Breakthrough in Identifying the Causes of Distractions

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

As mentioned a few pages back I created what I call ‘focusing phrases’ which are ways to directly target different issues and ‘real’ causes within the subtle energetic realms.

Myself and my clients use these to target specific a issue which (for the most part) then reveal what is responsible for or contributing to that issue.

How I Approach Addressing Healing Resolutions

However because the collections of sabotaging effects are so broad PLUS these effects themselves are actually stopping us/me from even thinking of how to effectively target them then I’m not ever having any success revealing what is responsible for these sabotages.

So, I have two problems in trying to directly target these areas;

  • So far when I’ve targeted individual effects then ‘yes’ we always find some energetic ‘things’ responsible which we cleared BUT unlike other issues that would resolve partially or completely the clearings targeting these sabotages were never effective except perhaps briefly. Which meant that we were not targeting what was REALLY responsible for them well enough to have them revealed . . . in others words what ever is really ‘responsible’ is very well hidden or is not being targeted properly.
  • I cannot easily think about them to THINK enough to figure out how to target them.

The problem is that to ‘reveal’ what is doing something at least in terms of influences in the ‘subtle’ realms requires that you have to target this accurately.

Finding what is REALLY responsible for a negative issue

For example with ‘disturbed sleep’ problems you’d target this by trying to engage with all times you had this sleep problem and then switch to look for what was responsible for this sleep problems. This works well for many sleep issues but not all.

In some instances the ‘disturbed sleep’ issue was not being caused by energetic crap acting to directly cause ‘disturbed sleep’. What the energetic crap was actually targeting (what it’s intention was) was to make the person ‘less competent and alert at work’.

So, for these clients when I made up a focusing protocol that engaged with all instances of having problems at work and then targeting what was responsible for causing these problems then doing this actually resolved the sleep issue.

It can take a serious amount of thinking time to gain the experience necessary before you can figure out the ‘intention’ of some energetic crap that is acting on yourself or clients that is responsible for some debilitating issue. For about 15% of the ‘issue’ being looked at the effects and symptoms of this issue are an indirect or distant outcome of what some energetic influences are doing to impact yourself or your life in some completely unrelated way.

So, if you don’t figure out the actual real ‘intention’ of the energetic crap acting on yourself then you won’t get an energetic response to your ‘directed conscious’ enquiry and what is revealed WON’T have much impact on the ‘issue’ you are trying to address.

Other factors that make identifying REAL causes difficult

There are other circumstances were it’s difficult to pin down subtle energetic crap ‘really’ responsible for issues. This is the case when whatever is doing ‘anything’ is either;

  • SERIOUSLY well hidden or
  • Is acting from a great distance from outside the energy body

Then it’s takes more effort and requires a ‘modified’ approach to reveal these.

In late Jan 2007, I decide to REALLY go dig for the real causes of these effects as I actually managed to figure out why targeting any of the individual ‘effects’ such as;

  • New Phone Cards not working
  • Phone lines being noisy
  • Being Unable to REALLY think or Speak about a difficult issue
  • . . . and so on

Didn’t reveal enough to write home about.

Breakthrough in Identifying the Intention of the Causes of Life Distractions

This is because these ‘effects’ were NOT the primary aim of what is responsible for them. I manage to figure out that the entire multitude of all of the effects we have been experiencing are actually ALL about stopping us from exploring and investigating issues, their origins and possible causes.

So, it’s not ‘REALLY’ about losing phone cards or the phone line getting noisy or forgetting to reply about enquiries concerning issues specifically.