Why are Past Healings kept Hidden & Guarded?

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

This is an important page, it’s also seriously disturbing. You should read it all and you should have already read all pages leading up to this page in this article series too else you won’t have a grounded understanding of what led to revealing this. You are warned.

So, as described on the previous page we revealed some beings whom were quite ‘resentful’ at being revealed because they had been trying very hard to prevent us from seriously investigating our own negative issues. Why would they be doing this, what are they keeping hidden and why are they confused and resentful?

Well, part of the focusing protocols that we use actually directly and properly deal with the issue causes which are actually were blocked and buried beneath what turn out to be past ‘healing and therapy’ solutions.

Past Permanently Present Healing ‘Solutions’ are being kept hidden

As the permanently present healing ‘solutions’ that they are keeping hidden are (in their terms) the VERY BEST that can be done to ‘address’ negative, destabilising and traumatic issues then the confusion and resentment is of someone moving them to one side, identifying and junking their various ‘guarded’ and ‘still present’ past energetic healing and therapy and spiritual solutions AND then dealing with what is REALLY responsible for the original negative issues in the first place with no problems at all.

So, some of them are upset and resentful because they have been keeping hidden and guarding such solutions to ‘negative’ issues lifetime after lifetime, in some cases for 1000’s of lifetimes.

Brief Example of what is actually Done to ‘Resolve’ an Emotional Issue

Say you keep getting VERY angry or enraged or are regularly having out of control anger phases and you or someone working with you (a therapist say) invites or indirectly invokes ‘spirit’ help in some form whom do ‘things’ to ‘help’ on your behalf. In this case they’d identify the area of your energy body that is originating or emitting these emotions and they’d do the balancing, negating, cleansing, containing and or blanketing or ?? of these areas.

They actually DON’T know what is actually really responsible for anything. They themselves and their ‘bosses’ and their ‘bosses’ research efforts have never detected anything causing emotional extremes and so you are labelled as being personally ‘unbalanced’ and they attempt to adjust your energy field and or attempt to negate or counteract these feelings within the area of your energy body that they are arising from. They may also do strong cleansing of your energy body such that they end up getting rid of bit’s of your energy field (I describe this HERE in more detail).

So, what they do is leave subtle energies and also energetic barriers, containments and filters in an attempt to block off or in some cases negate certain effects IN YOUR ENERGY FIELD. They sometimes also use subtle energy devices and implants to do the same sort of things too.

They have been told that nothing can be ‘really’ done about this energetic shit, and that what they themselves are already doing is the very best that can be done.

They Seal off Past Healing Issues & Guard them against being Revealed

So, after applying these ‘healing’ solutions they then seal off and guard forever what they have done to prevent what they are actually really doing from being revealed.

They do this for two reasons;

  1. To prevent ANY OF US from becoming aware of actually HOW our healing solutions actually work, because then;
    • We’d start asking difficult questions.
    • The entire ‘fantasy’ of ‘good results’ = correctly applied solutions (dealing with ’causes’) would be exposed.
  2. If someone was to actually undo what they have done then what ACTUALLY happens would be that you’d end up virtually immediately being back in the original out of control anger and rage.


They are guarding and trying to prevent anyone from finding out about this BECAUSE their masters, as in the Spiritual Hierarchy absolutely don’t want anyone ever finding out that NONE of our/your amazing subtle energetic healing therapy and spiritual efforts (or anything else) actually PROPERLY deal with anything but are ALL just sophisticated ways of covering up, negating or blocking off symptoms and effects.


So, to have someone open up all that they did and clear this AND somehow clear what IS actually RESPONSIBLE for the out of control rage (or whatever) with;


. . . while doing this in seconds / minutes it’s beginning to dawn on some of them that perhaps what they have been told is not only NOT true but also;


. . . having been guarding this shit for 1000’s of lifetimes then AND more importantly why are they still being MADE to do this NOW when they do now know that it can be dealt with properly?

NEVER EVER let anyone Investigate how Healing Successes are Achieved

These beings (whom facilitate EVERY SINGLE HEALING INTERVENTION OF EVERY TYPE) keep everything of what they have ever done hidden to prevent anyone finding out that past energetic healing solutions of spiritual practices, therapies, healing systems and everything else . . . only work because they are being PERMANENTLY and continuously maintained in YOUR ENERGY FIELD.

I have been mentioning that EVERYTHING . . .

. . . and when I say’



I do ACTUALLY really REALLY actually mean that absolutely EVERYTHING we have been doing has NEVER EVER even in your dreams even get close to the origins of what is REALLY responsible for our issues.

NOTHING we have EVER done has EVER actually properly resolved anything. It’s these beings job to make sure that you never find out by making sure that you never get access to or investigate past or past life healing solution efforts which is also why most ‘therapist’ types have the ‘lightworker’ implants which ‘manage’ your thinking and beliefs to make sure for example that you don’t even think about how healing successes are actually achieved (or why some people DON’T respond to anything they’ve tried to resolve an issue) and that you wont ever investigate issue origins directly or seriously.

They keep Hidden all Past & Past Lives Healing efforts

It’s these beings job to do EVERYTHING they can to prevent anyone finding out that all our past healing efforts in this life and from ALL PAST LIVES are STILL ACTIVE and are STILL ACTING PERMANENTLY to in an effort to continuously counteract and contain the symptoms and effects of some past life debilitating issue.

This is why myself and my clients have been experiencing the HUGE range of over 70 angles of distractions and sabotages to us actually trying to engage with serious past issues to make sure that we never ever figure out that ALL PAST HEALING EFFORTS that we have EVER used have never ever even been slightly close to resolving ANYTHING properly. They might do a good or even BRILLIANT job of disappearing symptoms and effects and even of also making you feel nice, I’m not arguing that ‘apparent’ successes are achieved (perhaps often) but I am being very blunt about HOW so called success or miracles are actually being achieved.

It is these beings that come when ANYTHING is done by ANYONE to address issues AND when you or anyone on your behalf asks for help.

If you are actually foolish enough to ASK FOR HELP that would have you engaging with what they did on your behalf IN YOUR PAST then they work overtime to make sure you don’t ever found out what has been done on your behalf virtually since the beginning of time.

Is Spiritual or Negative Issue Bypassing ‘Normal’ or ‘Common’

I asked a question in an earlier page of this series;

“Is the bias of ‘Spiritual Bypassing’ or ‘Negative Issue Bypassing’ or orientation to ignore and stay disengaged from ‘difficult’ issues ‘normal’ or ‘common'”

Well, it turns out that it’s definitely ‘common’ but it also turns out that it’s very definitely NOT NORMAL.

We as a race are being managed to NOT seriously or properly explore difficult issues particularly from subtle energetic perspectives by the beings I describe here and their Spiritual Hierarchy bosses.

This is done to ensure that no one ever finds out exactly what is done in a subtle sense in response to you working with any therapy, healing, spiritual practice or ANYTHING else whether it ‘appears’ or actually ‘is’ successful OR NOT.