"Earth as a Simulation Series 3: 'IF' we are living in a Simulation, how would Simulated 'COPIED' People+Environmental Components be 'CHECKED' for both Accuracy & Anomalies? Is it possible to DIRECTLY access the pre-defined SCRIPTED data files of 'Testing & Checking' Experiences to Accumulate Evidence of VR Experiences & DETAILS of the Simulation Projects Working & VR 'TEST' Environments? This Series Presents Articles & Exercises Exploring these Possibilities. 'UPDATE', to all questions posed here, the answer is 'YES'!!!"

On previous pages in this series I wrote about how much testing within a VR environment would be needed to ensure that ‘EVERYTHING’ was accurate if you were designing a simulation that would render software defined copied people each living out someone else’s life ‘accurately’.

We’ve had quite a few pages covering these areas and some ‘exercises’ (listed in the sidebar on the right) to help people engage with the experiences of simulating someone that did such testing (with I might add lots of ‘worrying’ comments (from the point of view of anyone still imagining that we are living in a ‘real’ reality)).

How would you ‘test’ the Accuracy of a Duplicated VR Earth Environment & ALL of the Components in that Environment?

What ‘if’ you are simulating someone who regularly spent time testing the accuracy and consistency of the rendering of external environments, indoor living spaces as well as:

  1. Objects: cups, shoes, carpet, table, light bulb . . .
  2. Animate ‘Objects’: flies, your pet parrot, dog, gerbil and the crows in the trees outside . . .
  3. Devices: telephone, laptop, cooker, kettle . . .
  4. Vehicles/Machines: central heating boiler + controls, escalator, lift, car, bus, airplane . . . and then all the other ‘somewhat’:
  5. Plus the, ‘Conceptually’ less obvious ‘components’ such as: dust, air-flows, heat transfer, wifi transmissions as well as subtle influences such as oaths, spells, energetic ties . . . and so on . . .

. . . and then the consistency and accuracy of these and the consistency of the interactions between these, AND then between these and PEOPLE through time.

Just to make you ‘EXTRA’ aware then let me remind you that in an entirely software defined reality this means that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING has to be ACCURATELY defined by software AND ‘therefore’ absolutely EVERYTHING will have to be checked, including the accuracy of interactions between absolutely ALL environmental components and more importantly the accuracy of interactions of these components with ‘people’ will have to be exhaustively checked too.

Here are just a few examples to help you become aware of the SCALE OF DETAIL to be checked for EVERYTHING:

  1. The wind blowing through the now swaying branches and wind blown leaves of a tree (calculations would be required for each single leaf),
  2. The rain hitting and running down a window pane,
  3. Crumbs building up in your toaster,
  4. Milk, being pored into and then stirred into your cup of tea (which may result in the odd tea bag ‘tea leaf’ escapee to make an appearance on the liquid surface every so often),
  5. Patches of mould growing on a damp wall,
  6. The music your next door neighbour is playing LOUDLY,
  7. The annoying ‘yapping’ crows that collect in the trees around your house,
  8. Your computer or browser running really SLOWLY,
  9. Your infestation of moths, wasps, ants, ladybirds . . . .

‘EVERYTHING’ of EVERYTHING would have to be tested . . .


If anyone here is simulating someone that spent a lot of time researching, then designing and then exhaustively checking and testing many of ALL OF THE DIFFERENT aspects of any copied environment VR space then this may result in such a person having very weird experiences in our reality here. This is likely, because ‘IF’ we are living in a simulation then people whom are scripted as spending a lot of time thinking about, designing and then exhaustively checking the accuracy of different external environmental spaces, objects and devices may find themselves having experiences of checking out different facets of our reality here.

Basically, if you are going to design and accurate duplicate VR environment of the ‘alleged’ real reality, then you’d have to study absolutely ‘EVERYTHING’ VERY intensely.

For example for ‘animal’ environment components you’d have to study their appearance and behaviour in SERIOUSLY minute detail.

What would be ‘Obvious’ clues of Intensive VR Environment Software Accuracy Testing Research as carried out in the Original Population?

Take a ‘bird’ for example, you’d take pictures of these with a ultra fast frame camera so that you’d could watch the movement of the bird as it flies in minute detail AND then to understand and duplicate a birds movement with respect to it’s anatomy in very fine detail (which would require lots of dissection’s of lots of birds) and exhaustive testing (just for one bird species). Then you’d have to do the same for say ‘cats’ and ‘mice’ and then for ‘humans’ and also for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE. You’d also have to do ‘little things’ like figure out how to render things correctly in PERSPECTIVE terms as ‘objects’ became further and further away from the hopefully accurately simulated ‘human’ viewer.

Based on the above description then whose work (from a few centuries ago) now looks suspiciously like the in depth ‘research’ that would be absolutely necessary if someone was doing research that you can deduce you CANNOT AVOID doing to put together an extremely accurate VR duplicate of the REAL environment (and EVERYTHING within this)?

Well, that would be ‘Leonardo Da Vinci‘ would it not? The person whom amongst other things managed to ‘apparently’ draw unbelievably accurate pictures of birds IN FLIGHT that very suspiciously appear to be what you would expect of ‘frames of images’ from a high speed camera (or a high speed visual input image capturing neural implant device (for example))!!! MMmmm!!!!

How Would the Sim Handle Advanced Technology VR Environment ‘Device’ Researcher Clues?

Coincidentally, in our slowed down technological development pseudo duplicated environment then this would mean that any one simulating a VR designer researcher would actually be examining and trying to accurately duplicate advanced technological devices that because of the ‘tech’ slow down here have not been allowed to ’emerge’ in our own environment. This would potentially put the simulation in a quandary, would it allow ‘pictures as drawings’ of the original societies advanced technology devices and mechanisms to be presented here or NOT? Well, that is easily checked isn’t it? Did LDV present drawings of any devices that were HIGHLY ANOMALOUS because they were way beyond the technologies of that time in earths history of when LDV actually lived? Does anyone know if this is the case? This is exactly the sort of possibility that someone designing the earth simulation project might forget to account for and hence they’d forget to pre-define ‘obscuring’ software specifically for this ‘research’ done by this specific person and his team that would likely have either prevented the anomalous ‘advanced’ drawings from appearing in the first place or it would then have them say destroyed in a fire very quickly so they would be unavailable for scrutiny in the future!!!

Coincidentally, two years ago ‘Matt’ (who leaves comments here) started to become ‘aware’ of aspects of his environment as being part of an entire virtual reality construct AND also how the simulation software was translating specific original environments and objects that WE DON’T HAVE HERE to fit into both a reduced environment AND into an environment that is way less advanced. Some of his example are quite shocking in respect to way larger ‘aspects’ that are missing on our single world living environment here.

Here are some examples of what Matt become aware of about two years ago:

1. Becoming Aware of Partitioned Rooms as Defined VR Environments

If you have you seen the matrix film then can you remember the part where Neo begins to see the Matrix ‘in code’?

Well I cannot do this but I can see where one room as a programmed part of a simulation begins and where another ends.

When I walk down a corridor in my office building I can ‘feel’ when I am reaching a transition point in simulation terms. For example as I turn the corner there is a ‘transition’ program that reorients reality as you experience from being in one section of the hallway to another.

At each section of the hallway I can ONLY experience the sensations related to and triggered by that section, if I look ahead to the ‘next’ section my impression and senses are much dialed down. It’s the difference between seeing a nice photo of a trip someone else took compared to you being there yourself.

There’s a decent chance that this is NOT necessarily a function of our original reality but is a significant factor in a simulated reality such that you would only have senses ‘triggered’ (for example memories) by actually entering a space.

If I stand in front of my office double doors there is a ‘fog’ around my sensing of what I can see through the double doors even if I am looking at that space. It’s not until I step through the double doors that I begin to ‘feel’ the original experience as related to the simulated space. Very interesting.

2. Exploring why I felt Suffocated & Claustrophobic ‘just’ when taking out the trash

I think we’ve all felt kind of stuffy or stuffed in when in a closet or maybe sitting in a hot car. I know I’ve had it very bad when I was dared as a young kid to go head first into a sleeping bag all the way down. Since then I’ve had some mild claustrophobia maybe in large crowds or in certain situations – I don’t like being in stuffy or cramped spaces with limited air flow.

One night when I was taking out the trash, I was carrying the trash bags down the usual route from my second floor apartment – I walk down the corridor down the landing and open the door to the outside. On this particular night I decided to cut across the grass rather than use the sidewalk as it allowed me to get to the large trash bins more easily.

I was walking along casually, enjoying the night air and happy as I’d just gotten the apartment cleaned for a visitor who has coming the next day and it had taken basically all evening to get things ready. So I was feeling relieved and enjoying the night breeze. As I start to cut across the grass, I got a sense that I ‘wasn’t supposed to be there’. Almost like a voice in my head saying ‘stay off the grass.’ But it wasn’t like I was supposed to stay off the grass because it was supposed to be kept nice — the feeling was more just that it was a place that no one was supposed to go. The weirdest thing that made me pay even more attention was that I was really enjoying the breeze and somehow I felt that when I started walking on the grass I was not allowed to feel or especially ‘enjoy’ the breeze. It was as if it was supposed to be a ‘dead zone’ — as if you weren’t supposed to go here.

So I started across the parking lot on the last stretch before the trash bins. Weirdly enough as I stepped onto the parking lot I felt myself breathe deeply, almost like I’d been holding my breath or waiting to really pull in air while I was on the grass.

This had me feeling weird but I kept walking as I was holding trash bags and wanted to be done with them. So I keep going forward and all the sudden – WHOMM – I run into this invisible barrier in the air about 15 feet from the trash can and suddenly the air goes dead. I feel a tightness in my chest and a weird sense of claustrophobia and I could have sworn I heard in my ears a ‘sound of silence’ and had the uncanny feeling of a pressure drop. Not wanting to be creeped out and thinking it was silly I took steps forward and threw the trash bags in the bin.

I turn around and ‘whhhoom’ dead. The air is absolutely dead and I stand there staring at the cars that are only 20 feet ahead. To my right is an upslope leading away from the parking lot to a sidewalk with trees. There is no wind and it feels very cloistered. I feel a tightness in my chest and feel that I am struggling to breathe. When I do breathe in, I feel that the air I pull in is somehow less, that I can only suck in a certain amount, which makes me feel even more claustrophobic.

As my arms no longer have heavy trash bags my mind is clear – without any physical exertion or thoughts going on I just stand there for maybe 30 seconds trying to figure out what could be going on. My first impulse was to rush forward 15 feet or so. I catch myself thinking – I need to get to the air.

Well I am determined to find out what this is and would have held out but at that point a car started to come down the ramp toward the parking lot and I saw someone else walking to their car and I suddenly came out of whatever I’d been in–I thought – what would it look like to have (to you) some ‘random’ guy just standing in the parking lot next to the dumpster. So I start walking forward and I am trying to act as ‘normal’ as possible to not be ‘noticed’ by the person I see walking in my direction. Basically my fear of being seen as a lurker or strange guy totally overrides the other stuff. As I am almost 15 feet away from the person I see walking I suddenly hear myself gasping in air, almost gulping it in. I hear an audible sound from my body like a gasp of breath and a sigh of relief.

I hadn’t noticed but when I look to my left and right it’s the exact same spot about 15 feet away from the dumpster. Suddenly I feel the breeze on my face but then I didn’t want to stay too long because the person was now standing next to their car maybe 10 feet away from me and I didn’t want them getting weirded out.

As I walked back to the apartment I automatically went to the sidewalk as I felt that I did not want to mess with the grassy area again.

Further thoughts on this specific VR Reality Construct experience:

Well the trash bin was in an isolated corner of the parking lot that no one goes in. It’s one of those large green ones we have in America that are maybe 8 feet high and 5 feet x 5 feet at the base. It had a slanting top and a slot in the side to throw smaller trash in so you don’t have to lift up the heavy plastic lid. Next to the trash bin there is often glass and some pieces of furniture or other discarded items. I have only ever seen people walk to the trash bin dump something turn around and leave. Now I would assume this is how everyone deals with trashcans but I would not be surprised if there was an ESPECIALLY strong feeling affecting those walking to this trash can not to stay there. Basically to throw your trash in, turn around and leave. For example I have passed people walking to throw their trash away but it never once occurred to me to start a conversation or even say hi. Everyone walking to the trash almost always seems to take the exact same line of approach starting from the sidewalk too almost like that’s the only way to go or the only ‘allowed’ way. What I used to think was a ‘creepy’ feeling around the trash can after this experience I would more say is a ‘dead’ feeling. It’s like no one is there, nothing is there and you can’t get air.

If I had to describe the exact feeling I had around the trash can it’s almost like I was in a suit around me that was enclosing the atmosphere — like a space suit and the air I was trying to suck in was being pulled from in and around me. I specifically remember this – it was like it was pulled through ‘creases’ in the air around me so I had to ‘suck’ with more force to get it. Almost like if you are drinking water through a narrow crease like a juice box or water bottle with a thin ‘sippy’ opening and you have to suck to get it.

3. What is going on with the ‘buses’ where I live? Why are they ‘Obviously’ DIFFERENT?

I have been noticing the buses here ever since I moved to the new town I’ve been living in for about 8 months now.

Right now I’m watching one of these buses approach (I recorded this on tape player as I’m walking) and I get the feeling that rather than just seeing a bus that’s relatively inanimate it reminds me of an animal. As I feel into what reminds me of an animal I think – the shocks on the bus are moving both up and down and side to side as it goes along almost as if it’s directly responding to the environment. Each wheel or ‘side’ of the bus seems to move up or down on it’s own as if it is responding to its environment.

I kind of get the feeling that it’s ‘too nimble’ and it seems to do especially well while it’s climbing up hills or going down hills. Now, usually buses aren’t built to be like this, I’m used to maybe ‘screeching’ breaks or something in other cities but I’ve never once heard the breaks screech on one of these buses here and they seem to be really nimble.

So I start to zone in and relax and pay more attention to this phenomenon and what I see is that the front of the bus itself is this ‘orange red’ color against the white background and its kind of giving me an impression of a face almost like a little insect face with these two eyes that are the ‘headlights’ and then I’m looking at the sides and there’s this same colored stripe which is orange/red ‘insecty’ color and I see this writing on the side basically says ‘CATA’ (something something Transit Association).

So basically the CATA reminds me of a caterpillar and I think the way this bus moves fits really well with my impression of a bus-sized ‘caterpillar’ type creature that’s kind of crawling along. So I’m not sure if originally there’s either a creature this size on this planet or neighboring planets or if they built kind of an automated ‘machine’ that resembled that and it had better climbing abilities and ability to maneuver around tight spaces because basically my impression was that this bus was way too nimble and adept at getting around on these roads that go up and down are relatively narrow. Way more than a similar sized bus from other places that on the ‘outside’ looks the same.

That’s what clued me into the differences.

Matt Describing in Detail How he ‘Picks Up’ and Goes into Greater Virtual Environment Detail to give these Descriptions

Introduction: I asked Matt (during this earlier phase) to describe what he was doing and how he was doing this. The management resistance to doing this was huge. The first version was 3 short paragraphs of 400+ words and when I read it it didn’t make sense. As I can tune into and ‘be’ anyone and track them through time / and in the past too. I had to do this to engage with Matt and the experience he was using as an example. I’d then write to Matt explaining what he was actually doing (from my perspective) and he’d then think about and edit and expand on this.

It took 3/4 e-mails back and forwards until we had something that we both felt was ‘good’. So, below is the final version, have a read through this and for those that have been doing the exercises here (and particularly those that are aware of and getting good VR experience insights) then have a feel into your own environments . . . I’ll be putting up another exercise page to help to do this soon . . .

I can switch between a ‘normal’ reality ‘awareness’ mode and a virtual reality ‘viewing’ mode by preparing myself and consciously choosing to do this.

I usually do this when something doesn’t feel right in my environment, something feels off or out of place which prompts me to start ‘checking things out’.

Basically it feels like I engage with an alternate 3D image space which at first feels empty almost as if it’s a ‘real’ template space as there is a feeling or sense that this alternate space is somehow laid out on a grid or is presented as a framework holding different ‘reality’ components and constructs. It’s these ‘reality’ constructs and components that I’m focusing on, tuning into and gradually bringing into better resolution. As I do this I become aware of the original ‘reality’ template that is being used to represent the ‘supposed’ real reality I am viewing this from.

All of this slowly unfolds, more and more of the template constructs of the original reality as in the images and sensations become more defined and gain more substance within that separate template ‘viewing’ space.

Overall my main focus or ‘aim’ has me engaging with the different components of the ‘template reality’ presentation. In fact I have to engage with components of this template space enough to ‘lose myself’ in these before I can start to compare the differences between the two ‘reality versions’ enough to be able to identify the reasons for why I’d originally ‘fell’ that something was ‘out of place’ or ‘not quite right’ in the first place.

It’s a feedback loop but the hardest part is tuning into the original template space and engaging with it well enough to then bring what I am experiencing BACK to the ‘reality in front of my face’.

Basically the more I orientate my attention to this inner ‘reality template viewing space’ then the more my senses, perceptions and feelings resolve from first indistinct impressions through into becoming more solid visual presentations at which point I then become aware of how the room or environmental space I’m in ‘earth side’ is different to the original template used to create it.

The more ‘extreme’ the differences are between the reality template I’m tuning in to versus the ‘reality in front of my face’ the stronger my feeling is that I am in fact engaging with a completely separate reality.

Here is an example of some Extreme VR ‘Translation’ Differences Between the Original Environment & Ours HERE:

As I am sitting on a concrete seat in a quiet area that is some kind of ‘monument’ away from people/ that no one ever goes to I decide to spend some quiet time sitting and being with myself. It is a sunny day and there is a chilly breeze striking my face. The scene in front of me is a concrete sculpture and nice well-kept flowerbeds surrounded by grass and trees.

I then decide to close my eyes and rest a little bit and I eventually begin to tune in.

As I slip into myself I am prompted/confronted by the ‘inner space’ resolving. Suddenly I see millions of stars through a clear glass window. I become aware that I am in a space station, within a very small personalized sitting and observing space. I realize that I am now in the template of the original reality exploring what must be responsible for how the ‘in my face’ original reality environment must be presented.

However the reason I am ‘surprised’ by this is that it is so different from the peaceful, sunny day and landscaped grass with the sun and breeze. Gradually after the shock wears off I realize that this landscaped space I’m sitting in here is a teleport room in a space observatory where you can go to be alone with yourself and spend time watching the stars.

Kind of like a fun ‘viewing point’ place in the original environment.

So, in going more deeply into my inner senses and perceptions to become aware of  what ‘felt right’ about what I picture I realize that YES it IS a peaceful and quiet place, away from people and YES it is for recreation and for you to sit ‘with’ yourself almost like a place to contemplate.

So, it’s not (just) a sunny, relaxing, contemplating  ‘outside’ place it’s a recreational space with a teleport to a space station. The time I spent sitting with myself may have in fact been equivalent to me sitting and settling in preparing for being ‘teleported’ up.

In Summary: Basically, it seems as if I am able to perceive the template that defines some original ‘other world’ environment which must then be being put through some translation or conversion process to generate everything that we perceive here so that it all fits together as well as possible.

From my point of view with the specific ‘virtual reality test space checking abilities’ I’m simulated as having it’s obviously not doing this well enough because of the times I’m finding myself feeling that something in our ‘reality’ isn’t right or isn’t fitting ‘right’.

In Hindsight: Before spending the last few days working through trying to define as well as possible what I’d doing with Clive I originally thought that what was happening was that some ‘alternate’ reality presentation was appearing as a strictly visual overlay on top of my ‘normal’ reality visual presentation which then usually faded into the background as I’d focus more on what I felt was the overlay ‘reality’.

However I now feel or perceive that it’s better to describe them as two distinctive separate reality spaces and that it is very necessary for me to properly engage with the inner template space as a separate reality before I can make a comparison with the foreground ‘in front of my face’ reality. The times when I feel that something is really ‘different’ is prompted either by a normal interaction with the environment that has me feeling that something is ‘off’ so I start checking OR sometimes I just decide to ‘check things out’ and then upon coming back to the ‘reality in front of my face’ I realize that something is ‘different’ either way the differences then explain why I perceive and feel that environment the way I was.

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