Real Examples of VERY BAD & Wrong Spirit Guidance

We regularly come across people with guides they trust that don’t deserve to be trusted.

Sometimes this is an understatement.

Below are some interesting and extended examples to DRIVE THESE POSSIBILITIES HOME . . .

Starting or Maintaining Close Relationship Problems

One client was having terrible problems with close relationships. Intimate relationships rarely happened and when they did they did not last for long. We found that in past existences she had the pattern of attracting unsuitable partners and falling head over heels in love with them. Having got completely lost in this relationship it would then finish badly leaving her distraught.

This debilitating pattern originates at soul level and so permeates most if not all of her existences. However in one past life as a human where the same pattern kicked in leaving her in despair she decided to seek out spiritual help. In this case spiritual help turned out to be the occupants of the local monastery.

She eventually became a nun and worked closely with an older well respected sister who she thought of as her adviser, helper and friend. During this life she asked this nun to promise to help her become more spiritual and do what ever she could to stop her getting lost in a relationship again. And what a surprise – so it was and still is.

So, from that life on, she has had a very militant and dogmatic nun as a guide, who makes sure she never gets lost in a relationship by making sure that she never has one and if one does actually manage to start she ensures that it finishes quickly. A logical solution with regards this nuns beliefs as she has sworn to celibacy, is a bride of Christ (and thinks our client is too) and takes these things very seriously.

So, intimate relationships are not important in her book anyway and are in fact a hindrance to true spirituality (as her beliefs dictate). Now this client asked for this help, so this guide has the permission and the trust of this client through out many lifetimes to help as she see fit, under the assumption that as a senior nun she has more idea of what is best for her “highest will and good” than the client does.

What beliefs do your guides have?

Heed this example. This client could feel that she had someone she trusted working with her. She was very shocked when we explained this situation as she was subscribing to the belief (as most of you do) that guides will always be doing what is right for you. This situation could have gone on forever, particlarly as the awareness of such dire guide issues in healing, spiritual and lightwork circles is virtually zero?

This is why we ask you;

  • What beliefs do your guides have?
  • What qualifications do they have to help you in the way that you need?
  • Under what circumstances did you ask for this help and have these circumstances changed?

Guides tend to be limited in their options

Another Client came for a session because she was sick of the relationship challenges she was experiencing with her daughter. Her daughter in this case was for no obvious reason reacting strongly towards her and treating her very badly. The daughter it turned out had, had a difficult trauma and resulting issues originating in past life involving another person. As this other being was not at this time willing to take responsibility for their part in this trauma then her mother offered to hold the energy of this being to remind the daughter of what she was here to deal with and resolve.

Now, although the daughters path has been crossed with appropriate and effective means to deal with these areas, she chooses to take a head in the sand approach and suppress her problems with strong medicated drugs and psychiatric consultations. In the mean time, something that should have been resolved a long time ago continues to cause huge distress to the mother. For this session we called in the daughters guides to discuss and confirm this situation. This group of guides were very frustrated, in fact they were at their wits end with regards this situation.

They had a plan – one plan, with no variations and no backup and none of them had the experience or the confidence to try other approaches. They were very happy to have people that could interact with them and discuss various approaches that might lead to a solution. As part of the work we took away the energy reminder, as it was agreed that some part of the daughter would be aware of the plan and the loss of this energy may be another way to prompt some appropriate action from her.

So, here we have guides ill equipped to handle a plan not being followed to the letter. They had no back up options and no one in the team with enough creativity or experience to try something different. Again how many of you have the belief that everything is set up here and that your guides will (no matter what) make it happen? This is another example of why it is important to ask for beings openly (not named beings) to work with you who have the qualification and experience to get the job done. Also note, as your guides subscribe to certain belief systems then this may prevent them for asking for help outside of their paradigms. When I started working with spirit it was a spoken of and in fact non optional request that one member of the current support team must be looking for the new team to help with the next movement. During busy transforming periods teams would often be changing daily to keep up with what was required.

Guide helping a client in ways that caused blindness

Working with a client with fading eye sight. We found that this goes back to some trauma in a higher existence where she had seen something that she would have preferred not to. Not wanting to really look at the original incident and resulting trauma has caused her eyesight to fade away more and more.

When we started working with her the feedback we were getting from her was contradicting what we could feel was happening internally. It turned out that she had assigned a guide shortly after the original incident to seal off this trauma and information to help her move on and survive (this guide could have been a friend at that level the same as the nun in the first example above). So, this guides job is to guard this seal and prevent access at all costs forever.

So, when we start pushing these areas the guides solution is too feed her false information and feelings about what is going on and that everything is all right, blah, blah, blah. Again this could have gone on indefinitely. As a solution, we got her to talk directly to her guides, to define what she wants (to resolve this trauma and therefore to have the access to explore this directly) and to rescind all previous instructions. Should any guides not agree with this then thanks and all that but bye bye, else change to honour new instructions. In her case although the guide is still with her it has stepped back and is now not interfering in her process.

Situations change through time. We have come across and worked with many similar examples. In situations where it was important to take extreme measures to survive in the short term one must try and think of the long term ramifications. Unfortunately we rarely come across examples where this is done – none at all in fact. So, do you have an awareness of how changing circumstances are effecting your guides priorities if at all? Completely trusting that your guides are always doing the best thing is an incredibly foolish position to take. Find out yourself what you need to do and define it now. If you have to ask for extreme measures to cope with extreme situations then put either a time limit or better still ask that a guide prompt you to resolve the hidden area when circumstances change.

Like attracts like problems

Another client came from a soul culture that is extremely manipulative and self illusive. This person is also an energy worker and gives a great presentation but has little content. The problem here is that again like attract likes. She thinks (and believes) that she is working with Ascended masters – we did once too and we know their energy. Rather, her guides are another set of manipulative beings taking advantage of her self illusion to control her work to meet their own ends. In this regard, they are making her very successful at resolving physical challenges particularly with woman unable to have children. Success in this area means that they are now able to incarnate into this reality something which they have wanted to do for a long time but didn’t have permission to do so (they still don’t).

Well, we can only say that what goes round comes round. If you don’t look at your own issues, then they behave like open doors and blind spots which then make you vulnerable in all sorts of ways with unpredictable results.

Hello . . . are you conscious? Aware? Empowered?

These types of guide problem are NOT isolated or rare . . . are you falling for the ‘can do no harm drivel’? That you’re supposed to just accept and not question?

Well are you?