Energetic Implant Design, Creation & Modification

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While having a phase of being very disturbed by subtle energy attacks as described on the previous page I detected a number of implants of different types that were contributing to my disturbances and my lack of sleep.

While doing deep and detailed scans of these I became aware that I’d actually designed some of them.

Subtle Energetic Implants Design Blue Prints

I found myself examining the full blue prints of the devices I’d designed while also engaging with the original environment that I’d been in to do the designing as well as of colleagues that helped me install them.

After spending time examining the original designs I became aware that I’d designed these during times when I’d had few subtle energy ‘invasion’ and ‘attack’ problems AND as a result I had set these devices to VERY SENSITIVE. So, anything they picked up they’d prompt me with.

Inadequate Consideration of Future Potentials or Life Changes

So, lets say that when at the time I’d designed these the number of ‘attacks’ I was experiencing would have me ‘prompted’ say twice a week which was in stark contrast to my circumstances in Brazil were I was under a constant barrage of energetic shit directed from all sorts of sources which was having me prompted EVERY FEW SECONDS (these attacks and their reasons are described in this series of pages HERE).

These implants were very strongly contributing to my ‘not really sleeping’ issue that had started 30 years previously. It seems that many implants are designed with no thought or consideration of how future possibilities might impact them.

This is very common . . . here is another example . . .

Resolve My Problems While I’m Sleeping Implant

One client had disturbed sleep which seemed to be because his mind was always trying to find solutions to the days unresolved problems. It turned out that he had a ‘Solve your problems while you sleep’ implant.

Unfortunately this implant was ALSO designed at a time when he had few problems and so once again the possibility of a future problem overload was not considered by the manufacturers. So, rather than occasionally feed the implant owner with a useful problem insight or solution, in his current and hectic life as a medic they had so many problems to try and sort out that it’s ‘activity’ while doing this actually prevented them from sleeping properly. Which as a result sort of guaranteed that they’d be in a worse state the next day to face the new days problems.

So, the old saying;

Sleep on your problems and you’ll have the answer in the morning

. . . might take on a new meaning IF it were to sink that this was being achieved by an ‘enhancing’ implant. It might go some way to explain why some people are completely devoid of such ‘weird’ abilities . . . because . . . well, they just don’t have the appropriate implant giving them this ability fitted.

Short term ‘implant’ GAIN often leads to long term PAIN

It’s VERY common for us to find that changing circumstances over long periods of time can actually end up meaning that an implant that was VERY useful in the distant past may actually turn out to be causing you severe problems and challenges in your current present. In Brazil I went for about 6 months without sleeping much while being on constant alert, fortunately my circumstances changed and things settled down which was just as well because I was worried that I might not last much longer.


What else of your ‘enhanced’ attributes or in some cases your debilitations maybe the outcome of an implant that you are oblivious to?

Even more pertinent for all of those reading this page to pause and think about? Just what of any of your abilities or behaviours or thinking is actually naturally YOU and what is being done by some add on technology whether YOU yourself chose this OR NOT?

Modifying and Redesigning Subtle Energy Implants

In understanding these types of problems about 7 years ago then I automatically appraise every self chosen implant that I identify and check it’s design. About a third I junk and most of the rest I end up redesigning.

I also now try to have as many as possible in as much of a deactivated state as possible. I leave just enough in a background active state to detect whether it’s actually needed and if it is then it winds up to different ‘activation’ levels as circumstances dictate. So, they only activate beyond background mode unless circumstances make their use necessary, useful or essential at which point they activate and do their thing, but then wind down again when they are no longer needed.

Unfortunately designing to this level of exactitude is rare, so rare that it would not surprise me if I’m the only person doing this.

Commercial or Self Designed Implants what’s your Choice?

For ALL the above reasons and lots more that you’ll understand as you read the rest of these pages I avoid like the plague any commercial off the shelf implant. I design my own and I design both to fit in to ‘how I am’ as well as to build in lots of intelligent ‘what if’s’ and future changes possibilities.