Bad Effects of Spirit Guides Causing Psychic Attacks

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"Spiritual Spirit Guides & Guardians Defending & Protecting Contradictions. Are your Spirit Guides beating the shit out of others on your behalf without your knowledge or awareness? Are your nursemaid spirit guides severely dis-empowering and limiting you by their dark 'light' attitudes and behaviours? Are THEY?"

How common are these sorts of attacks? How many attacks on others may your spirit guides be carrying out on your behalf?


Are you reading this aware of the specific instances when your spirit guides are inappropriately and without your direct permission attacking others on your behalf?

How many Spirit Guide Initiated Psychic Attacks are being carried out on your behalf?

How many attacks do you think YOUR guides or spirit ‘protectors’ have initiated against others on YOUR behalf?

Yes . . . that’s RIGHT . . .

I’m talking to YOU reading this page NOW . . . .

How many attacks have YOUR guides or spirit guardians initiated against ANY others WITHOUT your knowledge and hence without your approval?

HOW MANY . . . ?

How many attacks are being done on your behalf to protect you from being confronted by ‘something’ that ‘might’ god forbid result in your awareness being raised or of you EVEN actually being prodded to slightly . .

WAKE UP . . . ?

I feel pretty sure that the author of this book would be quite taken back to find that their guides are ACTUALLY carrying out belligerent attacks on others as part of some ‘weird’ spiritual protection expectation?

How often might your Spirit Guides Psychically Attack Others?

So, would that be 1 attack a week or 1 a month or just 1 a year? Or maybe it’s actually 1 every half hour?

So, let’s see then . . .

  • 1 attack a year over 1,000 lifetimes at 50 years a lifetime would come to 50,000 attacks against others.
  • While 1 a week would come to about 2.5 million attacks.

So, what’s your guess for how many attacks they might actually be doing?

How many attacks might your spirit guides or spirit guardians have carried out on your behalf to PROTECT you because your spiritual path or light way or ‘whatever’ is so amazingly ineffective that your spirit guides have to go out and ATTACK and HURT other people to keep you safe and feeling secure and balanced?


Or, maybe a slightly more worrying aspect is this?

How many Negative Psychic Attacks from others Spirit Guardians might YOU be Experiencing?

How many ‘unauthorized’ attacks may YOU have EVER experienced from others spirit guides or spirit protectors because you’ve done something REALLY BAD like make a WEIRD comment about some healers hair style or ‘whatever’?

Any ideas? . . .

Even more worrying!!

How many of these attacks were responded to automatically by your own spirit guides by them carrying out psychic attacks on your behalf on the person whose spirit guides are attacking you?

Don’t tell me!!!

You wouldn’t know anything about these either?


Even worse!!! Do you have any idea how much the accumulated effect of these types of ‘back and forward’ attacks could be impacting yourself NOW?

How many Spirit Guide Psychic Attack & Defence Events may be permanently on going?

How many of these energy reciprocating ‘tete-a-tete’s’ might still be;


. . . ANY IDEAS?

BUT . . . .

You WILL be able to figure out that as this is a CASCADING scenario then ‘by and large’ the number of hidden to yourself automatically responded to attack events will be steadily increasing with each lifetime?

Advanced Healing Awareness for Advanced Healers ONLY . . .

If you reading this are an ‘active’ healer and spirit competent type with an amazing expanded awareness well beyond those of ‘common’ folk wouldn’t you imagine that you’d be aware of what I’m describing here to such an extent that you’d already know of ‘spiritual and light’ people being subjected to on going attacks from other ‘spiritual’ types and you’d have spotted these yourself or be aware of others whom had spotted these and dealt with them?

Would you?

YES? . . . . are you sure?

In which case, do you know the exhibited effects and symptoms of someone experiencing repeated attacks while having advanced ‘healing & light’ balancing and protection methods used in their defence?

If you don’t then perhaps you should read the next page . . .