Spiritual Mission ‘Protection’ Contradictions Explained

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"How to Define an 'Honest, Correct & Empowering' Relationship with your Spirit Guides? Did you know that your Spirit Guides Attack others, lie AND keep secret what they 'really' do on your behalf? Why do many whom consider themselves 'Spiritual' remain unaware of the Contradictions of 'Spiritual' Protection?"

How easy is it for guides to carry out ‘harmful’ actions against others on your behalf?

How many of you ‘think, feel or know’ that the work you are doing is spiritually important? How many of you are convinced that you have a very important ‘spiritual’ mission or soul purpose and particularly one that is a vital part of a large scale plan say to raise the consciousness of the entire planet and population?

Would that describe YOU?

Are Spiritual Missions used to Justify Spirit Guides Attacks on others?

How many of you believe this such that your attitude with regards this VERY IMPORTANT ‘not to be messed with ‘Spiritual’ or ‘Divine’ mission’ should (therefore) not be interfered with?

How many of you are consciously or unconsciously conveying this to your spirit guides such that you are giving them the very STRONG impression that NOTHING WHAT SO EVER should ever be allowed to interfere with yourself or what you are doing and that the importance of what you are doing JUSTIFIES anything that your spirit guides do to ensure that absolutely NOTHING is allowed to distract you from what you are part of or trying to achieve?

Because . . . after all . . . it’s REALLY Important?

Isn’t IT?

Did you know that even though you yourself may not ‘directly’ initiate ANY action against another, your spirit guides may do so on your behalf through their interpretation of your subtle bodies ‘energetic’ presentation?

Did you know that they ‘read’ your energy field to know what is going on with you and to find out what you want? That they will pick up your expectations, your irritations, disappointments, fears, ‘desires’ and so on whether these are obviously expressed or not.

Are you aware of this?

How do your Spirit Guides KNOW what you want?

So, your preoccupations, wants as well as your worries, irritations, disappointments and set backs particularly those that relate to others can easily be picked up by your spirit guides and taken as something they should act upon.

Actions against others are then easily justified . . .

“The person we are guiding has important spiritual work to do so we need to make sure no one interferes with this?”

. . . that’s all it takes . . . and I AM sure that many of you would not actually disagree with this justification either?

How many of you think that what you are doing is REALLY IMPORTANT? That you must not be stopped from doing what you do . . . that you are here carrying out a very important soul purpose or spiritual mission . . . and so ‘obviously’ the means justifies the end?

Is that how it is?

I’m also sure that some of you will be aware that you should be careful about what you ask for?

The ‘Dark’ Consequences of Spiritual Mission & Soul Purpose Expectations

Are you careful about what you WISH for, want or are preoccupied about? Are you careful of how your expectations will be interpreted by your spirit guides or of what actions they may take on your behalf with respect to these?

Are YOU?

How many of you actually have the EXPECTATION that because you consider yourself to have a spiritual mission and or are involved in something ‘vitally’ important to the ‘evolution’ of the earth and everyone here that this SHOULD confer you with some sort of spiritual ‘protection’?

How unaware are you of what your ‘spirit guides’ might very well be doing on your behalf because of this ‘spiritual protection’ expectation?

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