The Healer Fantasy of Addressing Actual Negative Issue Causes Exposed

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

I spent 8 HARD years after my ‘spiritual awakening’ event including 18 months of doing on average 6 hours of FOCUSED self healing each day having a VERY DIFFICULT time engaging with what turned out to be about 5% of my issues because stupid ‘spirit help’ b&&$t@r&s by order of the Spiritual Hierarchy were keeping 95% of my issues sealed off and hidden from myself (as they are of yours too and everyone else’s).

Continuous, Focused & Dedicated healing addressed virtually NOTHING

This time was ‘hellish’ and it was HELLISH in great part due to the contribution of spirit help doing debilitating and nasty things as described on the previous pages here to try and stop me from fully ENGAGING with my own issues never mind of absolutely blocking me from finding what was responsible for them.

Is it sinking IN?

This is a Two Part Series on what I call Useless Help, this first part (you’re reading this now) is about letting you know that LEGIONS of VERY WELL HIDDEN Useless Spirit Help beings are working with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US to ‘do what they do’ with regards every single healing intervention NO MATTER WHAT FORM THIS IS.

That their highest priority is to ensure that you don’t EVER discover what they actually do as solutions on your behalf.

At ALL costs DON’T think, & DON’T EVER check anything out . .

While writing the last series of pages on the ‘Lightworkers Love & Light Implant Collection’ and looking at how others defined lightwork and lightworkers I came across this;

A key principle of Lightwork holds that the practitioner is a facilitator and guide to their client. Based on the firm belief that all healing is self healing and that it is instinctive for the spirit and body to seek optimum health.

. . . and what does the above ‘actually’ mean? . . . .

Well, what it actually means is THIS;


DON’T ever consider what IS ‘actually’ done to effect a healing
DON’T ever deeply check what is REALLY happening during a healing
DON’T under ANY circumstances EVER start to ‘THINK’

It means; we want you to STAY OUT THE WAY, we don’t want you to think, we don’t want you to ever directly involve YOURSELF in anyone’s healing AND we absolutely DON’T ever want you to investigate to find out what is REALLY and actually done during a healing to ‘manifest’ a resolution.

‘Advanced’? Healing Techniques: Cleansing, Clearings, Balancing, Realignments . . .

Why are the COMMONEST terms used by healing and therapies as far away as possible from ‘acknowledging’ horrible negative issues?

. . . Yes, we can heal you of anything by doing a healing or therapeutic cleansing or clearing or balancing or by effecting a realignment or readjustment AND we have LOTS of sophisticated names for our healing systems and therapies that ALSO don’t relate one tiny bit to ‘horrible negative issues’ . . .

Don’t tell me you’ve not ever been suspicious about this either?

That you use ‘vague’ and ‘generic’ terms to describe a tool or a practice that ‘somehow’ manages to heal just about everything? Sounds like this would be the outcome of people being given tools that someone doesn’t want ‘how they ACTUALLY’ work to be explored, not in any depth anyway, . . . else . . well, . . . you’d have already read about Useless Help on lots of other web sites . . . wouldn’t you?

The Resistance to Seriously & OPENLY exploring Negetive Issue Origins is IMMENSE

The RESISTANCE to actually taking a ‘sensible’ line to orientate toward, engage with and attempt to deeply understand the ‘subtle’ origins of negative issues particularly ANY ‘repeating’ issue that has already been dealt with by Useless Help in your past is stupendously PHENOMENAL.

The amount of effort that the Spiritual Hierarchy and other groups through the Useless Help put into ensuring that lightworkers and EVERYONE else remain unaware of anything IMPORTANT is amazing.

Did you know that they have even gifted all lightworkers an implant that supports them to ‘give up’ and turn away if they meet resistance orientating toward issues. This is described HERE.

AND . . . what exactly does ALL of this ‘help’ actually DO to help people?

Are you aware that 90% of what these beings do to effect healing solutions have them applying changes permanently to your energy field. Each time these beings work on yourself then another set of these subtle energetic solutions are left in your energy field?

YES!! – it’s ALL STILL there NOW!

Did you know that ‘certain’ of the spirit help solutions as used by particular groups when used time and again, particularly lifetime after lifetime not only end up being responsible for secondary issues such as depressing authentic feelings for example BUT the accumulation of all these permanently applied ‘amazing’ subtle energetic solutions that are left in your energy field ACTUALLY ends up causing the very same solutions to actually become less and less effective.

Why are Healers NOT dealing with the Causes of Negative Issues?

This is why some healers can effect ‘cures’ of issues in others of issues that THEY THEMSELVES HAVE . . . BUT which they cannot THEMSELVES resolve.

In my experience therapists presented with such an OBVIOUS contradiction don’t seem to even be aware enough to understand that this IS a contradiction and a sign that something is perhaps seriously wrong.

If you read the second series of pages on Useless Help when it appears then it might sink in that what ‘Spirit Help’ actually DO to HELP turns out to NOT actually be helping in ACTUALLY REALLY USEFUL helpful ways either . . . on the contrary everything they do over time debilitates us even more . . . no matter what amazing results they might get in the short term.

For a more up to date explanation of the above then read this page here.