Examples of How Healers & Therapists Commonly Engage Clients Negative Issues?

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How are ‘we’ Engaging with & Exploring Negative Issues?

For example; If you reading this were experiencing some regular negative issue such as;

  • Being regularly fearful or anxious or . . .
  • You found yourself having regular arguments with your partner or boss or . . .
  • You had a persistent troubled disturbed sleeping problem . . .

Then, how would you yourself or some therapist engage with and attempt to identify what is responsible for such issues?

Here are some ‘popular’ but in my terms ‘passive’ negative issue engagement approaches . . .

  • Doing some affirmations to lose the fear or disengage from arguing or to put ourselves into a ‘relaxed’ and undisturbed sleeping state.
  • Meditate or listen to some relaxing new age music to put yourself into a calm, relaxed, ‘none reactive’ state.
  • Control ourselves; for example to NOT initiate or be drawn into arguments.
  • Have a ‘cognitive’ therapist help you change your behavior and thinking about an issue.
  • Do some ‘standard’ healing thing such as;
    • Clearing or cleansing.
    • Rebalancing or realignment.
    • Re-patterning.
  • Or use a combination of new age ‘practices’ or ‘solutions’ that goes by some ‘impressive’ name . .
  • Some aware therapists might check for and deal with energetic ‘things’ such as;
    • Spells.
    • Entity attachments.
    • Other ‘subtle energetic’ crap such as implants, parasites and so on . . .
  • Some healers (many) will ask their guides / healing teams to do what they do . .
  • Some will dowse or ‘ask the body’ to get information on what is wrong and then ‘do what they do’.
  • Be medically diagnosed and given pills (probably to take regularly).
  • . . . and so on . . .

Most ‘approaches’ use pre packaged ‘paint by numbers’ solutions in response to physical or subtle symptoms and effects, they use or carry out standard procedures each time depending on what the issues are. In most cases the ‘approaches’ to address issues are of the rebalancing, adjusting, clearing or realigning type whether this is considered to be addressing the persons energy body, their physical body and their mental state, attitudes or thinking . . .

. . . and you can tell when you’ve got it ‘right’ because the issue gets better OR the issue disappears completely . . . YES?

I tried (often regularly for years) just about everything listed above to address my own varied and debilitating issues . . . with severely limited success.

How as a Healer am ‘I’ ACTIVELY engaging with a clients Negative Issue?

Lets use the ‘difficulty sleeping’ issue above as an example to run you through what I now do.

Here is a question to start;

“Will the sleeping issue have happened just once?”

It’s unlikely isn’t it?

It’s much more likely that a ‘troubled, disturbed sleep’ issue will have been happening most nights AND for quite some time for it to be debilitating or annoying enough that you’re actually provoked to try and do something about it.

From my point of view in terms of revealing ‘subtle’ causes;

Having a ‘Correctly’ Focused, Directed Will Engaging with the Negative Issue is essential

As I say elsewhere in my terms a focused ‘intent’ is the key.

However, as there are many different approaches that will consider that they ARE orientating toward and directly attempting to engage with negative issues directly with the outcome that different people will have different ideas about what ‘focusing their intent’ will mean then I’ll present a few variations below just to set the scene . . .

1) Spiritual & Healing based Invocations & Statements of Focused Intent To Address Healing Issues

In the past I used an ‘Invocation’ and then a ‘Statement of Intent’ to target ‘issues’ from a ‘Spiritual or Energetic Healing’ angle. In this respect what I’d have used in the past for this sleep issue could very well have been something like this;

“I ask Divine Spirit to search for and to root out all that is responsible for my sleeping problems, nightmares and disturbed sleep times. I ask divine spirit to go very deep within me to do this and to bring everything within me to the surface and to release it from me forever. I ask Divine Spirit to release everything of this from me NOW. I ask Divine Spirit to do all of this NOW – Thank

The above in my terms I now recognize as completely dependent on having to ‘trust’ that ‘something’ does actually know what it’s doing and is also actually getting on and doing this.

Yes, it does more coherently provide a focus to a specific issue but in my terms now this is dependent on too many assumptions that we cannot or have not absolutely verified. In this respect;

  • We’ve no idea what’s actually being done by so called spirit ‘really’.
  • We’ve no idea if what is acting on our behalf is resolving the issue correctly.
  • And way more IMPORTANTLY this doesn’t in the slightest EDUCATE ourselves as to what were the REAL causes of our issues actually are.
  • ‘Asking for Help’ and letting someone or something else ‘do something’ is not only COMPLETELY DIS-EMPOWERING you are left no idea if what is REALLY responsible for these sleep issues is being addressing PROPERLY at all.

I continually read how ‘divine beings’, the ‘spiritual hierarchy’ are here to empower us and that we actually have amazing abilities and spiritual capacities.

In which case why are we asking for invisible so called ‘spirit’ beings to resolve our healing problems and negative issues for us?

This ISN’T in the slightest empowering.

It’s not empowering in the slightest to be treated as a Crash Test Dummy and be told to just channel energies AND to stay out of the way.

Why is ‘spirit’ not focused on training ourselves to directly engage with our own subtle senses and perceptual abilities and why are we not encouraged and helped to directly investigate and UNDERSTAND the subtle origins of negative issues FOR OURSELVES? Why are we not being facilitated to understand what is responsible for our issues (rather than being given explanations that can only be described as being virtually incomprehensible ‘spiritual’ gobbledygook). Why are we not given full details of EXACTLY what is being done to address our or our clients issues?

It seems to me that the Biggest Secret is that the causes of our issues and how these are ACTUALLY and REALLY being dealt with by spirit beings, that this is apparently the BIGGEST SECRET.

Inviting others to sort your problems out isn’t in the slightest empowering. Also being continuously told to ‘stupidly’ trust invisible others all the time ISN’T an acceptable substitute for a decent education particularly when if you THINK about it for a while – then it’s actually ‘spirit’ that are NOT TRUSTING yourselves.

2) The use of Affirmations to Initiate Changes with regards Negative Traumatic or Emotional Issues

In some cases a few people will use their ‘intention’ applied in the form of an affirmation which with this issue might perhaps end up with something along the lines of;

“I will always sleep perfectly, I will always be in a relaxed and calm state when I am going to sleep and I will always have a relaxing and energising sleep” . . . or some such . . .

So, one of the most ‘common’ uses of a ‘directed intention’ actually has you ‘ignoring the actual issue itself’ while focusing on orientating away from it to what you want or how you (or something else) thinks you should be.

In my terms this is what most approaches that actually have YOU actively doing ‘something’ actually ‘do’. They often have you totally avoiding issue engagement and stampeding off in some other often assumed ‘positive’ direction . . .

3) Being Facilitated or Supported to Consciously Engage with a Difficult Issue

On the other hand some other approaches do a little better in the ‘issue engagement department’ as they attempt to get people to talk about AND more importantly facilitate them to FEEL and directly engage with the issue (and maybe the originating circumstances) and (with some practices) how it (both then and now) impacts them.

Some supposedly ‘new’ approaches that work in ‘mysterious’ ways such as tft and eft have you focusing your attention on the issue as a means to ‘target’ this issue in attempts to resolve it.

However to be honest (in my terms) these to me are still quite a poor way of engaging with any ‘specific’ issue irrespective of the level of apparent success.

To start to understand how I engage with my own and my clients negative issues then read the next page . . .