How to Repel Bad Evil Spirit Guides ‘Dark’ Attacks

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"Spiritual Spirit Guides & Guardians Defending & Protecting Contradictions. Are your Spirit Guides beating the shit out of others on your behalf without your knowledge or awareness? Are your nursemaid spirit guides severely dis-empowering and limiting you by their dark 'light' attitudes and behaviours? Are THEY?"

Carrying on from the previous page . . .

Just to be quite explicit here.

This light and spiritual guides ATTACK happened while I was writing the previous (new age contradiction) article series on my computer. This was not up on the web or in any public or open presentation, in fact this was written in mid 2008 and not made public until it was presented on this site in mid 2012.

No one even knew that I was writing this . . .

How Aware are new age types that their Bad Evil Spirit Guides Attack OTHERS?

What do you think the chances are that the person that these beings are TAKING ACTION ON BEHALF was actually aware either that;

  • Their GUIDES are actually doing this . . . or . . .
  • Of what their guides might ACTUALLY be doing to OTHERS to protect themselves?

MMMMmm . . . I would suggest that the chances of this are along the lines of . . . . zippo . . . nada . . . zero . . . NOOOO CHANCE . . . .

What do you think?

How Often are Spirit Guides & Guardians Responsible for Psychic Attacks?

Perhaps in rare circumstances a REALLY aware ‘light’ person whom on realizing that their guides are doing ‘nasty’ things to others on their behalf and of course then NOT being able to cope with this happening will probably end up having a bit of a manic laugh about it all . . .

“HAhhaHhaAhaha . . . Oooops . . . have my spirit guides been out harassing people again . . . sorry . . . I’ll have a word with them and get them to stop . . . I keep telling them but you know what guides are like . . . tttuh! . . . they don’t mean it really.”


As opposed to the opposite extreme where maybe, possibly, perhaps it might all lovingly escalate so that say in a 100 or 500 lifetimes it’s evolved into something that ends up for example supporting the ‘obliteration’ of a whole race of people.

Bit late now though . . .

Isn’t IT?

As it seems like this in at least one case has already happened?

Maybe in another 500 lifetimes there won’t be any one left to even contemplate obliterating?

Advice; How to Repulse or Ward Off ‘Light’ Spirit Guides Dark Attacks

I can also quite imagine that some of you may also think that I myself might have been justified in responding to this in ways that might just go beyond me practising my menacing look?

I’m quite sure that some so called ‘aware’ people on finding themselves attacked by others spirit guides like this would themselves initiate all sorts of actions including maybe even multidimensionally wandering over to the person these beings are protecting and be trying to do the subtle energy equivalent of pulling their fingernails out?

I’m sure that some of you would feel very justified in responding to such an attack in some way . . .

On the other hand if you are a new age, lightworker type then thankfully you don’t need to worry about becoming aware of such attacks or of taking actions to defend yourself because your ‘obliteration’ and ‘light trained’ spirit guides will have no problem gifting anyone that attacks you with return attacks.

It’s all done free of charge as part of the lightworker:

“I’ve an important spiritual and or divine mission to facilitate the earth ascension process’ package”

Ways to repel evil spirits or psychic attacks by stupid spirit guides!!!

If spirit guides or those in charge of them are so ‘aware’ or ‘all knowing’ then why would this lot be so amazingly stupid as to turn up and attack me and hence give me the opportunity to write some pages telling people that their ‘light’, spiritual path spirit guides regularly attack others like this on their behalf without their knowledge?

How many attacks of these types to defend barely conscious, probably completely unaware and obviously totally insecure new age, spiritual, healing and therapy types are actually taking place?

Do you know?

Even more worrying!! What might be the long term consequences of such spirit guide or spirit guardian initiated attacks on others?


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