Bound and enslaved Spirit Guides

This is another area that we have not seen discussed anywhere . . . .

So we ask you;

  • What rights do you give your guides?
  • What rights do they have?
  • What are their terms of employment with regards guiding you?
  • Are they free to leave?
  • And who makes this decision?

Are you treating your guides as a slave?

We have frequently come across well respected people working with guides whose guides we can only say were working as slaves. One healer we met had a team with her from a past life where they served her (as a type of shaman). In this previous life they had been bonded to her in various ways, through ritual and coercion (fear). Since then, they continue because of these ties, trapped and unable to leave to follow their own path.

We have come across this type of situation enough times to be quite shocked. We have found this particularly with human form spirit guides working with readers or mediums doing psychic work (lower level).

What vows, bonds or agreements are tying your guide to yourself?

Some of these readers are aware that their guides have been with them for many lives and the reaction to this is always along the lines of how wonderful this is “were back working together again!!”.

Well if you believe that your guides magically appear independently of you or that their is some guidance employment centre that controls all assignments and recalls then please think again. Yes there is some organisation for some types of guides and for some people who have the foresight to organise things before they arrive here.

But most often this is not the case . . .

Some people become dependent on their guides

In these cases the relationship has become an addiction as the reader or medium is now dependent on this guide and so the contract is not reviewed but continued on the assumption that this is meant to be.

Often the guide and medium will reverse positions so that the next round the guide incarnates and medium is now the guide.

This is an example of energy addictions where they are trapped in what can only be described as a cycle of spiritual illusion.

Guides have a right to grow too

A guide is another being and it has as much right to explore beyond its limits as you do and as much right to be free to do this as you do.

However many people who are working with spirits have become through inertia, misinformation and limiting beliefs glued to their guides (as well as vice versa).

With both parties becoming equally stuck.

Are you treating your guide as a REAL person?

From our experience people don’t relate to their guides as real people who also may need be cared for;

  • When was the last time you asked your guide what they wanted?
  • What was best for them?
  • What do they require to evolve and grow?

The prevailing belief in many circles is that guides are supposed to be with you all the time and do what you ask out of service. All of this arises AND IS MAINTAINED because people are not prepared to explore beyond their limited beliefs directly or to even question the validity of their beliefs.

A raised awareness of WHAT?

Too many people connecting with spirits are arm chair readers, they think that this awareness is all there is to it and that they don’t have any more responsibility than to ask or pray for what they want – guidance, protection, love and light for themselves or another and then their guides or others jump to it.

There is a lot said about raising awareness. But exactly what does that mean? Most awareness raising within light and energy work is concerned with people having better access to guides, past lives, other worlds and a greater ability to scan chakras, internal body processes, energy bodies and so on usually for clients. However, contrary to what you may think all of this type of awareness is about looking outside of yourself into other realities and energy spaces. There is virtually no emphasis on developing an awareness that encompasses inner relationships. Either the relationship that you have with yourself or an awareness of the basis of the relationships you have with others. And here we mean “others” on all levels including you guides, hence there is little information covering these important areas and in fact little awareness that these are VERY important areas.