Who or what are Spirit Guides?

These are beings or entities present in other realities who are interacting with you here to facilitate you in some way. This interaction is via the energy forms of yourself.

The terms spirit guides or spirit helpers is often a generic term for any beings that are presently working with you. Some authorities subdivide into various categories; supportive for example, or spirit teachers (They help you learn something), guardians (protection) or plain old guides who are the beings trying to help you stay on a predetermined path.

What form do spirit guides take?

There is a huge range of forms that can be classed as spirit guides. Sometimes a being will even choose a form or at least be seen as a form that is acceptable to the person they are working with in terms of their current belief systems and culture.

Some common forms include;

  • Human forms. These can be from any time period and from any culture not just the one you are part of in this life time. Nuns, priests, Native Americans, Chinese wise men (or women), Indian gurus, African chiefs, your aunt or grandmother and so on.
  • Angels (and Archangels). These can be to support, guide or protect. They are common at least with those who have a Christian background or are from a Christian culture.
  • Nature Spirits. Particularly for those who have a sense and respect for nature.
  • Others. Too many to list. Could be beings that you know from existences you have had elsewhere. Et’s for example, star beings, Ascended Masters and so on. You can also have beings that have no physical or defined form – they are simply pure energy.

There are basically a huge range.

Why do I have the guides I have?

For us there are four basic guide types with respect to their origins and why they are with you. These are;

Official Guides to the human form

You could say that there are various official and unofficial beings who either through an organisation or as an individual are part of a network of spirit guides that help those having their earth life experience. These include;

  • Angels and archangels whose job is to work with humans to help them through the complexities of their human experience, in supportive, guidance or protective roles.
  • Some humans take time in spirit form working as part of the organisation to help humans.
  • Ascended masters and co; They help to take people into presentations of consciousness and awareness useful for some having the human experience.

Guides who are friends

Friends or colleagues from your human past. As a human you can make deep and lasting friendships and associations. Sometimes the people connected to you in this way keep the connections even when they pass on. This is why aunt May, or your father, or your best friend from 10 lifetimes back can be with you as spirit guides.

Multidimensional Guides

We are all multidimensional and have had existences within other realities and on other levels. Sometimes beings from these other levels such as et’s, star beings and so on turn up to help you because of past associations (as friends and relatives) or contractual and mission agreements (colleagues, co-workers and or teachers).

If you decide to move beyond all your limits and all your current experience to transform yourself and your soul to the deepest levels possible then you must be prepared to ask openly and unconditionally all the time for the best guides that are qualified to help you in each particular phase. You cannot rely on your friends or past associations in spirit as they wont have experience of these areas and will for the most part just want you to stay either as friends or conform to past expectations. For deep transformation this is an untenable and contradictory position. To move beyond what you have been, you cannot rely on those who were part of what you have been to help you do this. Ascended masters and co included, they are not part of an unconditional expansion they are part of the limitation.