My ‘I’m Ignored, Invisible, Not Acknowledged’ Issue

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"Spiritual Conspiracies Exposed. How to Provoke 'Spiritual' Attacks by Exposing Freewill Killing so called Divine 'Light' Beings? How to Identify Suppressing Spiritual Attacks & Subtle Influences Managing Website Visitors? Why Healing Past Conflicts & Attacks Creates Invisible Healers & How this is done?"

On the previous pages I presented the visitor site statistics for two of my web sites illustrating the effects of suppressive direct attacks carried out by the infamous Spiritual Divine Hierarchy and their cronies.

During the same time period I had interesting things happening on another web site, which turned out to be another attack but which was very specifically directed to prevent people reaching (and therefore reading) one single page.

As this very specific attack is much more interesting then I’m going to spend the next few pages explaining what prompted this page to be gifted with such attention.

Have you read my example of ‘invisible’ people on (Being ignored, invisible or not acknowledged by others)? This has me describing how some people through no fault of their own are completely ignored and or not acknowledged by others sometimes to a point were it actually does seem to the individual that they’ve been blessed with acquiring some sort of ‘invisibility’ shielding?

Being able to Acknowledge being Invisible, Ignored or Not Appreciated

You’d only really appreciate this issue if you experienced this happening to yourself because finding yourself standing say a meter in front of others whom are facing your way while being part of a mini group talking to each other to have yourself treated as if you ‘don’t exist’ even when bizarrely you attempt to interject at times is quite something.

In this example I describe my ‘invisible’ phase and then what I found when I investigated this in subtle energetic terms and how I never had that problem again after I got rid of the energetic crap that was responsible for my apparent ‘invisibility’ abilities . . . easy really.

Experiencing this issue during particular life phases can be quite disconcerting. It was for me.

Unfortunately there are many ‘other’ interesting angles to this ‘invisible people’ phenomenon that you only get the opportunity to become aware of if you’ve not only written an example that attempts to describe it’s causes while also being gifted with responses to your example over a period of time.

The Unacknowledged, Ignored, ‘I feel like I am Invisible’ Phenomenon

That page has been on view on that site for about three and a half years. As I write this it’s acquired 89 comments which is more comments than all the other pages on that site put together which explains why this particular page has been gradually getting more search engine originated traffic compared to all the other pages on that web site put together. In other words most people coming to that site are coming from a search engine to read that page.

There are a few things that are odd about this page.

Why am I getting anyone with this issue coming to my site?

I’m presenting ‘fringe’ things and I have few ‘links’ from other sites to mine so my page should be way, way down in search engine listings. Except it’s not.

This page is often listed on the first page of google for many combinations of:

Why am I invisible, ignored, why do people treat me as if I don’t exist?

Many of the search phrases that have people arriving at that page include the word ‘invisible’. For example; Feeling Invisible, Feeling that you are invisible, How to not be invisible, In Facebook I am invisible to others, What to do if you feel like you are invisible at school? Why am I invisible, Feeling of being invisible, Why am I so invisible to people, Why do people treat me like I’m invisible, Feel invisible in work place, People treat me like I’m invisible.

Basically, out of the billions of web pages on the internet there are hardly any writing about these issue areas to such an extent that my page is regularly listed within the first page on google for many different search phrase variations. That’s odd.

There seem to be many with this ‘I’m Invisible, People Ignore me’ issue

Since presenting this page I’ve had about 20,000 unique visitors reading it. In fact I’ve almost had more visitors come to that one page compared to all other pages on that site put together.

So, the point I’m trying to make here is that at first glance this issue itself is not being recognized or acknowledged while it also appears as if there might be quite a lot of ‘I don’t exist, I’m invisible’ people with this issue.

There are lots of ‘People Don’t Acknowledge me, People Ignore Me, I’m Invisible’ People

So, in my terms I’ve quite a lot of people whom very probably have this issue coming to read a page describing someone whom had this issue whom finds out what is responsible, sorts it out and no longer has it and also comments by someone whom worked with us to address the same to have it addressed.

Under these circumstances how easy is it for these people to actually take the step to work with someone whom has experienced what they are experiencing AND whom has resolved that issue to take action to resolve their own similar issue?

How easy?

Under these circumstances how many people do you think would elect to resolve their ‘invisibility’ issue? Would you imagine that we might get say 1 out of every 10 whom came to that page working with us to resolve this issue? Or perhaps we’d get 1 out of every 100 or there might be as few as 1 in every 1,000?

I am not seen, people don’t speak to me, I don’t exist

Just how easy is it for ‘invisible’ people to choose to become visible again? Are these hidden people being made to stay hidden and unseen? Are they able to speak to people about not being spoken to? How easy is it for them to acknowledge that they themselves can exist? To find out read the next page . . .


  1. David
    May 4, 2015 @ 8:10 am

    Hi Clive. I had an interesting experience today when 2 ‘Mormon missionaries’ came knocking at my door. I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in their religion, however they stayed around for about 5 minutes for a general chat. When they first rocked up I noticed that one of them (young guy, maybe 18-19) had a body posture/body language of not being very confident, quiet, and I was getting the impression that he was ‘hiding’. I’ve had experiences like this before, and my usual reaction would be to accept it. “If he wants to hide then i’ll let him”, but while I was talking to one of the missionaries (the only one of the 2 who was talking and engaging with me) it triggered a memory/thought of your pages where you describe people being made to be ‘hidden/invisible’, and from then on I made a conscious effort to be more interactive with this ‘quiet’ guy. I was making eye contact, speaking to him, made sure to ask his name, etc instead of just ignoring him. He was still very quiet and withdrawn despite this (as you’d expect) but this was the first time in recent memory where in a social interaction i’ve very noticeably experienced that there are ‘subtle influences’ AND that i’ve acted ‘counter’ to them, so it was interesting and I was wondering how would you normally react in such a situation? Does it really matter whether we ‘go along with it’ or act contrary to what is trying to be achieved?


    • Clive
      May 8, 2015 @ 2:47 pm

      Hi David, it’s less the simulated ‘subtle’ and more the simulation software and ‘drone’ things making people ‘isolated’ and invisible . . .

      Good effort in trying though, because it is difficult to do this, although one possibility for you doing this is that you could be simulating a ‘therapist’ working with people with isolation issues!!! Then you doing this would be part of what you’d be scripted to do anyway!!

      That might be worth thinking about? ‘Matt, whose left some interesting comments here is simulating a VR designer whom was pushing these boundaries / questioning his own and others behaviours.


  2. piglet
    August 10, 2015 @ 1:01 am


    So just now, i have realised i have ‘a mission to get Noticed’

    Looking back at all my hospitalisation times i would have to say this ‘mision’ was in full swing in 2006, 2007, 2014 & 2015, other years ‘getting noticed’ appeared to take more of ‘a back seat’.

    ‘Getting HELP’ has been a difficult issue i have had to deal with / go through which also involved ‘getting noticed’ as part of this.


  3. Clare.Ella
    February 2, 2020 @ 11:01 am

    The mountain will fall down, the water will flow, and you will never fall


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