What Happens when you have the Intention to Seriously Engage with Difficult Life Issues?

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

Just to remind you, I had some seriously debilitating personal issues that were driving me to find understanding never mind the means to resolve these.

The following pages are about explaining in detail what happened when I took a dedicated line to seriously and personally align toward my own debilitating issues while also trying to develop the means to DIRECTLY investigate issues from a subtle energetic and energy body perspective independently of ‘official’ so called ‘healing’ guides and beings in spirit particularly to try and identify issue origins.

Without an understanding of the circumstances that prompted me down these lines and what emerged and developed as a result then you won’t have the context to properly understand what I’m trying to convey within this series here. You are seriously advised to read all of each page in this series in the order they are presented. This is probably the most important article series within the scary section as it will provide a foundation of understanding of all the other articles here.

Do, YOU choose to spend time Deeply Feeling or Engaging Your OWN Traumatic Issues?

Over time in attempting to better understand and resolve my issues I eventually orientated to fully look at, FEEL and deeply engage with ALL of my difficult so called ‘Negative’ issues.

To have a chance to PROPERLY understand difficult issues you need to understand them, to understand them you need to know about them. For example your ‘feelings’ are the biggest clue;

  • What are you feeling?
    • Are you in the same feelings persistently?
    • Do you regularly find yourself in some feelings or reactions?
  • Where do these feelings originate. Both;
    • Within yourself
    • To a past incident or life phase
  • What past event or circumstances originally triggered or invoked or eventually gave rise to these feelings?
  • What is responsible for these feelings being persistent or recurring?

How easy is it to get people to Engage with and Feel their Difficult & Negative Issues?

How easy is it to get people to fully orientate toward, engage with and to deeply FEEL their negative, traumatic, debilitating feelings and attitudes?

I write about the attitudes I noticed that ‘professional’ healers, therapists AND conventional practitioners THEMSELVES held to that had them orientating away from and studiously avoiding what in my terms were serious personal and life issues HERE.

The real and serious bias amongst all of us is to ignore, orientate away from as well as of trying to ‘disengage from’ difficult feelings, reactions and attitudes.

People (for the most part) often don’t like even talking about negative or troubling issues never mind of actually giving such issues their full engagement never mind their directed and dedicated long term attention.

People particularly DON’T like to re-enter traumatic or difficult feelings . . . and this is so COMMON that I and probably you would take this to be entirely NORMAL.

So, getting people to orientate toward difficult issues, think about them and WORSE have them really and fully engage with them is seriously not our preference as a species.

Having People Orientating away from Negative & Traumatic Issues is Normal?

As Robert Masters says here of this avoidance;

This preference has so deeply and thoroughly infiltrated our culture that it has become all but normalized, spiritual bypassing fits almost seamlessly into our collective habit of turning away from what is painful, as a kind of higher analgesic with seemingly minimal side effects, a spiritualized strategy not only for avoiding pain but also for legitimizing such avoidance, in ways ranging from the blatantly obvious to the extremely subtle.

I prefer to use ‘Negative Issue Bypassing‘ rather than ‘Spiritual Bypassing’ as this attitude is consistently prevalent within ALL modalities including for example the likes of ‘cognitive (talking) ones’ never mind that this attitude is the 100% medical option of choice where people are permanently fed pills (sometimes for life) as a solution for depression for example.

So, why do we have this ‘bias’? Why are we all strongly orientated to stay well away from negative or difficult issues? Why do we preferentially pick treatments that mean we actually don’t spend time even thinking about them never mind directly involving ourselves in our difficult issues.

As I describe HERE if we actually had effective means to REALLY efficiently deal with troubling or difficult issues then we’d HAVE NO INHIBITIONS WHATSOEVER to fully acknowledging them, engaging with them and of quickly dealing with them.

What happens if you have the intention to SERIOUSLY engage with Negative Life Issues?

Is this severe negative issue allergy really normal or is this just taken as normal because it’s ‘common’ . . . OR . . . could there actually be ‘something’ acting to stop us from orientating toward or engaging with difficult issues?

What happens if you try and reverse this ‘normality’ and attempt to FULLY orientate toward AND engage with and sit in difficult, negative and or traumatic feelings, emotions, attitudes and or thinking or other states?

What happens if you and your clients have tried everything and more to ‘resolve’ issues without success . . . to such an extent that you’ve thrown out all ‘currently’ presented solutions and are seriously trying to look at and engage OPENLY with issues?

What happens if you orientate toward horrible issues while also actually trying to find AND identify ‘anything’ that might actually be ULTIMATELY responsible for these, rather than assuming it’s something of yourself that you need to adjust, own or change or even of assuming that some ‘spirit’ presence actually know what they are doing and are helping you properly?

What Happens when you try to Personally Engage with Difficult Negative Issues?

What happens if you are OPENLY & sincerely looking for ‘anything’ that might be responsible for them? Rather than for example ‘thinking’ that they just need ‘balancing’ or to be ‘owned’ or ‘adjusted’ or ‘realigned’ or ‘managed’ or ‘whatever’.

Have you tried this? Have YOU tried even thinking about this never mind to take a line against what is considered a ‘normal’ human attitude to avoid and orientate away from difficult negative issues?


What happens if you actually and seriously take this line? Do you know?

What happens if you seriously take this line while ALSO trying to develop the means to actually directly engage with and investigate subtle energetic issue origins and possible causes as you do this?

Read the next page for an understanding of the shift I made from lets say a ‘pro-active’ but passive, disengaged involvement to actually taking a line to seriously attempt to directly investigate issues from a subtle energetic perspective ourselves rather then assuming the ‘someone’ or ‘something’ knows what they are doing to ‘address’ our issues . . .