Why should I trust my spirit guides?

I expect that some of you will be shocked at even the suggestion that ‘spirit guides’ cannot be trusted. If you are then I suspect that you wont even start to read this page and be quite happy about limiting your understandings?

I have a lot of experience dealing with limiting guides and examples which shows that some peoples guides are not only limiting them but are in fact responsible for some of their worst and most debilitating issues. Are you just assuming that your guides MUST always be doing the REALLY right thing for yourself?

Trustworthy or NOT trustworthy that is the question

There are those who say that you cannot trust any beings, this from our experience is not true. There are also those who say that you should trust your guides implicitly (particularly those guides that tell us that they are Divine!!). From our experience you would be very foolish to do this. If a guide or any information source says that you should trust implicitly in your guides then I would stay clear of this information source or being.

Why on earth should anyone trust their guides implicitly?

The playing field is not level, while it is easy for them to read your energy field and pass you information to impress you, there are very few people with the awareness, the accessing capability and the detachment to do the opposite – that is read them well.

Would you pass over large sums of money to people without going into their background, their past records, accountability, intention, level of experience and qualifications? We would suggest you would not.

So, why then is it so easy for some people to pass their most precious item (themselves) into the hands of beings that they cannot properly asses but often take at face value?

We would say that if these areas concern you then it is important for you to consider the following;

  • what belief systems your guides subscribe to?
  • What agendas are they promoting?
  • Do they have the experience to take you where you want to go?
  • Do you even know where you want to go or are you relying on these beings to tell you this?

Do all guides work for the highest will and good?

What is for your “highest will and good” do you know? Is this the same for everyone? The phrase “for my highest will and good” is a well used one in lightwork where there is an assumption that if you are asking all the time for everything to be aligned with this then everything will be fine. Sometimes it will be but often it wont. Lets explain this in more detail.

There are a huge range of belief systems that people live by on this planet. There is an unspoken assumption that either guides are beyond belief systems or that they are following the same belief systems as the people they are guiding. If you want to grow and to grow openly beyond beliefs then your guides to honestly and truly be able to guide you in the highest way possible must be completely free of beliefs to do this properly.

Beings in spirit have as many debilitating issues as we do

Unfortunately from our experience they have as much baggage with regards beliefs as we do here. If your guides are not free from all beliefs, then they are simply going to be trying to get you to subscribe to and follow the beliefs that they hold to as they will take these as the best (like we do).

Now for the most part if you don’t want to change then this is not a problem. As like attracts like, so you will by and large attract the beings that are within your range of understanding, who think the same as you and believe in the same things as you do. So, in this situation you will be perfectly at home.

What limits do your guides hold to?

On the other hand many perceive spirit guides as those who should be helping them to grow. Growth only comes about through change and change only comes by stepping beyond your limits which is the only way to make truly authentic and groundbreaking movements. In this instance if your guides hold to the same limits as you then they have no experience and no qualifications to take you anywhere better than you can yourself, in other words they will hold you back. This is exactly our experience in many phases of our journey.

Will guides interpret what you ask for correctly?

Lets give you a simple example of this. If you are now a Christian and you have an atheist guide who is there because he was your best friend from many previous existences where you too were atheist then how will this guide interpret what is for your highest will and good? Will he not think that you have gone temporarily off your path and rigorously support you to free yourself from your Christian madness? You may think that this cannot happen but we have worked with this sort of situation often with clients.

Read the next page for some real examples like this now.