that is physicality.

There are quite a few layers of this interfacing suit that act to bridge between our energetic senses and perceptions of our subtle energetic body to the physical senses in the physical body. Hence you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell physically never mind that at a stretch if you can orientate to your energetic body senses that are attuned to the subtle energetic environment then you can even be convinced that you can become aware of more ‘weird’ spiritual, spirit and subtle stuff too.

Our Interfacing Suit is NOT our Subtle Energetic Body

These layers are mistakenly considered to be our energy bodies. Some of these layers are described using various terms. Such as;

  • The Etheric body
  • The Emotional body
  • The Mental Body
  • . . . and many more depending on the ‘origins’ of the writer.

None of these layers have anything to do with our real subtle energetic body. Neither do chakras or meridians which are also part of the interfacing suit.

So, Implants that are described as etheric or that are interfaced to our emotional body or mental body or are placed in our chakras or meridians are actually;


They are actually in the material of our interfacing suit even though most of the time they are designed to INFLUENCE the subtle energetic body and hence yourself in for example emotional or mental ways or ways that some could construe would relate to different chakras and so on.

So, you can divide implants up into two or possibly three types in these terms.

Physical Implants

These is mention of Physical Implants, including some that do negative things to people. I’ve no experience of these but I do know that this earth space / reality tries to present what is hidden energetically by making things more and more visible in the physical and so I can guarantee that some physical things will be ‘representing’ implants that are in the energetic body.

Etheric, Emotional, Mental Implants

These are implants that are embedded in our interfacing suit. They can influence us as much as the ‘real’ subtle energy body implants.

However, there are some factors with regards these implant types that you should be aware of;

  • The numbers of these are small fish compared to ‘real’ subtle energy body implants.
  • These implants are HUGE in size compared to subtle energetic energy body implants as these are often VERY small (to say the least).
  • It’s quite difficult to hide these interfacing suit implants because they are so big.

The real subtle energetic energy body material Implants

Our subtle energy body is not only LARGE, it is also made up of at least 4 different sub subtle bodies none of which we are able to directly detect here (read why HERE) or have had described here, the so called ‘etheric’ body and mental body etc. as described above are part of the interfacing to the physical and are described WRONGLY partially to keep us distracted and lost BUT most of all to discourage us from looking at things more deeply. If you are made to be convinced that you can see everything then you wont bother looking beyond what you are told and made accept to accept (more on this HERE).

The majority of our ‘real’ subtle energetic energy body and it’s functioning is actually a mystery. Two of the sub ‘energy’ bodies making up our fully energy body we really know nothing about and 4 energetic sub bodies have multidimensional characteristics and ALL that we know about these aspects of ourselves could be written on the back of a postage stamp leaving lots of room to spare.

An energetic implant seriously impacting you can easily be way smaller than the size of ONE single physical cell (using physical cells as a comparison) in fact the average size of an implant would be about the size of a single mitochondria within a cell. In other words if you scaled up a single cell to the size of a house you’d probably still have trouble finding something the size of a scaled up mitochondria that is acting upon you.

It’s not difficult to put a subtle energetic implant into the real subtle energy body and to NOT be able to find it the next day; EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW WHERE YOU PUT IT.

That’s how small they are and how difficult they are to detect.

Distribution of These Types of Implants

In terms of my experience of dealing with more than a 100,000 implants then here is the distribution of what I’ve dealt with in each of these layers of reality;

  • Physical Implants; 0%
  • Etheric Interfacing based Implants; less than 1%
  • Subtle Energetic Technologies in our actual subtle energetic energy body; make up more than 99% of all implants that I deal with.

As I see 99% of web sites out there describing etheric implants and describing what are obvious implants within the interfacing material then that’s worrying because it’s taken decades of research to develop technologies to find and identify what we ‘think or hope’ is approaching 99% of those that are ‘real’ subtle energetic energy body implants actually resident within the real subtle energetic body.

These last implants (subtle energetic technologies) and the different ways used to keep them hidden and undetected are described in more detail here; Problems to Find, Detect, Identify & Remove Implants.