How do Spirit Guides Protect & Defend you?

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"How to Define an 'Honest, Correct & Empowering' Relationship with your Spirit Guides? Did you know that your Spirit Guides Attack others, lie AND keep secret what they 'really' do on your behalf? Why do many whom consider themselves 'Spiritual' remain unaware of the Contradictions of 'Spiritual' Protection?"

In the article series before this one (which it would be a good idea to read before continuing here) I explained about new age, healing, lightworker, spiritual types not looking at or even being aware of the BLATANT contradictions and assumptions in the healing, spiritual, therapies, new age and lightwork areas. As part of this I gave an example of an author writing about ‘Obliterating a race of people’ and ‘all of their creations and manifestations’.

I used this as an example to illustrate how something can be presented as spiritual, ‘light’, loving, understanding, ‘good’ and so on while casually endorsing the genocide of a whole race of people . . . while those reading of this don’t seem to be aware enough to notice never mind realize the implications or the contradictions . . .

While writing some of the previous article pages this author’s spirit guides attacked myself . . . .

Darth Vader Angelic Spirit Guide ‘Light’ attacks?

Well not really, they were sneakily disguised in ‘light’ energies and they had obviously completely muffled the asthmatic type breathing and unfortunately they couldn’t use the Death Star because it was fully booked for some ‘obliterate an entire race of people’ project.

So, it was all a bit disappointing really as my Jedi attuned ‘greenybluish, pinky, turquoisie and purpley’ sabre was at the ready. Plus I had my really BIG sofa cunningly positioned to leap behind if the Death Star got too close . . .

. . . so I just had to content myself with making another pot of tea . . . .

Spirit Guides Protect & Defend you by Attacking Others?

These attacking beings were a little upset (to say the least) that people might strangely enough get the wrong impression of their ‘charge’ and maybe see her in ways that some others may take in the wrong way?

Gosh fancy that, so after thanking them for the opportunities that this would afford in my writing here I told them to ‘bu$$er off’ quite strongly in fact in a somewhat pointed and menacing way (I’ve been practising being ‘menacing’ because I wouldn’t like any of you to feel that I was in anyway unprepared if I ever come across any of those ‘dark’ forces I keep hearing about!).

I have to point out that being attacked by so called ‘light’ or spiritual guides because of what I write is a ‘regular’ occurrence such that I hardly raise an eyebrow. I just get on and deal with them.

So, what do you reading this think of me being attacked by spiritual or light guides in this context?

Do you think me being attacked by Spirit Guides Protecting ‘Spiritual’ others was right?

How many of you while reading the above actually had ANY thought’s or inner reactions along ANY lines of;

“Yea, great, go get him, shut the ‘B%s$a&d£’ UP”

Because of what I wrote? . . . MMMMmm?

And then how many of you if you were really honest weren’t actually surprised that someone’s spirit guides had actually attacked someone?

That under these circumstances it would seem sort of reasonable to you that this would happen?

Is that RIGHT?

What else do many so called ‘spiritual’ people think is right? Read the next page to find out . . .