What else beyond Implants might be Acting on ME?

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

The previous pages gave some detailed and quite shocking examples of some severely negative implants BUT what else might there be? What else may also be acting on you?

Are you aware that in terms of all the ‘Negative’ Energetic Crap ‘out there’ that Negative Implants in an overall sense are small fish? As a % of definable actual energetic ‘things’ acting on us how much do implants contribute to these?

Well subtle energy technologies as in ‘implants’ in the energy body actually make up about 5% in numbers of energetic things impacting, effecting and influencing us. The other 95% (which my clients do a clearing of on average every two weeks for YEARS as part of ‘clearing’ all that is ‘messing’ with them) do any of you have a clue about anything else that might be influencing you?

If you’re NOT F**’ed up by Implants then what ELSE is USED?

Well, for example; religions by and large DON’T actually use implants to manage or mess with people, it’s not that they don’t do any messing, on the contrary their efforts are more comprehensive and enthusiastic compared to most others. However, although they DON’T use implants they DO use quite sophisticated subtle energetic population management technologies that act on people at a distance.

These technologies can effectively induce exactly the same sort of management effects and debilitations that an energetic implant in the energy body is able to achieve.

Lots of different Subtle Technologies act on people at a Distance

One of the main differences is that implants in the energy body are actually easier to detect compared to ‘at a distance’ or roving and stealthed technologies that in some cases use amazingly sophisticated means to ensure that they remain completely undetected. They ARE actually VERY difficult to detect hence I cannot find mention of many of those I found anywhere else . . .

About 6 years ago when I started digging up lots of ‘off the edge’ things I’d come across something completely new once a week or so, then the next year something new would appear every 2 to 3 weeks until after about four years new things would only be found every 2-3 months. The most sophisticated roaming ‘FU’ super hidden energetic shit acting at a distance were some of the last to be found. At the moment ‘really’ new rather than variations of what we’ve already found are down to 1 or 2 per year now . . . it’s almost getting boring.

Some of my clients worst life effects have been caused by subtle energetic actions carried out by energetic crap operating at a distance and sometimes at a great distance and some (if you’ll believe this) even through time from the future . . . did I mention that we try at all costs to avoid making assumptions about what is possible!. This assumption sure comes in handy when trying to identify the source of some new energetic shit messing with a client.

Some Deeper Perspectives on Subtle Energetic Sources

I’m just mentioning things that we are doing to each other at the moment on this site here. When I say ‘each other’ here I mean every single last ‘person’ of the population of this entire multiverse no matter which ‘level’ they ‘reside’ on. I’m not just talking about this little ‘earth’ space, I’m talking about everyone everywhere BUT I AM excluding things influencing us that are NOT of ‘all of us’ in this presentation.

So, there are two layers of energetic shit messing with us.

  • One lot that acts on us instigated by an ‘outside’ agency (outside this multiverse) that has been amazingly successful at getting us all against each other (while having us not really taking much notice of this, by (for example) keeping us orientated to the positive or inspiring and away from issue or negative things and by gluing us to our beliefs, ideas, truths to give us at little room as possible for taking in or considering other perspectives).
  • Then there is a second layer of energetic crap (which actually acts as a very effective smoke screen for the ‘real’ crap) that is actually all the different types of subtle energetic crap that we have developed and used against each other (as a result of the influences of the deeper layer acting on ourselves). To say that this deeper layer of subtle energetic crap is super SUPER hidden is an gross understatement, but I’ll only start to explain all that after I’ve finished writing these nice and gentle ‘scary’ intro pages.

Suffice to say at the moment I’m just pointing out the ‘easy’ stuff (what we are using against each other), most of which most of you are still completely oblivious to particularly in terms of the sheer numbers and the range and type actually used to do his AND the many, varied and effective means used to keep most of this energetic crap that WE made VERY WELL hidden.

So, I’ve specifically written this article series because of all the ‘seriously influencing’ energetic crap acting on all of us then of these ‘etheric’ implants are actually known about and mentioned by other ‘healer’ types. Even though for the most part implants are not something that most healer types are familiar with in terms of something they actually deal with as part of a session.

So, this series is about giving you quite a bit of expanded DETAILED information about implants including broader and deeper perspectives and connections that you might not have thought about that are way beyond anything I’ve read elsewhere.

So, to finish off this implant series I’m also giving descriptions of other subtle energetic technology based shit that in my terms is quite common with respect to how much is acting on large numbers of people BUT is either rarely mentioned or in most cases not actually known about at all because it’s kept so well hidden.

Catalogue of Subtle Energetic Crap acting from outside the energy body

Here is a selection of the more common ones;

Population Management Technologies;

So far we’ve dealt with about 20 of these. They are impressive as they can ‘manage & Influence’ millions of people in a population individually.

Personal & Family Holosuite Units;

These are most often used to record ‘shit’ phases of your life which if you somehow manage to start to drag yourself out of then the HS unit will activate and keep you in same old shit artificially (this is one reason why some ‘healings’ don’t work). Most just act on individuals although some act on people within a set area which most often means an entire family unit. In essence holosuite units artificially manage your personal or family reality by holographically creating and maintaining life and interaction disturbances, diversions and distractions as well as of causing conflicts and other problems (they can do almost anything).

These are very difficult to detect, it was only after dealing with one client to address what was contributing to various on going life difficulties for months to have them reduced to virtually nothing to then have it all start again BUT with nothing that I could identify causing the returned effects. As a result I started to look for more ‘super’ hidden energetic shit. Eventually panning out and viewing the entire families living area I noticed a very slight hazy ‘reality’ overlay effect impacting this space. In looking for what was responsible for this I found the HS unit generating it and getting rid of this collapsed the returned difficulties. Some are very sneaky, we’ve found some HS units that generates a HS unit, that then generates another HS unit that then does ‘nasty’ effects. You find the pretend HS unit and start to disable it to find that it magically disappears (because it was not ‘really’ real) and later all the effects start again. This is what I call a Russian doll HS version, we can detect these easily now too.

In some cases they will create and maintain subtle energetic effects. For example some cases of regular and or large scale entity attacks I’ve found to be caused by these HS units. In this case there are actually NO entities actually attacking but rather a HS unit is generating what appear to be attacking entities including all the horrible effects they are having on the person being attacked and kept disturbed. When healer types intervene in these cases the HS is always programmed to make it appear as if a healer has ‘dealt’ with the entities which then return after the session. In these circumstances no amount of ‘entity’ expertise will sort out the ‘unreal’ entities while expertise in identifying and getting rid of HS units will.

These are all very, VERY common, as in more than half of the earth population is ‘gifted’ with being influenced by at least one of these. Ooops did I mention that they are manufactured and used for the most part by the Spiritual Hierarchy? No? but then I’d imagine that most of you wont believe this anyway. Staying in a fantasy is much more preferential than being hit by reality sinking truths. There are about 4 other ‘factions’ using this means to influence people but 90% of all HS units are sanctioned and used by the Spiritual Hierarchy to manage and mess with people.

Pan Dimensional Thingies;

These use your ‘resonance’ signature, or your subtle energetic blue print to influence you at a distance (can be great distances, like from another galaxy). They can be messing with you in all sorts of interesting and commonly debilitating ways. These are much less common BUT we have dealt with some of these that store lots of different peoples ‘resonance’ signatures and which are set to act on many people (1000’s) simultaneously. These are influencing about 10% of earth residents although much less outside of this space . . . what it is to be ‘special’ eh, and to attract such attention . . .

Gyroscopic Thingies;

Yet more subtle technologies that if you manage to see it looks something like a gyroscope and again are used to act on a person at a great distance. These just act on individuals and don’t seem to be that common.

Subtle Energetic Networks, Webs and Arrays;

Three similar designs that work in the same ways. They are huge spans of energetic filaments usually arranged in a dish shape that operate to influence usually large groups of people at a distance. We’ve been dealing with ‘rather a lot’ of these too, they are very common.

So, called aware, spiritual and ‘light’ people are being kept in the dark and fed ‘shit’ . . . that’s the bottom line.