Picking the right Spirit Guide for the Right Job?

It is foolish to the extreme to assume that your guides are qualified to do anything but guide you in the simplest of ways. Often like attracts like which means that you have someone guiding you that is as aware, as qualified or as knowledgeable as yourself.

How to ensure that you have the best Spirit Guides for your path?

I’d advise that you don’t make any assumptions about spirit or guides. Do your beliefs of them come from direct experience unclouded by preconceptions and assumptions (read beliefs) or have you read them somewhere and just accepted them as the truth or worse been told them by your guides? Understand that your reality will confirm any beliefs you subscribe to, you cannot believe in something and then check it out as the belief will most often confirm itself. It is also very difficult to step aside enough to make a detached evaluation.

The more you have of yourself, the more you stand in yourself, the less you rely on beliefs. Conversely, the less you have of yourself the more you cling to beliefs as they then define you rather than you defining yourself.

Don’t assume that your guides have either the experience or the qualifications to help you to go where you want to. This is very rarely the case if you are pushing the boundaries and moving yourself beyond limits into unknown areas. Unknown areas for yourself means unknown areas for guides and friends who are a representation of your old ideas and beliefs.

Are you driving your own movement or are you being driven by your Spirit Guides?

Do you know what you want or are you just following what you are told you are here for? If you don’t drive your own movement then any being can come along and easily recruit you to serve it’s beliefs. Unfortunately these beings are not the negative, manipulative, dark side ones – these are easy to spot. Rather they are the ones who are unconditionally sincere about what they believe, about what good they are doing and about what they present to have you doing the same. What they present can be very appealing to someone who does not have much of themselves.

True trust is trusting yourself. True courage is required to achieve this level of trust. On the other hand it is for many much easier to avoid this hard work and trust in others they can neither see nor properly evaluate.

Advice for those really wanting to push beyond all ‘Subtle & Spiritual’ limits

You have to take responsibility for your path. You have to be clear about what you want and define it and state it.

It is your responsibility to take responsibility for your guides. If you are letting them be responsible for you then you still have some way to go before you will start to achieve some measure of self empowerment.

Spend a lot of time getting the foundations right. When we say a lot of time this is exactly what we mean. 2-3 years of hard, focused, dedication with you specifying every day what you want. When you do this and you have convinced your reality that you are serious then it will fully support you to make this movement in magical and creative ways. It will still be very hard, but it wont kill you (might get close at times though).

There is nothing else but finding yourself, either you are digging for you, clearing limiting issues, debilitating traumas and resolving them or you are not if you are not then you wont get far as you cannot fool yourself or hide what you cannot or wont look at within yourself. Either you do it or you don’t, if you don’t the only soul that loses out is your own.

What are you using this life for? What are you trying to Achieve or Find Out?

At this time, there is nothing but this – finding out who you are – letting go of limits, letting go of beliefs, letting go of knowings, letting go of models, letting go of conditioning, letting go of guides, letting go of past friends and not just doing this as a human or as a Projected Soul Form but within ALL THAT YOU ARE everywhere.

Doing anything else is a waste of both your time and the opportunities being offered here. We would seriously recommend that you should be making maximum use of both of these.

If you wish to have more information that will give you a better background to these areas or help you move beyond these limits then have a look at my book. There is much valuable information that can help give you a good start or facilitate you to re-adjust where ever you are now. Check this book out HERE (It’s and e-book and FREE to download).

A Later Updated Series on Spirit Guides giving even more In-depth Information & Advice . . .

This specific series of pages was written before I became aware of even more ‘worrying’ things about Spirit Guides. So, if you want your perspectives and understandings about spirit guides ‘seriously’ upgraded then start reading the first page of this new series which is listed below.

You should read the whole lot, BUT, you should ‘absolutely’ read the last page in the list below (preferably after you’ve read all the other pages leading up to this last page so you have context and a ‘lead in’).