Do Absent Healings without Consent Violate Freewill?

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

Many of the ‘lightworker’, spiritual, healing fraternity (as well as others) are often locked into thinking that what they are doing is right for EVERYBODY?


That their energies or their way is wonderful and can do no harm?

I’m subjected to ‘Absent Healing Sessions’ Against my stated wishes

When I lived in Brazil for example every Wednesday evening a wave of energy shit (in my terms) would come our way as one particular group sent myself and my then partner absent healing energies because (in their terms) we were obviously lost and needed the ‘right’ energies to get ourselves back on track? Even though we asked this group many times to not do this they continued to disrespect our choice for years. In effect they deliberately violated our freewill even against our directly stated choice.

I have known of people whom have sent off energies to others without asking their permission and to recipients whom would be horrified that someone was doing this.

How to send Absent or Distant Healing & Violate someone’s Freewill Choice?

How many of you are being told or advised by your guides or leader or channelled ‘master’ or ‘whomever’ to do something that REALLY if you were to ACTUALLY have the awareness to think about for a while it would actually hit you that you ARE actually violating another’s freewill.

Although I’m sure some of you are contacting people’s so called higher selves or their energy forms and thinking you’re getting someone’s permission in this way? All of these types of internal connections are EASILY manipulated especially when your guides are ALSO often brainwashed along the same ‘we must save everyone’ line too . . .

NOT having Permission Directly means you DON’T have IT

If you cannot ask someone face to face then you’re avoiding being presented with your own contradictions OR some issue within yourself . . . . . . it’s as simple as that.

But lots of things are easily done when you’re ‘saving the world’ or working to bring everyone into ‘Unity’ or ‘Oneness’ or ‘Peace’ or ‘whatever’. Especially when you’re so convinced about what you are doing that you don’t even think about WHAT YOU ARE DOING?

Are you making Assumptions about what is right for others?

I made a conscious decision to never send energies to people without their direct permission over a dozen years ago (not that I was doing this before this time anyway). I figured that it was a violation of their choice AS IT JOLLY WELL IS. That one should NEVER make assumptions such as;

  • Of what any others need or don’t need.
  • Of how ‘nice’ or ‘spiritual’ or ‘universal’ your energies are and hence think they would not harm or VIOLATE another?
  • That your spiritual ‘mission’ overrides mere physical world considerations because you’re working for a higher authority now?

Are you playing GOD?

Anyone for Taliban or Dark forces Global or Distant Healing Sessions? Anyone?

So, would YOU be happy for ANYONE of ‘whatever’ path, faith or way including for example some enthusiastic ‘save everyone’ person from say the Church of Satanism or a Taliban fundamentalist or even ‘God FORBID’ some of those so called ‘Dark Forces’ channeling energies to ‘help’ or to try and ‘Save’ yourself?

Any takers for this?

I know many of you have fallen for the fable that all paths lead to the same place, that all paths are REALLY actually ‘equal’ or should be treated as such. So, it simply MUST be all right for yourself to have someone without your permission sending energies to you?

Mustn’t it?

Or perhaps all it takes for some other to take it upon themselves to send energies to yourself is for them to have the same lack of respect or lack of discernment or be locked into a similar set of debilitating straight jacketed assumptions or imperatives as ‘maybe’ yourself?

Are YOU violating another’s Choice OR are you being Violated?

Except perhaps when someone points it out like this? Then it all starts looking as if such ‘wise’ sayings and spiritual assumptions have got more holes in them than a holy tea strainer?


My ‘practitioners’ are not allowed to send energies to anyone whom they have not directly got permission from. This for me is BASIC in respect terms never mind in freewill terms . . .