Developing Subtle Energy Healing Research Tools

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

In early 2005 I started to try and find ways of directly and consciously orientating and focusing my not inconsiderable subtle senses and perceptions to give me as much information and understanding as possible of individual and specific issues from a subtle energetic point of view.

This shift was reflected and strongly facilitated in the construction and use of one final but very effective old style ‘Statement of Intent’ which was originally presented in short form toward the end of this page HERE.

A more complete version of what I was asking for which to be honest is what everyone wanting to REALLY make REAL movements should be using is this;

  • I want everything I need to be presented with ALL of my faulty assumptions, limited beliefs, ideas and ideals NOW
  • I want absolutely EVERYTHING that will help me and take me beyond all of these ALL THE TIME to work with me NOW
  • I want EVERYTHING I possibly need to help me fully and completely realize and to step beyond and leave behind ANY and ALL misconceptions or limitations that I hold to AT ANY PARTICULAR TIME – I want this NOW . . AND ALL THE TIME . . .
  • I want EVERYTHING I need to take me beyond all my illusions, all of my limited assumptions, all of my limited ideas, all of my limited ideals and all of my limited beliefs that ANY part of me is holding to ANYWHERE on ANY and ALL levels – I want this NOW
  • I am seriously interested in the truth, the whole truth and nothing less than this, so give me everything that I need to be able move beyond limited or smaller truths or untruths or half truths or lies – I want this NOW
  • I want EVERYTHING that will help me in ANYWAY to release me from ALL faulty conceptions, belief systems, limited mind sets, knowings, spiritual understandings and so on and so on so that I can FULLY and COMPLETELY embrace greater and deeper truths and step more and more deeply into reality AS IT REALLY IS – I want this NOW
  • I want the BEST beings, the most experienced Beings AND the best most effective energies AND tools AND resources to work with me ALL THE TIME to FULLY and COMPLETELY achieve all that I ask for here AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – I want what I ask for here NOW
  • I let go of and I withdraw permission for ANY beings to work with me whom will hold me back, block me from achieving what I ask for here or prevent or stop me FULLY stepping into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING of ALL of this – I want this NOW – This is my stated freewill choice NOW
  • I want what I ask for HERE to take FIRST priority and COMPLETE preference over ALL that I’ve EVER asked for or been helped to achieve at ANY TIME within my ENTIRE past – I want this NOW
  • I invite all beings and EVERYTHING to help me achieve and completely and continually live EVERYTHING of ALL of this NOW – I want this NOW and I want this in the next moment too . . .

ASK and orientate your entire being to what you want . . . and so it shall be . . .

  • What are YOU assuming?
  • What truths are YOU holding onto that AREN’T?
  • What ideals, ideas or understandings are limiting you NOW
  • What won’t YOU let go of to move into a deeper truth? A more accurate reality?
  • Which of YOUR basic assumptions are fantasies?
  • What stops YOU from REALLY trusting?

The above OPENLY asks and not only makes no assumptions as to how to achieve what is asked for it actually asks to be moved beyond ANY and ALL basic assumptions that would stand in the way of what is asked for.

Most if not ALL that are asking for ‘something’ are ASKING from a place of ALREADY being brainwashed by certain assumptions with guides whom are too also already brainwashed by certain assumptions. I was.

In the above you are asking to be freed from everything. I’d imagine using the above is possibly a little too empowering for possibly EVERY SINGLE ONE of you?


It can result in the delivery of one mighty exciting and continuous roller coaster of a ride that would probably scare the living daylights out of most of you because you’re reading the pages describing where this took me too here. I’d advise anyone even ‘thinking’ about using the above to very carefully read EVERY SINGLE PAGE of this ‘scary’ section to understand some of what you’ll be gifted with in taking this line (like 24/7 ‘light’ attacks).

Developing Tools to Investigate Subtle Energetic or Spirit Issues & Causes Directly

In this respect the statements of intent / invocations that I’d written and were using to invoke more effective healing interventions on my behalf (explained in more detail on a later page) were discontinued and gradually replaced by what I came to call ‘focusing protocols’ over a periods of about 6 months.

How are ‘focusing protocols’ different from ‘Statements of Intent’ and ‘Invocations’?

Statements of Intent are about ‘Asking for Help’ with respect to ‘Spiritual & Light’ assumed correct ‘Assumptions’

Statements of Intent are means of asking for things in very specific and defined assumed ‘spiritual & light’ ways (that would result in a cleansing, clearing or re-balancing or other healing ‘adjustments’ ) or used to address different subtle or spirit assumed causes (like entities for example or breaking vows or removing implants, clearing spells and so on).

Invocations assume something ‘Specific’ knows what it’s doing in ‘healing’ terms

Invocations are a means to call on very specific beings or larger ‘ineffable’ things for help with respect to what we were asking to have done using ‘Statements of Intent’. We assume that what we invite to facilitate us are either ‘ALL Knowing’ and or ‘Perfect Experts’ . . . oh dear!

Enhanced Subtle Energy Research & Spirit & Healing Interventions

Focusing Protocols on the other hand assume (for some bizarre reason) that perhaps we don’t actually really know what we are doing AND that what we are inviting actually ALSO doesn’t actually really know what it’s doing either. This amazing and enlightening ‘realization’ can arise when you (and your clients) have independently expended a huge amount of time and effort and in some cases an amount of money that could perhaps run a small country for a fair period of time following light and spiritual and alternate approaches and EVERYTHING ELSE (I’m not kidding) with limited or even ZERO success . . .

It’s perhaps only when you are divinely graced with spending years using what many consider or are more likely brainwashed into believing are some amazing healing or therapeutic or ?? approach(s) (no matter what they are) to still be gifted with some monstrous issue ‘X’ that just wont go away. That no matter how much cleansing or clearing or adjustments or tft or eft or psychological work or ??? the monstrous issue is still staring you in the face.

Then if you’ve not sank yourself into a light whole of positive denial you might just begin to question your most BASIC assumptions and;

Actually START >> WAKING UP <<

With this in mind ‘Focusing Protocols’ are constructed completely differently compared to my previous efforts and are designed to focus our own will, intention and senses to engage with AND reveal what our will and intention is directed toward revealing.

So, the new approach was about;

  • Leaving behind the ‘unconscious’, ‘unaware’ and ‘assumption ridden’ probably considered ‘correct’ approach that has you ‘letting go and letting spirit and or ???’ do ‘whatever’ while being encouraged to not think about this but to trust and never actually seriously question or seriously DIRECTLY investigate anything INDEPENDENTLY while also having ‘sophisticated’ means to ensure you DON’T actually ‘really’ question healing failures either.
  • Leaving behind the severe ‘ball and chain’ assumption that a 100% healing success somehow means that how this was achieved was done by CORRECTLY addressing really REAL causes (at the issues origin) such that EVERYTHING that has ever contributed throughout your entire past to the growth of this issue has actually been properly and comprehensively dealt with as opposed to the easier and more common practice of using subtle and invisible sleight of hand means to energetically negate, cover up and or nicely camouflage the issue (usually YET AGAIN).
  • Finding better and better ways of revealing ‘issues’, issue origins AND (if possible) anything ‘subtle’ actually responsible for these to MYSELF directly while we would ‘actually’ try and find solutions to what we found OURSELVES (which could at a stretch be described as self empowerment).

Developing a Proactive Explore issue origins & possible causes Directly approach

So, basically in early 2005 I started trying to find means of focusing my own abilities in ways that would help to reveal everything possible about specific negative issues AND of doing this in a way that I MYSELF would become aware of what was revealed.

So, I was from this point on seriously changing and adapting these ‘focusing protocols’ to try and make them stronger and more effective all the time while also having my subtle ‘staff’ build technologies to amplify a focused intent in attempts to continually improve their effectiveness too.

You could also say that over a 10 year period I went through the following phases;

  1. I WANT MY ISSUES RESOLVED; I initially dedicatedly engaged with and tried to address and resolve (and better understand) my assortment of debilitating life issues using established approaches, therapies and healing methods.
  2. I WANT TO FIND THE ORIGINS OF MY DEBILITATING LIFE ISSUES; After 18 months of 6 hours a day dedicatedly attempting to ‘address’ my issues (with limited success) my intention changed to have me gradually WANTING to identify the real origins of my issues which had me spending many years engaging with 1000’s of my past lives as well as other ‘none human’ and ‘other level’ existences until I actually understood my entire past history pretty well. Having and building this intention bizarrely also gifted me with attacks and sabotages from the Spiritual Hierarchy and other so called ‘spiritual and healing groups’ that eventually became continuous AND more concerted over this period (this is described in detail HERE).
  3. PRO ACTIVE ISSUE INVESTIGATION – I WANT TO ACTIVELY DEVELOP MEANS TO DIRECTLY INVESTIGATE THE SUBTLE ORIGINS AND REAL CAUSES OF ISSUES MYSELF; As exploring all my past lives and beyond for negative and debilitating issue origins while using a huge range of spiritual and healing tools (listed on the bottom of this page HERE) were STILL only having a limited success with regards these issues then I elected to try and develop means to directly explore the subtle energetic basis of issue origins to try and find never mind understand real and or deeper causes AND to also develop means to address these (should ‘any’ contributing subtle causes actually be identified) . . .

From Negative Issue Bypassing to Serious Negative Issue Engagement

So, rather than suffering from ‘Spiritual or Negative Issue Bypassing’ I’ve ended up way off the extreme opposite end of that curve such that I ‘kamikaze like’ repeatedly and enthusiastically hurled myself directly at ALL debilitating issues I’ve ever had trying to beat them into submission and force them to give up all their secrets . . .

The following pages describe what I and my clients experienced over the first few years of taking this ‘conscious’ directed and proactive approach to seriously investigate issues, their origins and the perhaps subtle energetic issue causes . . .