Unknown Spirit Effects of Healing Interventions?

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

If you are having some ‘problem’ as in some personal or life issue or difficulty and you ask for ‘Spirit Help’, your Spirit or Healing Guides (or the Universe or God (or ‘whatever)) or you work with someone to have some healing ‘intervention’ done on your behalf then what ‘exactly’ happens during this intervention, what actually goes on?

Have you thought about this?

Experiences & Awareness of Spirit Healing Intervention Effects

My very first experience of having ‘spirit’ or subtle originated ‘things’ working on me was in Brazil, this was before my ‘waking’ experience BUT it sure made me aware of how much I was unaware of. This is described HERE.

The next specific healing encounter that struck me was a few months after I returned from Brazil and a month or so after my spiritual waking experience. I describe this ‘psychic surgery’ event HERE. Such ‘subtle & spirit’ events were regular occurrences that went on for many years. About a year after the ‘psychic surgery’ experience I had an humorous encounter with Archangel Gabriel described HERE which happened during the phase when I was literally spending about 6 hours doing (in my terms) focused self healing each day with direct awareness of my guides AND a direct interest in what they were doing AND how this was being done.

LOTS happening in Healing Sessions & Spirit Interventions that I could not ‘Perceive’

So, these events (and many others) all made me ‘vaguely’ aware of how little I knew and even though my awareness and abilities to access are quite phenomenal (there are pages and pages of examples of the diversity of my ‘subtle energetic’ and ‘other dimensional’ experiences on realitywalker.com) I was still aware that there seemed to be a lot going on that I was somehow UNABLE to be directly aware of particularly during healing ‘spirit’ interventions (whether they were directly ‘invoked’ or happened ‘spontaneously’ at other times).

So, I could sense or feel ‘activity’ going on in the background in some instances a great deal of ‘spirit originated’ subtle energetic activity BUT I was UNABLE to see or perceive what or whom was responsible for this activity nor of how this activity was impacting myself directly (what was being done) nor of what was actually being done to result in this activity.

Unknown Spirit Activity & Mysterious Subtle Energetic Effects Occur Regularly

I know from my times spent with many other healers and therapists whom are aware of and sensitive to ‘spiritual’ realities that MANY if not all such people felt subtle energetic activity impacting them, most on a regular basis. Such spontaneous ‘spirit’ and subtle energetic happenings within certain circles are so normal that they are treated offhandedly or as a ‘matter of fact’ . . .

We might describe this as ‘cleansing’ or ‘processing’ or having some spiritual or energetic ‘adjustments’ made and so on, but in many instances there is no ‘visible’ spirit presence and for myself, even if there was, it often felt as if much of the subtle energetic or ‘spirit activity’ I did feel did NOT relate entirely to the presence or activities of what was actually ‘visible’ or multidimensionally perceivable.

I also didn’t actually ‘think’ very much about these types of unattributed and or unidentified ‘energetic activities’, it’s just accepted that this is;

“How it is” . . .

So, not thinking about or contemplating ‘unattributed’ spirit based subtle energetic activities does seem to be the ‘standard operating procedure’ of probably almost EVERYONE involved in these spirit and subtle areas. They are ‘accepted’ as a ‘normal’ part of being actively engaged with the ‘spirit realms’ particularly when you are actively asking for spirit interventions and particularly so when this is for help and healing.

Unknown or Unidentified Spirit Activity & Effects are Rarely Questioned

The overall attitude can be described as . .

“Well ‘they’ (as in spirit guides and beings) are there, we ask them to do things, they come (or ‘something’ comes) and they ‘do what they do’, things happen, subtle energetic things are done, changes occur, that’s how it is and we don’t need to know more than this.”

. . . and all this ‘vagueness’ is supported and backed up with the likes of; ‘you just need to trust’ and ‘we are all one’ and the ‘universe provides’, and the ‘we always receive the healing that is right for us at any particular time’ or ‘everything is perfect(ly unfolding)’ or ‘you wouldn’t be able to understand from a 3d perspective anyway’ or ‘you’re not spiritually advanced enough or aware enough . . . blah, blah, blah . . .’ and so on . . .

It’s difficult to even think about why we DON’T think about these areas

For the most part I’d been going along with the status quo of ‘not really thinking about these areas’ while at the same time in ‘alignment’ with my focused intent to seriously try and deal with my issues I was writing what I called ‘Statements of Focused Intent’ to help me do this.

These were very effective in helping myself and others align to ‘Spiritual, Light and Universal attributes, tools’ and helped give better results when trying to address issues as part of that alignment.

However, as much as these were giving me much improved results compared to an ‘undirected’ or ‘unconscious’ involvement with regards ‘spirit based interventions’ this dedicated ‘spiritual, lightwork, healing’ line was still not having much impact on most of my long term issues even when dedicating hours a day trying to address them.

Starting to think about a more ‘Proactive’ Issue Exploring Lines

I continued with my ‘enhanced Statements of Intent’ type approach until a couple of years after it eventually sank in how much I was being seriously and directly sabotaged by the Spiritual Hierarchy BECAUSE I was VERY serious about exploring and finding the origins of my issues (which I describe in detail in this article series HERE).

It was at this point that I started to try and think about different ways to approach seriously investigating negative issues and their subtle energetic origins directly and independently for MYSELF.

To understand the intention and the evolution of the start of this shift read the next page . . .