Higher self or something else

Although I was introduced to the concept of the ‘higher self’ many years ago and at that time in our evolution although it seemed reasonable it also, even then, contradicted what we knew from direct experience. A single being / energy form that you can connect to that represents all your higher aspects is from our experience a very limiting concept as it does not represent the truth as well as it might.

So here we want to try and give you a broader understanding based on our own experiences.

What is our experience of the Higher Self?

As our goal has been to resolve all forms of separation within all forms of ALL THAT WE ARE on all levels, dimensions and existences, then we have been steadily introduced to many, many soul form parts of ourselves as part of this process. We are talking here specifically about parts of ourselves that are existing within higher or finer energy realms, not Projected Soul Forms that have been occupying a vehicle (as we do here) or intermediate forms. In all I have encountered over eighty of these higher forms that together could be said to make up my complete soul form. All of these are from soul culture environments (levels were there is the ability to create other souls).

So, I could possibly say that I have more than eighty ‘higher selves’. However I prefer to view them as soul forms of myself that are independent exploring different environments for various reasons. Each of these forms will have different experience and different goals making them by and large somewhat different from each other.

Does everyone have a higher self?

Although we did originally think that the higher self was perhaps another facet of lightwork fantasies that arise when you manifest what you believe in. We have since come to an understanding that not all Projected Soul Forms have a higher self. When a soul form initially projects a Projected Soul Form into this level of existences, it may or may not also project a higher self. Although we feel that most Projected Soul Forms have higher selves we feel that this is more a function of the soul qualities and skills of the pure soul form. If the pure soul form projecting the fragment does not have certain skills, qualities or approaches then a higher self would be essential to help the Projected Soul Form during it’s explorations here. Some don’t need the help that could be offered by a higher self fragment and are therefore not sent with one.

For us a higher self is a support / guidance Projected Soul Form with the agenda to help Projected Soul Forms projected from the same pure soul form within this Projected Soul Form sphere.

Why are YOU here?

We have to ask you the question; why has a soul form projected part of itself (i.e. what you think of as you) into this reality in the first place? Well for the most part you will find that it has done this to help it gain more experience of ITSELF – to help it understand and to perhaps move it beyond some limitation, trauma, challenge, conditioning, repeating pattern, stuck perception and so on? This is why you are experiencing this existence here? To follow an agenda set up by a soul form part so that IT (we repeat IT), through YOUR experience may come to a greater understanding that will help IT. Are you following this? You were projected here to help a soul form overcome some limitation it has been unable to understand and or resolve on the HIGHER level it lives. That is YOU are IT’S hope in IT’S quest to gain more KNOWING because it cannot!!!! Why? Well higher realities are much more flowing, harmonious and in the moment, while this one is designed to;

To offer you opportunities to have experiences outside of the parameters of your soul. This is great for helping your soul form gain experience in areas that are outside of it’s soul quality restrictions or current range of existential experiences that it has had since it’s creation. Hence you may have had large numbers of incarnations here and other similar places to help you / IT to gain new experiences and new understandings that it can then try and incorporate into itself. This is where the 7 rays have some basis in truth. Your soul is a mixture of energies that gives you your souls qualities and limitations. While the part here can come with a completely different mixture helping this little part have different experiences to what the higher soul form can, and in this way help the higher soul form move on.

This reality is designed to reflect back to you WHO YOU ARE and what YOU ARE PRESENTING, so you have more chance to see YOURSELF. This is something that does not happen (or is very poor) on higher energy levels. So, when you have had enough incarnations here to gain new experiences that are lacking in your soul form part then you may have a special incarnation and come with the same ray or energy mixture here as you hold in your soul form which would amplify enormously all the patterns and limitations of your soul qualities, while at the same time you will hold new experiences and movements gained from incarnations here to help this higher form move on.

What we recommend?

To help you have presented to you a reality which is more useful and information pertinent then you must put down all preconceptions and expectations. You cannot make the assumption that information already presented is the truth. All the information presented on this level at this time is in flux and if presented by truly spiritually transforming people then it will be changing as regularly as they change. Ancient or old information (more that say 5-10 years old) is in this day and age very much past its sell by date.

We would recommend that you try working with an invocation that allows possibilities. That includes phrases such as;

  • Take me beyond all of my assumptions,
  • Help me realize all the misconceptions that I hold to so that I may move into better ones,
  • I am interested in the truth, the whole truth and nothing less than this, so give me everything that I need to be able to accept this level of wisdom,
  • Do, whatever is necessary to release me from faulty conceptions, belief systems, limited mind sets, knowings, spiritual understandings and so on so that I can embrace fully a greater depth of truth.
  • Give me Beings, energies, tools and resources to work with that will help me achieve all the above as soon as possible.
  • Take me beyond all my illusions that all parts of me are holding to on all levels, and do this now.

Basically, open yourself to possibilities. Be prepared to let go of your favourite spiritual truth to move into the unknown. That is actually what being on a true spiritual path is about – moving into the unknown, that is you are transforming and changing and you cannot actually do that in any really deep way if you are already holding onto what you consider solid spiritual truths. Many spiritual paths (if not all of them) facilitate debilitation as they will help people reach a certain level of awareness or realization and then hold them there. This causes you to suffer from what we would call spiritual paradigm lock.