Healing Session Client & Self Sabotage Examples

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

During this period of increasing distractions and diversions I was working with clients both directly and having healing sessions by phone while also sending them resources for them to work with to facilitate self healing of a negative issue independently.

Self Healing, Absent Healing & Client Healing Sessions are Subjected to Sabotages

So, we were constantly attempting to directly and deeply engage with all sorts of negative or difficult issues and then with either direct healing sessions or through clients working with resources to effect self healing (or me doing absent or distant healing) we were working to effect healing resolutions of issue causes.

All of these whether as formal healing sessions or as self initiated personal healing session done were subjected to sabotages in the form of distractions and diversions all the time.

Below I describe some of the obvious sabotages that happened during this phase.

Self Healing and Healing Session Sabotages Effect everything we use for these

For them to work with me properly all my clients need a computer, an internet connection, an e-mail address and e-mail software.

All basic and ‘standard’ stuff. Except;

  • If a client was sending an e-mail describing some traumatic or negative issue OR
  • I was sending resources to help them confront or address that issue OR
  • I was asking for further details of difficult areas.

Then we’d regularly find;

  • The internet connections would become difficult or stop functioning . . .
  • E-mail software would become problematical or do weird things;
    • Like a newly arrived e-mail would simply disappear as if it never existed.
    • E-mails in the process of being written would disappear or even self delete.
    • Sent e-mails would not arrive.
    • We even had computers crashing at the point of sending an e-mail OR of receiving an e-mail from myself.
  • A received e-mail with advice or a guidelines to follow to address an issue would refuse to print (when before and after it would be OK).

E-mails Discussing Difficult Healing Issues or to Arrange Healing Sessions and Impacted

These happening were NOT a minor inconvenience NOR were they a rare occurrence. It got to a point where I had to advise ALL clients to ALWAYS write e-mails to myself in a document format and to SAVE this before copying it to their e-mail client for sending (sometimes they even lost this when trying to save).

At least 10 times when writing about specific issues particular clients had to write the SAME e-mail 3-4 times.

Are you GETTING this?

Some clients had to re-write the same e-mail 3-4 times because it never arrived or disappeared when they ‘clicked’ to send. WHILE, they would have no problems what so ever sending normal e-mails to other people at the same time.

These were NOT one off incidents happening once a month for example. Forget about coincidences these happened way to often, and forget about psychological resistance as this was effecting physical based equipment.

Healing Sessions or Discussing Difficult Issues by phone are targeted

When we worked by phone which at that time we did either because e-mails were not working OR because I needed to address a clients issues directly then we’d have another set of similar problems. I work with people all round the planet, I don’t work face to face I only work at a distance, so during the early years I was spending 15 hours a week on the phone taking clients through exploring issues, figuring out how to resolve them and doing this. BUT, this did not get rid of sabotaging effects. Phone calls to effect healing sessions were sabotaged continually. Here are some examples;

  • Make you lose your phone card . . .
  • Make credit ‘disappear’ on a phone card . . .
  • Make phone numbers unobtainable . . .
  • Make my phone return as engaged when it WASN’T . . .
  • Line would disconnect in mid conversation.
  • Sometimes we even had the phone line itself NOT working.
  • Line would be very noisy or so quiet you’d not be able to hear.
  • Noise on line would quite obviously be much worse when discussing SPECIFICS about specific issues.
  • Someone would turn up to visit a client when they had just phoned (like post man for example) . . .

Remembering Issues and Talking about specifics is Difficult

Even when we could send and receive e-mails or talk by phone then we had other problems.

People don’t remember what they want to talk about, don’t remember important details of what they do talk about. Their mind goes completely blank and disabled when asked specific questions about an issue or even IN THE MIDDLE of replying or explaining about an issue. They are diverted off to talk about irrelevant details and KEEP coming back to irrelevant details even when this sabotage is explained. E-mails come with brief or scattered or irrelevant details or NONE AT ALL because they even forgotten that I’d ASKED a question (even when I re-ask the question 3 or 4 times. My questions for clarification cause distractions and with some clients I’d NEVER get a reply even by e-mail, EVEN after sending reminder e-mails.

These areas became so bad that myself and my clients had to adapt to these effects;

Deeper Understandings Beyond Self Healing Sabotages

Clients would keep spare phone cards, a backup mp3 player holding essential audio healing focusing protocols, make sure they can get to another computer when theirs becomes blocked. I’d try and have then aware of and prompted to spot the distractions that will completely prevent them working with IMPORTANT focuses and protocols that will target their negative issues directly for a day or three days or a week or until the end of time perhaps.

The above are just a few of the 70+ documented angles of sabotage.