Investigating Issue Origins & Causes is Prevented

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

As described on the previous pages it was because we were developing and using an increasingly enhanced approach to seriously engage with issues directly that was responsible for the debilitating effects we were continuously experiencing.

These effects gradually became worse and worse until myself and my clients were all being subjected to a barrage of sabotaging effects virtually all the time.

These became so frequent that on my clients resource web site I actually listed all of these effects so no one could say they didn’t know about them and could refer to them to be reminded of these if they needed.

These effects became the measure ‘Denoting’ a Correct Investigative line

It eventually became so obvious that an orientation to engage with and SERIOUSLY investigate what was responsible for difficult issues at their origin point actually provoked these effects that we came to KNOW that we were OBVIOUSLY on the right track with regards some particular ISSUES by how much of an onslaught we had to put up with . . . .

Most clients after a few months would begin to catch on and used this barrage as a reminder that they were orientating correctly for particular issues.

They would KNOW how important some issue was by how much they were being blocked and sabotaged from even trying to think about it never mind be diverted from using resources to engage with or address it.

We are Orientated AWAY from the NEGATIVE to the ‘Irrelevant’ and ‘safe’ POSITIVE

Here is the progression that I noticed happening over this two year period as we orientated toward, engaged with, DEEPLY ‘investigated’ and then attempted to address what was responsible for issues at deeper and deeper ‘subtle energetic’ levels . . .

** NO or FEW problems exploring DIFFICULT issues **


If you just casually discuss or explore or probe some personal problem or negative issue in a distanced, disassociated, unfeeling or ‘rational’ way OR

You are associated with some ‘official’ therapy or path whose organised ‘spirit help’ use pre-packaged subtle energetic solutions then for either of these you will have no or virtually no distractions, diversions or other sabotages.


The more you engage with YOURSELF (or your client) independently and openly and the more you have the intention to DEEPLY and FULLY investigate as well as FEEL & SENSE some past issue (because ALL issues originate in the past) then the greater the possibility you will provoke diverting and sabotaging effects.


After engaging with issue origins, then the more you are openly and actively looking in subtle energy terms for the DEEPEST causes (subtle energy causes) of an issue then you the worse these distracting effects get.


The more effective you become at ‘independently’ investigating in subtle energy terms AND the more effort you are putting into dealing with or TRYING TO DEAL with what you find then the worse these effects become.


AND the ABSOLUTE WORST effects are experienced when you find what has done in the PAST by ALL therapists, practitioners and healers OR your own efforts OR because you asked ‘spirit’ for help that is still present . . . AND start to try and UNDO these permanent solutions . . . .


** HUGE & Continuous Problems exploring DIFFICULT issues **

ANY SERIOUS attempt to openly and directly investigate the TRUE origins of any difficult issue never mind trying to IDENTIFY anything contributing to that issue is like trying to walk up river in flood water in a hail storm wearing concrete boots blindfolded while being shot at AND also attacked by so called demons . . . it’s no wonder is it that the likes of the Law of Distraction, ‘rational’ disengaged solutions or just ‘thinking, talking therapies’ are so popular?

Nothing I find & clear makes much difference to these effects

Although I’d always check (as per usual) for energetic crap responsible for these effects and we’d always find something, unfortunately what we found always turned out to be minor and made little or no impact to this permanent barrage of distractions and sabotage.

The problem being that whatever is doing this is making such a huge effort to keep you well clear of issues BY DISTRACTIONS which actually hugely sabotage or negate your ability to think then it was very difficult to even actually think of how to approach finding what is doing this.

However, at a certain point the shear intensity of these sabotages become so bad that I decided to make a huge effort to find out what is responsible for them.

The next series of pages details;

  • How I did this . .
  • The difficulties doing this and . . .
  • What we found as a result . . .
  • Which they absolutely didn’t want us to ever find out about . . .