Information & Examples of Negative Alien, Mantid Etheric Implants & Encounters

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

How do implants relate to Alien’s or Star Beings if at all? Well, there seem to be two angles relating to ‘aliens’ and implants.

ET Star Being, Sirius, Pleiadian and others Implants

There is much information from different factions of lightworkers concerning implants both good and bad used by star beings such as Sirians, Pleiadians and others.

Greys, Reptilians, Nordics, Mantis Aliens & ET’s Encounters

Other ‘alien’ information divides the aliens up with regards ‘sightings’ and from what I can gather this is limited to about 4 main ‘alien’ types; Greys, Reptilians, Nordics, Mantids.

Greys seem to be way out in front as the ‘baddies’ and there is repeated mention that they have lost their feeling and compassion and need to try and reclaim this.

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So, here are some things for you to think about . . .

The Origins of ‘Alien’ Form Images

We ALL, as in every last one of us have basically the same subtle energetic body. In terms of our origins I’d have to say that my investigations way back to those times have us all being very, VERY, VERY similar in our subtle energy body make up (virtually no difference).

So, this identification with ‘species’ as aliens or star beings or angels or ‘enter your being of choice here’ either represents the physical overcoat ‘presentation’ that these beings choose to use in their physical incarnate state OR their use of ‘energetic’ implants and what I call ‘adaptations’ to ENGINEER the differences that then has them being identified as a ‘particular’ form.

Origins of Reptile, Goddess, Werewolf & Archangel Forms

My spread of clients includes a ‘Reptile’ a ‘Goddess’ an ‘Archangel’ a ‘Sirian’ and even a ‘Werewolf’ and a ‘Vampire’ as well as a ‘Feline’ creature and many others too and they are ALL good people, they even look human . . .

  • The ‘Reptile’ person turns out to have had a long physical incarnation on a physical world as an upright ‘reptile’ form. No implants but spending a lot of time as that form has that form impressed on their ‘conscious’ so to speak.
  • The ‘Goddess’ was incarnated on a world offering a ‘goddess’ experience and this was ‘engineered with the use of implants that were left intact when they left. We’ve got rid of them now. Read more about these types of implants HERE.
  • The ‘Archangel’ was an archangel due to subtle energetic body changes done by a whole series of implants which you’ll have fitted if you jump through all the ‘religious’ hoops to become one. We get rid of these too.
  • The ‘Werewolf’ and vampire were the physical presentations on very specific worlds that offered unusual incarnation roles. The werewolf lived on a dark ‘naturalistic’ world with connections to the power of nature and an ability to control it.
  • The ‘Vampire’ was from a more ‘dark’ dark world set up with a stronger good and evil theme that allowed that worlds clientèle to live out more of a dark fantasy power over others experience.
  • The ‘Sirian’ that’s just that persons world or star region of origin and again the body form that they use in a physical incarnation would perhaps imply differences or be mistaken for who they REALLY are.

In this context it’s not impossible for there to be a Sirian, Goddess, Reptile, Vampire mix depending on someone’s energetic origins, their chosen incarnations on different worlds and religious involvements over a VERY long time.

The Vampire and the Archangel ‘clients’ are the same person which only makes sense when you understand their larger history over a very long time scale.

The Sirian and Werewolf are the same client too but they are just weird . . .

If you junk the implants, energetic add ons and other influencing energetic crap then many ‘assumed’ differences and probably ALL lack of feelings and empathy for example would simply disappear. This is the case for all my clients so far.

A life as a Cat, an Upright Feline Creature

The ‘Feline Creature’ was a form that I myself chose to use while living on a particular world.

I should point out before I start describing this life that I don’t like losing my memory so I didn’t choose worlds where I’d have to lose my memory (have my memory wiped) to enjoy an incarnation experience because in having this done you actually end up losing all context and reference to your past. Unfortunately it’s rare that people can think well enough to understand the dangers of these types of incarnation. This choice probably contributes to why I’ve phenomenal abilities to access my own past while most others are pretty convinced they are just this physical body and when they die it all ends.

The time as this form I spent married to another feline ‘person’ and our ‘home’ was a very nice ‘nature’ world. I only became aware of my time on this other world because it turned out that an ex-partner in this life had been my wife on that other nature world. In this earth life when we first met we were a little ‘weirded out’ to find ourselves often greeting each other in ways that cats do, rubbing our faces together and even making what we could only be described as cat meowing sounds. Because of this I accessed to find out where this strange behaviour came from and this is what you’re reading about now.

As part of my life on this other world I’d often travel from this world to other worlds where I worked as a conflict counsellor helping resolve difficulties between different world factions and even at times between worlds themselves. While spending time tracking phases of my life on that world I engaged with that form as it spent time at a meeting place were many people/beings from many worlds met.

I realised (a few years later) that there was a serious anomaly in this remote viewing in that the physical body form I was in at this meeting was a more ‘normal’ humanoid form and was ABSOLUTELY NOT a feline form . . . GREAT, I LOVE anomalies (things that seriously don’t make sense) because if you find out why they don’t make sense then your learning usually goes way off the edge . . . and mine certainly did while investigating this ‘wandering around in a different body’ problem.

So I locked onto this form at the meeting place and went with it as it journeyed all the way back to the feline world in the craft it used to get there. It didn’t reach that world directly it docked with what can only be described as something very similar to a Deep Space Nine type habitat. I left the craft and entered a corridor and then part way down turned into a small room. Inside the room I turned and stepped back against the wall AND LEFT MY BODY STANDING THERE while I exited out the other side as my energetic form ONLY.

The central space of this habitat was an administration centre that held the ‘people’ that ran a couple of dozen different worlds one of which was the ‘nature’ world I lived on. The administrators here were very ‘equal’ as each person choosing to live on one of their worlds also spent time administering the worlds too (so there was not any ‘god’ or ‘us and them’ or ‘higher or lower’ complexes). I spent time wandering around in that administration space as my energetic form and mixing with those I knew. I then made my way back to the same walled area and again stepped through the wall BUT this time into another body which of course turned out to be the upright feline form that I’d chosen for my nature world life.

I then made my way out to another smaller craft and piloted to my home on the nature world to rejoin my wife there.

None of what I describe above was in the SLIGHTEST VAGUE. I found out later that I always choose bodies I can consciously leave standing against a wall because I don’t want to mistakenly think I’m just a physical being and lose my ‘REAL’ life and ‘REAL’ existence as an energetic form. Most of the time after leaving this nature world to live elsewhere I literally spend every other day in the energetic environment swapping time with the physical. So, I always on that level spend half my time in the physical reality and half my time in the subtle energetic reality.

On this other ‘reality’ level I’ve lived like this for virtually the whole time during the latter part of my existence there. This is why I state on that I walk around other realities and other levels as easily as I do my local supermarket here and this is perfectly true. When I say I’m investigating what I’m writing about directly in the ‘energetic’ space or of subtle energies and so on directly then you can bet your life that, that is exactly what I am doing.

For examples of me taking some clients through accessing their times on other worlds then read and listen to the audio’s on this page HERE for problems on client had with a worlds God and this page HERE which has us accessing a magical nature world to deal with a trauma that originated there.

Finding out that you can walk away from your ‘body’ shocked me at that time but it’s normal to me now. In this simulated earth space I don’t / am not allowed to leave my body I do everything ‘remotely’ which is convenient in terms of how this particular physical ‘simulated’ reality functions here. My circle of friends on this other ‘level’ all have 2 or 3 bodies that they use depending on the occasion and how they want to present themselves. Eh! I also design the physical bodies too on that level (I’ve probably got a PHD in weirdness).

At lot of what I describe above is of myself ‘accessing’ the original life of the person I am ‘simulating’ here. We are in fact living in someone’s simulation project.

‘IF’ we are being ‘simulated’ here AND ‘IF’ we do have many species being converted into pretend humans then what ‘clues’ would ‘crab’ people being ‘simulated’ as humans ‘exhibit’???

I challenge you reading this to attempt the ‘impossible’, which is to try and think of the ‘problems’ a simulation designer would have translating a crab body form into a human body form and then attempt to identify the ‘people’ on our ‘simulated’ world here that are ‘obviously’ crabs. Attempt to do this before reading this comment here that lists ‘some’ of the many ‘crab people’ clues as this will help you to become aware of how MANAGED you are to prevent you from thinking about and becoming aware of ‘obvious’ things.

The new age population are the people that supported and ‘followed’ the simulation project we are living within. ‘Strangely’, the new age people have a lot of ‘weird’ sayings that they label as spiritual such as:

  1. Earth Represents Everyone and Everything
  2. There Is Nothing New in ALL OF CREATION
  3. Earth is the Centre of Everything
  4. ALL the World is a Stage and We are each Actors on that Stage
  5. Everything is ‘Perfectly’ Unfolding
  6. Everyone is Living Exactly what is Right and ‘Perfectly’ Relevant for Themselves
  7. Each Person’s Experiences & Understandings are ALL Equally Valid
  8. We are all interconnected and EVERYTHING is interconnected and interdependent of everything and everyone in all of Creation
  9. Everything here is an illusion
  10. All Paths Lead to the Same Place
  11. As Above So, Below, the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm.

‘Mysteriously’, all of the sayings above are ‘correct and accurate’ in describing copied people living out the life of someone else in a copied reality. This is all described in very great detail in this series here.

For very a good summary page of the ‘physical’ con then read: The ‘Real’ Meaning of YOUR life as a Subtle Being – The DARK Reality of the ‘EARTH’ & the Physical Human Long, Long ‘Incarnation’ CON . . .

For details of how many groups use implants to manage and forcibly retain their memberships then read the next page. For ‘extensive’ evidence of what I call the ‘Physical Con’ i.e. the attempt to try and persuade us that we are just physical beings then read this page here.

To have remove all types of negative implants then read about what I offer on this page here.