Do YOU expect your Spiritual Guides to Protect yourself by Attacking others?

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"Spiritual Spirit Guides & Guardians Defending & Protecting Contradictions. Are your Spirit Guides beating the shit out of others on your behalf without your knowledge or awareness? Are your nursemaid spirit guides severely dis-empowering and limiting you by their dark 'light' attitudes and behaviours? Are THEY?"

How many of you actually expect that because you are involved with a healing, therapy or spiritual approach that this confers you with some sort of spiritual ‘protection’ and even more so if you consider yourself to be part of a really important, if not vital ‘spiritual’ mission or soul purpose?

Do you expect to be ‘spiritually’ protected?

Would you expect your SPIRITUAL guides to defend you by attacking others?

While also ‘bizarrely’ thinking that having ‘spiritual’ protection privileges are somehow ‘correct‘?

How many of you think like this AND ALSO consider yourselves to be representing such as unity or peace, compassion, love, cooperation or justice?


How many of you would expect your guides to ‘defend’ yourself from say having someone politely pointing out some ‘contradictions’ in something that you publicly wrote being openly and publicly criticized?

The Contradictions of Spiritual Attacks isn’t thought about much is IT?

How many of you would expect your guides to take non peaceful, non compassionate, unloving, violent and injustice actions on your behalf?

Would YOU?

How many of you are so insecure that you’d expect your spirit guides and spirit guardians to leap in and defend yourself when someone criticizes some of what you wrote, said or presented?

How many of you would expect this AND still somehow thinking that your stance is good? or ‘Light’? or ‘Spiritual’? or that their actions have been sanctioned by ‘Divine’ beings? How many of you would expect your spirit guides to defend you while for example you advocate something like the genocide of an entire race of people?

Yes, I expect to be Spiritually Protected & to be kept unaware of the Contradictions of this?

So, are you saying that you expect your spirit guides or guardians to step in and basically deal with what are essentially YOUR problems and YOUR negative issues for you?

Is that right?

That being part of a ‘light’ or spiritual path gifts you with protective immunity from being presented with YOURSELF and perhaps your own dreadful negative and in some cases even ‘genocidal kill off an entire race’ attitudes?

Is that what you are saying?

I don’t like to be picky about this but what this actually means is that YOU are actually expecting to be protected from ACTUALLY being confronted by YOUR OWN actual negative issues?

This all couldn’t be something else that might ALSO go some way to explain why many healers, therapists, spiritual people and lightworkers just don’t seem to be very good at REALLY understanding what an actual negative issue actually is . . .


Come on people!!!

Yea, that’s right I EXPECT the guides of ‘something’ spiritual to ATTACK others?

You actually expect your spiritual ‘mates’, your ‘spirit’ guides or your ‘paths’ guardians to go out and debilitate others and perhaps even in subtle energy terms try to beat the shit out of people on your behalf WHILE you also somehow imagine that you yourself are ‘AWARE’ or that you are actually involved with ‘something’ truly supportive of unity, peace, love, co-operation, understanding?


You expect this while seemingly being unaware that our entire species is polarizing, moving more and more into separation and holding to ‘against others’ stances AND that this polarization is 100% displayed and supported by behind the scenes so called ‘spiritual’ and healing attitudes and spirit guides couldn’t just be a coincidence? Could it?

Could IT?

. . . . . . HELLO!!! . . . . . .

Perhaps ‘waking up’ only turns out to be useful if you engage your brain too?

How unaware are you of what your ‘spirit mates’ might be doing on your behalf? Read the next page to find out more . . .