Light Wisdom; DON’T Persist Against Resistance!!!

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

After I had my ‘spiritual’ awaking experience and was directly and regularly interacting with many lightworkers in the ‘light’, healing and spiritual ‘domains’ I was a little perturbed by one of the ‘spiritual’ recommendations I regularly heard;

“If you experience resistance when trying to take a particular ‘life’ direction or orientation then that is a ‘spiritual’ sign that what you are doing is not right and you should desist?”

I found myself often being told this (good job I’m not taking unapproved of lines eh!!) and I regularly heard this ‘amazing Light wisdom’ being conveyed to others too. The bottom line was that if you took a line and experienced ANY persistent ‘resistance’ as in blocks, sabotages or doubts then you should recognize this as a ‘Spiritual or Light’ sign that you should not be taking this direction. That you could easily ‘Tell’ when a particular direction or orientation was correct because it would be MUCH easier to take such a direction, it would be devoid or blocks or sabotages or set backs while you’d often magically gain ‘support’ for a ‘right’ movement . . .

Divine Light Wisdom has you recommended to Avoid Difficulties?

And a literal translation of this amazing spiritual ‘Wisdom’ is? . . . .

If you come across ANY resistance then

PLEASE (be sensible!!) and GIVE UP


If there is ANY resistance to any line you take then should you not be asking WHY? How often are you blocked in general life areas but would not even consider going along with such advice of GIVING UP? . . . . because . . . . . ?

Well . . . . IT’S BL**D/ STUPID!$*#?

  • “OOOOppps look my credit card stopped working – well I never!! I’ll just never investigate that and use my check book instead?”
  • “OOOOppps look every time I use my cooker the food gets burnt. I’ll just stop cooking then . . . . that must be what that means?”
  • “OOOOppps hey it just seems like every time I try and start a relationship it all falls apart . . . . gosh that’s easily solved . . . . I’ll just not bother ever having a relationship – hey then I’ll be really happy!!”
  • “OOOOppps look the suppliers for my knitted yoghurt business keep delivering things to the wrong addresses and they don’t answer my phone calls . . . . so, obviously I’m doing the wrong thing and should let my business fold?”

And some of you think I’m crazy?

‘Light’ Suppression, Bullying & WORSE for the none conforming?

Look at how easy it is to put some of you into a very small box IN THE GUISE OF ‘BEING SPIRITUAL’ and not even have you think about it?

Let’s see then . . . if your awareness is EXPANDING then that infers that you should have the ability to take in more than you used to? Perhaps a particularly good use of an expanding awareness might be to try and have it become aware of why amazingly it has missed perhaps EVERYTHING I’m pointing out on these pages here?

“How much choice do you have to use YOUR awareness to become AWARE of things that THOSE supposedly supporting your EXPANDING AWARENESS don’t want you to become AWARE of?”

What happens if you DO explore Negative Issue causes DIRECTLY?

Have you tried taking a dedicated line to exploring and engaging with your WORST NIGHTMARE issues while trying to identify what is REALLY responsible for them? Do you have any idea of the ‘resistance’ you experience if you DO take this line? If you want to find out then there is a whole series of worrying and very scary articles describing this here; Subtle ‘Management’ of Negative Life Issue Causes.

Would you like to become AWARE of just one of the MANY ways that ‘Light Masters’ actually create ‘RESISTANCE’ which manifests as; sabotages, blocks, life difficulties and severe opposition never mind ZERO support for any ‘light’ person pushing in certain ‘directions’? . . . and . . . maybe . . . some idea of WHY?

You DO?

Jolly Fantastic . . . well all you need to do is just mosey on over to read the next page where you will find out which Spiritual Hierarchies LIGHTWORKER ‘Love & Light’ implant contributes to managing such atrocities?