How are Spirit Guides & Spirit Helping Beings actually Organized?

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

Do any of you know how many spirit ‘beings/people’ on other levels of reality ‘work’ as spirit helpers? Any ideas how many beings/people make up this army of Spirit help whom are JUST facilitating people in this earth space here?

Any Ideas?

Well, there are about 2 billion Useless Help beings in ‘service’ to ‘help’ earth residents. The 2 billion also include all these involved with the useless help Spiritual Hierarchy bureaucracy and administration (record keeping and so on) as well as all the personnel that ‘listen’ for and initiate action in response to your call for help.

This set of sub pages is all about these organized support centers, how we found about them, how they are run and why their existence has been kept secret from us. Descriptions of each page are given below . . .

Spirit Healing Helpline & Support Organizations

What is even more surprising is that these spirit help beings are completely bureaucratically organized and managed.

Different Origins of Spirit Help Support Revealed

It turns out that there are many different spirit help centers that service specific community, spiritual, therapy and or healing factions. This page gives specifics about some groups and communities that have their own support organization.

The TRULY Caring, Compassionate & Spiritual?

One of these Support Organizations stood out way above the rest for it’s depth of caring, concern and compassion. This page describes finding this group and our interactions with them AND who exactly this particular ‘way out in front’ group actually is.

What Initially happens when Invoking Spirit HELP

So, what ‘exactly’ responds initially when you ask for spirit help (or when others invoke help on your behalf) and what unfolds when you do this?

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