What are the Problems to Find, Detect, Identify & Remove Negative Etheric Devices?

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

How many etheric devices plus other types can you expect to have in your own energy body influencing you now? Well, with regards myself and my clients at the present time the average number of subtle devices messing with us has been as follows.

How do you find out which Etheric Implant & Etheric Devices you’ll have Impacting Myself?

  • Etheric Implants & Devices in the Energy Body Interfacing Material; About 8 per person (at least for my clients)
  • REAL Subtle Energetic Energy Body Devices & Implants in the real Energy Body Itself; About 900 per person

>> YES <<

That’s about 900 Negative Devices


Quite staggering isn’t it . . . I’m sure you just wont believe that . . .

How to Find Etheric Implants & Etheric Devices?

This is what gets me about ‘stupid’ lightwork and most so called subtle energy aware people out there. The most that people do is ‘look’ around, a few might do a bit of ‘scanning’ never mind that it just never seems to sink in that things actually being done with actual deliberate

BAD intent against YOU . . .

. . . are NOT actually going to be the size of a bus, be waving a big red hankie or jumping up and down while being spotlighted in bright flashing neon lights to catch your attention . . .


Why is it Difficult to Detect most Etheric Devices and Implants?

Anything acting to mess with you is going to be hidden, anything REALLY acting to seriously f**# you up is going to be very, very, VERY well hidden. Which is why a third of my enterprises R&D has gone into building detectors to detect not only the hidden BUT also, the impossible to detect as well as the absolutely undetectable (I’m serious).

Our technology is so way off scale that the best NMR system would in comparison be somewhat equivalent to my Magoo’s eye glasses in sophistication, haha.

You reading this will have between 400 and 4,500 subtle energetic implants in your energy body now and an average about 15 of these will be ‘sort of’ good.

Why most subtle energetic energy body Devices are completely Hidden?

Everyone writes about ‘etheric’ implants including some on the emotional body or mental body and those found in chakras or meridians and so on for the most part.

These implants are BIG, they are very visible and relatively speaking easy to spot. These implants are actually NOT of our ‘real’ subtle energetic energy body BUT are of the interfacing material that is used to bridge between the real subtle energy body and the physical body and physical reality. For more details of these areas then read this page here; Emotional Mental Energy Body Implant Differences. Most implants as mentioned above are actually in our REAL subtle energetic body and are VERY small and very, VERY hard to find. It’s moderately easy to put a subtle energetic implant into the energy body and to NOT be able to find it the next day


. . . . AND . . . that’s just the ones NOT being MADE TO BE HIDDEN . . . So, in developing the means to find anything REALLY hidden then it’s not a surprise to me how many implants we eventually found while trying to identify what was responsible for influences on my clients and my own behaviours, thinking, feelings, attitudes and so on.

How are Negative Subtle Energetic Devices Hidden from Ourselves?

So, of the 900 that we find as an average per person then what is done (if anything) to make these hidden or prevent their detection? Let’s see then . . .

Those NOT doing anything to avoid Detection

Of the 900 about 150 don’t do anything to hide or prevent their detection.

Negating or Blocking Energy Body Scans

About 250 have technologies built into themselves to specifically negate or fool scans or to otherwise prevent themselves from being detected by even sophisticated scanning means. We’re pretty sure we are getting all of these because we figured out that to jam or negate a scan requires that you ’emit’ something to do this so rather than look for these implants directly we look for jamming and negating signals and effects which then leads us to what is doing this . . . dead easy really.

Implants Camouflaged or Disguised as Energy Body Structures

About 450 are either camouflaged, disguised or placed to be mistaken for a normal subtle energy body structure or feature making these very hard to detect unless you actually know the structure of the entire energetic body in stupendously fine detail (we do now). We’re pretty sure we are getting all of these too.

Actually Modify the real Energy Body to Induce Changes

About 150 are real bastards to figure out because they are actually done by modifying actual real energy body functions, structures or processes. In other words they are done by redesigning or restructuring areas of the normal and natural energy body so you have to REALLY know REALLY well the actual real unadulterated energy body. Unfortunately with all of this crap having been going on within time scales that you really wont be able to comprehend then we actually cannot rely on anyone AT ALL having an uncorrupted energy body to act as a template (we don’t). We ‘think/hope’ we are getting 90%+ of these, but need to work with many more people before we can to be sure of what a ‘normal’ energetic body actually really is before we can be certain.

But . . BUT . . what about the Booby Trapped Implants ones?

On average about 8 of the 900 per person were booby trapped; three would release an energetic poison into the energy body with the aim of complete ‘retirement’, four would attempt to disintegrate the energy body into little bits and one if disturbed would do the equivalent of microwaving the energy body (that’s probably a Master Chef speciality).

Advice on the TOTAL Energetic Shit that May be Acting on you

What about the TOTAL effects of significant subtle energetic technology based shit acting on you whether it’s an implant within the body or technology outside the body? Any ideas how much more subtle energetic crap might be acting on you NOW in all sorts of sneaky ways? Well, adding all subtle technology based influences then for most people implants in the energy body and it’s interfacing material only account for about 10% of all the influences while those outside the body account for 90%. Remember this is just subtle energetic technologies and so these numbers exclude spells and other influencing subtle energy things.

But hey!!! What about all them ‘Good’ Implants?

Self Chosen or Assumed or really Actual ‘Good’ Implants; About 15 per person . . .

You’ve GOT TO BE JOKING . . . NO WAY . . . Hozay!!

No, the sad reality is that there are about a 100 implants acting to f**# people up to every 1 actually doing something ‘assumed’ to be good (although these rarely are either to be honest). If you want to have any ‘dodgy’ implants removed including, hidden and bobby trapped ones removed then have a read of this page here.