Healer Incompetence & Subtle Awareness Failures

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"How to Define an 'Honest, Correct & Empowering' Relationship with your Spirit Guides? Did you know that your Spirit Guides Attack others, lie AND keep secret what they 'really' do on your behalf? Why do many whom consider themselves 'Spiritual' remain unaware of the Contradictions of 'Spiritual' Protection?"

Perhaps as an ‘active’ healer and spirit competent type with an amazing expanded awareness well beyond others you’d imagine that if what I’m stating here was true you’d be ‘aware’ of the attacks carried out by your guides against other as well as of others ‘light’ guides carrying out attacks against yourself or at the very least you’d have heard about this from other healers particularly from any that were serious or competent about what they are doing?

Or perhaps you’d be easily convinced that there is NO WAY that you or other ‘healer or therapist’ types would have missed these . . . especially those of you that are consider yourselves super competent and amazingly ‘spirit’ aware and advanced . . .

Would that be the case?

So, if you are ‘this’ competent as a healer and super aware of subtle ‘nasty’ energetic things then the subtle signs of any on going ‘spirit guide’ battles particularly if this had been happening and accumulating over many lifetimes would be very obvious to you?

Wouldn’t they?

In which case . . .

‘What are they?

Go you know?

Physical Symptoms of Hidden Stealthy ‘Spirit Guide’ Attacks

  1. Bad vibes, bad feelings, negative reactions toward others particularly that those you just here about but have not actually even met.
  2. Worse or worsening bad vibes, negative feelings or reactions if you do meet that can lead to confrontations, conflicts and fall outs.
  3. Automatic virtually unconscious avoidance of certain others (which stops the above symptoms starting).
  4. Isolation issues, certain factions of ‘people’ seem to automatically stay away from yourself.
  5. Close up eye sight or vision degradation is sometimes a sign of huge numbers of psychic barriers around yourself.
  6. Over weight or ‘big’ body symptoms can indicate ‘buffering’ barriers to ‘soften’ direct attacks.

Subtle & Energetic Symptoms of Hidden Stealthy ‘Spirit Guide’ Attacks

  1. Huge numbers of ‘crappy’ Energetic Psychic Protection put there by your own spirit guides.
  2. Huge numbers of ‘isolating’ Energetic Barriers put there by the spirit guides of the person your spirit guides have been attacking.
  3. Each instance of ‘crappy’ Protection and each ‘isolating’ Barrier reduces your natural subtle awareness and subtle abilities. So, an inability to detect subtle things such as ‘psychic’ protection or ‘isolating’ barriers bizarrely could be a sign you have lots of both.
  4. That you will have heavy weight Guardians (usually Archangels) whom go to extreme lengths to prevent you becoming aware of never mind of stopping you from getting rid of both the ‘crappy’ Psychic Protection AND the ‘isolating’ Energetic Barriers.
  5. If you find yourself having trouble getting rid of the ‘crappy’ protection then you’ll find the Archangel Guardians also go to extreme lengths to not be identified either. If you do drag them out then they’ll be very pissed off with you AND your imaginary understanding of for example ‘free will’ will be shaken because you’ll have to argue with them to get what you want.

If there was already an example that showed that healer, therapist, lightworker types were often buried in 1000’s of entity attachments hidden behind lots of ‘invisible’ and ‘protected’ psychic protection then as a someone whom makes it their business to advance their understandings, their healing abilities and their awareness potential would you imagine you’d have taken notice of such a revelation?

Would that describe yourself?

If it does then it might shock you to discover that the very first article series I put up in this ‘scary’ section actually had an example HERE describing a healer whom had 40,000 entity attachments from attacks between him and 6,000 healers and therapist types that had been on going over many lifetimes.

How could 6,000 healer and therapist types all repeatedly involved in energetic attacks over many lifetimes grow such a huge ‘negative entity attacks’ issue monster while none of them were competent enough to actually sort it out? By ‘sorting out’ I mean understanding the issue origins and development and then resolving everything that was contributing to the entire issue fully (very difficult) rather than just using means to alleviate or completely disappear or ‘balance’ the surface symptoms (dead easy).

Do you know that it’s not ‘success’ in terms of disappearing surface symptoms and effects with regards a healing outcome that is important it’s HOW any ‘success’ is specifically achieved that is important?

How could such an HUGE attack issue remain unresolved for many lifetimes when all those involved are ‘healer and therapist types’ as opposed to any ‘Joe’ off the street?

Even more worrying was that this client mentioned that he’d worked with a large number of internationally recognized so called advanced expert healers whom had all managed to remain completely unaware of this huge ‘attack and conflict’ issue when they worked with this client?

Healer Therapist Incompetence & Subtle Realities Awareness Failures

Perhaps this lack in ‘competence’ is due to the majority of healing and therapy ‘experts’ following a ‘paint by numbers’ healing procedure type approach implementing standardized means to ‘re-balance’ or ‘re-align’ or ‘change the energy’ (because it often works to disappear symptoms) rather than actually deeply looking for the origins and subtle causes of issues directly.

If you read that example then you’d become aware that spirit guides are instructed by the spiritual divine hierarchy to keep a great deal of what is done on your behalf completely hidden from you. That’s why you are encouraged to follow some ‘standardized’ healing treatment or approach rather that in subtle terms exhaustively explore for contributions to an issue directly and openly.

Are you aware that its standard ‘light’ practice for your spirit guides to lie to yourself as well as of keeping ‘worrying’ things hidden from you too so that you’ll be kept in a ‘positive’ (but stupid) space.

Have any of you actually defined your relationship with your guides particularly to make it more likely that they’ll be honest with yourself and are dealing with yourself and others ‘well’ as opposed to you taking your relationship with your spirit guides at face value and so assume that they are are being open AND honest as well as of treating you (and others on your behalf) with integrity, understanding and honesty?

Have you done this?

If you want to know what I did to make sure my relationship with my own spirit guides was explicitly defined as well as some of what I defined and why then read the next page . . .