Spiritual Wisdom; Catch 22’s & Paradigm Locks

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

There is an implant that manages the ‘discernment’ faculties of ‘lightworker’ types but in writing that page and finding more and more direct and specific areas that this implant attempts to ‘manage’ of lightworkers responses thinking and behaviour that I decided to split it into more manageable sections.

Which is great because it’s much better having 5 diverse and above all ‘scary’ pages rather than just one.

Light & Spiritual Catch 22’s & Paradigm Locks

So, here are some pages describing how lightworkers are ‘managed’ to make it unlikely that they will spend time engaging with or thinking about anything beyond accepted ‘light wisdom’ beliefs, truths and ideas . . .

ASK, Let GO & Let the Universe Provide for YOU

Creative Manifestation; YOU Create your own Reality

Everyone’s Experience is different & Equally Valid

Personal Wisdom, Intuition & Higher Self Paradox

There are plenty or new age, spiritual and lightwork ‘wise’ sayings that actually both keep people lost and contribute to people staying stuck in difficult issues because in believing, being bound to and continually living some ‘spiritual truth’ they end up jammed down a blind alley, neither able to get out nor see or appreciate that they are locked in this position through believing ‘something’.

DON’T Give UP; Persist Against Resistance!!!

And if you manage to survive these then as an added BONUS there is the page that describes what this implant is doing in an overall sense in horrible detail;

‘Spiritual Discernment for Dummies’ Facilitator Device

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