The Stepford Devoted Housewife Option

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

Yep, just like the film.

The Stepford Wife Implant Kit

This is quite obscene to be honest as so far about a quarter of my female clients unknown to them and very definitely against their will have been adapted using a collection of subtle energy implants to be MADE into the perfect serving and supportive wife.

Do you want to know what is EVEN worse than the above? Because there is something much worse . . . . . it turns out that TWO of my clients that had been made into a StepFord wife had actually became aware of what had been done to them . . . . . and what do you do in these circumstances? . . . . . well, because to say anything . . . . . that’s going to resolve your predicament isn’t it? One client made a desperate effort to actually try and forget knowing this while both actually did what they could to indirectly sabotage what they had been made into . . . . .

Aware Stepford Wives Sabotage when they can

One, made sure that her ‘husband’ was often ill and not capable of performing certain duties or would be often called away on business, she also became absent minded and did subtle energy things to sabotage their money flow causing bankruptcy in a few lives and burning the house down in others from doing things like deliberately forgetting to turn the oven off . . . . . and worse . . . .

The other rebelled and does things like cook wonderful dinners that her husband did not like, made sure she always looked dowdy, always has excuses to not do certain things and so on and so on, never seems to look after the kids very well or always seemed to need help to do this . . . seems a reasonable revenge to me . . .

Which Men would want a Stepford Wife do you think?

With a client whom had made made big efforts to sabotage her Stepford wife ‘relationships’ such that these sabotage events were a serious recurring issue that had us returning to deal with new variations then at one point we connected to all the times when she had lived through playing the Stepford wife set-up in her past earth lives to engage with each male she’d been placed with in an attempt to deal with ALL sabotage issues together. I should mention that in an earlier investigation dealing with the implant collection itself we had been appalled to found that those that had fitted her with these implants had been contracted by ‘officials’ of the Spiritual Hierarchy to do this . . . so, it wasn’t too much of a surprise to find that she’d found herself becoming a Stepford wife of either an ascended master, spiritual master or male leader in her earth lives . . . must be a coincidence though eh!!!

I’m told (by one of my clients) that some of you think that it’s rare for such ‘higher’ people to incarnate here. Well, actually it’s NOT, and if you’d like to find out why they are here AND why you are told otherwise then read this page here; ‘Essential for the Earth Experience’ Implants.

Stepford Husbands

Yea, but I’ve only found one of these so far . . . so, useless males are definitely ‘winning’ . . .